Trump Undermines Hurricane Harvey

Trump Undermines Hurricane Harvey
Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 08/26/2017 - 12:09 PM EST

An altruistic day from the President of the United States, while our brethren in Texas began to suffer through the worst storm to hit there in over a decade. Trump, while heading to his helicopter at the White House, simply said, "good luck", and gave a thumbs up to everyone in the path of Harvey. Little did we know what he was about to accomplish during the crux of the storm in Camp David. 

Once again, Trump has taken America during a tumultuous time, and stomped out years of accomplishments against hate and bigotry. Just as his Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka flew the coop, according to him, stating on the way out, "It is clear to me that forces that do not support the (make America great again) promise are - for now - ascendant within the White House", scathing the Trump administration, Trump slipped through two bigoted decisions. 

Trump pardoned the racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and signed the demand that all transgender leave the military.

I'm sorry, but have we caught some sort of quantum realm capsule to the 1800's?

While hundreds of thousands are suffering through a horrendous storm, Trump decided to wound America even further, and set even more blemishes upon The Statue Of Liberty. At this point, I would suggest that maybe we even take that statue down too, as it doesn't seem to represent the America most of us admire.

I continue to feel flabbergasted that this man is still in power, and even came to power. What did we do to ourselves America?

At what point in his mind does a human being stop being a human being to the point that they have no rights, and can't serve our country due to sexual preferences? Could he possibly explain his position if properly challenged by someone in the press. 

Reporters need to step up their game and start putting direct pressure on Donald J. Trump, and get him to explain his positions, and why he continues to make horrific choices for America, and our history. 

It is very true, as I have discovered travelling in Europe, that most Europeans love America, and what we are supposed to represent, and many of them would love to live here. However, it is not only the 67% of Americans who disapprove of our leader, but just about as many Europeans, if not more dread him. In fact, as recent survey showed that across 37 countries, only 22% supported Trump. (http://www.newsweek.com/trump-approval-rating-putin-global-629195) This is lower than the support he receives in America.

So, what is it with the 33% who still support Trump. What kind of people are we looking at? Last year, a recent study showed that 45% of Trump supporters were racist. (https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/clinton-wasnt-wrong-about-the-deplorables-among-trumps-supporters/2016/09/12/93720264-7932-11e6-beac-57a4a412e93a_story.html?utm_term=.83b19bce7555)

So, that's about 16.5 % of America? Maybe that's reaching a bit, but let's do the math, and that is 326.8 million Americans according to the current ticking clock (http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/us-population/), divided by 16.9 percent, gives us 19,339,622 racists in America, with more being born every day, due to their upbringings. 

That's a lot of racists folks. No matter how you slice it.

It seems that it's time for a National gathering of leaders should occur, and discover a way to combat this, and rid America of this 400 year old scar. The KKK, Neo-Nazis, and racist militias must be stopped. 

Unfortunately, it seems that due to the continuing teachings of racism to children, it will never end. However, can we hope? Can we somehow work towards acceptance of all. LGBTQ, Mexicans, Blacks, Jews, and all minorities. Keep in mind, that soon minorities will outnumber whites. "Looking to the future, Pew expects these trends to continue, so that by 2055 these onetime minority groups will collectively represent a majority of the US population. The Census Bureau says that will happen by 2044." (https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/politics/2016/02/26/when-will-minorities-majority/9v5m1Jj8hdGcXvpXtbQT5I/story.html)

I for one love the mix that makes America so amazing. What a country we are, so lucky to have such a mixed pool of individuals enriching our culture. America, would be a stale, white bread country without minorities, and I guarantee that would not be a great America! 

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Written By Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 08/23/2017 - 09:51 AM ET

Let's begin with the knowledge that my title insults teenagers. In fact, most of the teenagers I know these days, including my own, would make a ten times greater leader of our Nation and the World than the kid we currently have running "the button".

Yes, a small reminder...this is the guy with the "Football", as we all so pleasantly became more aware of with the proliferates of the television show, "24". In saying guy, I mean the office of the President. As my title intimates, in no way do I look at our present entity filling the role of President of the United States as a Man, a Guy, nor a human being, barely.

At this point in his reign it is not looking like much of the country sees him as much more than a unruly teen that goes ballistic when they don't get their way. 

Along with the typical teen we are talking about, and not all teens, we find these other traits to be inherent: minor megalomania, egoism, selfishness, brattiness, belligerence, argumentativeness, eye for an eye, heroism, and downright ignorance.

To support this belief, that most of us have of Donald J. Trump, we simply need to briefly look at his upbringing. 

Donald is the "boomer" of all "baby boomers"! Born June 14th, 1946, amidst the rise of the post-war economy, and heading into the "Golden" 50's, he was raised by his parents in Queens, NY until the age of 13, when he would be caught several times taking off to the city without parental consent. Sound familiar already? 

Trump's Paternal Grandparents were German born opportunists who immigrated (oops there's that word Donny boy) from German in the late 1880's. They settled in the North West and became somewhat wealthy during the Canadian Klondike gold rush. Trump's father Fred was born, and then his father's family moved to NYC in 1905. Meanwhile, his mother Mary Anne, another immigrant, who would emigrate from Scotland in 1930, at age 18 would marry Fred.

Fred learned to run his parents business in NYC with his mother, and eventually Donald J. Trump would take that over in 1971 naming it what else? The Trump Organization.

So, digressing to Trump's younger years, we can begin to see who he would become emerging at 13 years old. He was sent off to the New York Military Academy, at that young age, to learn responsibility. There are related articles telling of Trump's time at this school, and how he created an over-inflated personality, and learned to get away with things all the time, even to the point of almost being expelled. He attended his first two years of college at Fordham University, and then transferred to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

After College, it was right into the real estate business for Donald. Many speak of the money he received from his father to invest in his own properties, or business. Donald said it was a million, others report 14 million. In either case, the more important thing that he received without merit, as with every other accommodation in his life up to this point, was the power of managing the family business in his mid-20's, and once again being handed power, prestige, and position without having to earn it, fight for it, or climb his way there. 

Any good Psychiatrist can and will tell you that this upbringing reeks of coddling, and causes a human being to be expectant of praise, and glory, and awards the rest of his life, and becomes strongly positioned that they are always right, and that they should get everything they want regardless of anyone else. They believe they are unstoppable, ignore any negativity, and disregard truth that is even smacking them in the face.

So, what we have still, is that same 13 year old kid who started getting away with things, and never really being punished properly, who thinks the world revolves around him, and has learned how to manipulate his surroundings to his success. Just count how many businesses he closed or went bankrupt on, and still walked away a winner somehow. He is the master manipulator, and disregarding the intelligent folks I know who still support him, he for the most part manipulated the fringe element of the Right, and glued them into the flock of the lost Republican Party, and made them all a larger entity, by feeding whatever each group he spoke to, what they wanted to hear. 

This is not a man, but a boy, who has learned to ignore everyone, and do things his way, because that's always worked for him, and everything has been handed to him on a silver platter from birth. This is a teenager who never matured into an adult. This is a kid who lives on the edge, and is taking the our country to the brink of destruction within, and across the world. 

Donald has caused derisiveness like we haven't seen since the 1960's, he has threatened dangerous and harmful outcomes that would reach to America and possibly destroy the safety we so truly should appreciate in the country, compared to most of the world. 

Donald plays games in the media, planting groups, and entities against each other purposefully for his gain, and he uses social media to wreak havoc, while secretly behind doors pushes across agenda that is returning our nation to 19th century structures of failure. Reversing years of advancement in societal and environmental advancements. 

We've already seen that Donald is that same teenager who will grab his dates arm at the prom to show everyone who is in power, and who she's with, but will arrive in his fancy souped up auto, and head in without opening his dates door. An egotistical maniac!

How does a nation continue to support this President in any way whatsoever is beyond better than 65% of us at this point. Donnie boy has cracked all records of failure in his first half year as the guy with the "button". Is that really what we want controlling our destiny? A lower than 35% loved candidate? A man that most of the voting nation, at this point, has awoken to the audacity he brings to our great Nation's leadership?

The rest of the world has been laughing at America for more than 8 months now. They began their amusement during Trump's run, thinking it was humorous we even gave this guy a platform in our fair, and united country.

How can a land built by immigrants... Donald's own immigrant grand-parents, and so many others... that has been a refuge to the needy, homeless, and those without a country, allow itself to open it's White House Doors to such a human being as the one we have insulting the greatest leader of the land's seat as we speak?

Trump may be a teenager still, but his experience in using law, business, and swindling to become a rich man allowed him the ability to reach every niche of the Republican party while he ran, and grab all those extra votes from the wood's and back country of the folks that hadn't voted in years, because they weren't proud of their 'Merica!

So, now we are all paying for it. Daily seeing an egotistical teenager running America into the ground, taking away freedoms, and rights, and making America look like a third world country run by a demagogue Totalitarian! Again, I really feel like I'm insulting most teenagers here, but we all know what type I am speaking of...but, like a teenager, he gets more belligerent the more he feels he is being insulted, deterred, or defeated.

Let's join that 67% of our Nation together and squeeze this blemish from America's face in hope that it never returns. 

I hope we have all learned what kind of leader we should really be seeking out of all of this, and that maybe the past 8 months have been a learning point for the United States of America, as to who we really are, and what we really stand for. We have seen who America really is at marches, countering hate, violence, and domestic terrorism. So, turn that against this President, and let's oust him as soon as we can, and return to normalcy, and a level of respect with the rest of the world!

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Binghamton, NY - A City Greater Than You Realize!

Binghamton, NY - A City Greater Than You Realize!
Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 08/20/2017 - 1:15 ET

I'm not sure what suddenly drew me to this topic as I sat to think of one, but quite often from numerous people recently, I have heard that Binghamton, NY is such a depressing city, "even worse than Scranton", someone recently commented to me.

I must preface my present opinion in this article, with the fact that I lived in NYC for 8 years, LA for close to 2, Seattle for almost a year, Virginia for 2 years, Germany for a total of 18 months over 3 decades, and traveled much of Europe in 1991. My archaic opinion of Binghamton was that it was a broken down, boring, and uneventful city. 

Even living in a nearby small town, I still hadn't discovered what Binghamton had to offer. I had lived here for a year on two occasions over the past 15 years, but until returning from Europe again, I had never opened my eyes to how lucky we are in this great city.

Even the Bahamas were amazing, but I'm not sure how many of us from the NE could handle the sweltering humidity and heat that Puerto Rico, or The Cayman Islands have to offer.

See, we are among the lucky in America. The great NE experiences the 4 seasons unlike most of America. We all complain when it's snowing, but post our winter pictures during the summer on FB. We all complain about rain, and heat, but then in the winter, we are posting pictures of folks sitting around the campfire. Many people say summer is their favorite time of year. I'd love to take a poll on that, because if most of us think about all the magic of fall, we might have to admit it's a great time of year. How much of America gets to experience the cool fall evenings, the colorful plumage, the hayrides, the history of the colonies, the monuments, statues, and so much more the NE has to offer.

I've awoken, while currently stuck on a bike, with no vehicle until this fall, and living very close to downtown Binghamton, to how much there is to do here, and experience, because I am missing much of it right now in my current predicament. 

I'd love to go into detail about many of these things there are to do in Binghamton, but I can only touch on a few. This list is not limited, but ongoing beyond what I mention. 

Karaoke, Theater, semi-professional sports, Opera, opportunities to be in film and commercials, amazing artwork from incredible local artists, festivals, concerts, community gatherings and music, some of New York State's greatest food, Broadway caliber performances from High School shows through Amateur theater, community support groups, the 4 seasons, and the list goes on.

Touching on theater...the area of the Southern Tier offers top notch performances in theater, dancing, and music. High School musicals are filled with teens who could take Broadway by storm, adults who have molded their craft into perfection, and incredible concerts by local musical groups and more.

In Binghamton, we have the Rumble Ponies, the Devils, The Forum, The Arena, several local theater groups, great shopping from Walmart to Tom's Card's and Gifts, run by an amazing gown and dress creator Tom Kelleher. We have amazing photography by Patti Schwartz, who is so humble as to share her photos on Facebook, as well as the crafty James Micali. The arts is the heart of Binghamton, NY, along with the Colleges, including the esteemed Binghamton University, and the stalwart SUNY - Broome. We get famous artists dropping in constantly in several venues a year. We have a currently growing economy, contrary to some opinions. We have a fair and balanced Mayor in Rich David. 

Some of our top restaurants that are constantly packed include Little Venice, 70 years in the making, the #5, Remlik's, Burger Mondays, The Lost Dog, The Colonial, Souther Tier Brewing Company, Galaxy Brewing, and the list goes on. These are all just in the city of Binghamton.

Why do I write all this? I think sometimes we all get caught up in looking at things in the singularity, instead of as the whole, and we get used to what we have, and as most humans instinctively seek, is more satisfaction than they have gotten used to. This is worldwide, and so I think this article can talk to anyone that is not in a war torn area.

If you aren't from Binghamton, I'm not sure you should be commenting at all on what kind of city and area the Southern Tier is to live in. I think a good percentage of us here in Binghamton, NY would disagree with the doubters. Binghamton is a great city! 

Yes, crime has become an issue here unfortunately, and drugs most of all, but this is an issue over much of the country. We are in close proximity to NYC, and a hub to all other major cities in NY. It goes without saying that this day in age, we are going to be battling these issues for some time. 

While others in the world are dealing with marches gone bad, terrorists attacks, war, family being killed, lack of food and water, and so much more they suffer with, we in Binghamton, NY are amazingly lucky to be here!

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Netflfix's "Naked" Steals Your Heart

Netflix's "Naked" Steals Your Heart

Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 01:18AM ET - 08/16/2017

Marion Wayans, and Regina Hall steal the show in Netflix's newest comedy release. With humorous appearances from Danis Haysbert, and a perfect supporting cast, a Wayans brother pulls it off again.

I met Marion and his family in 1995, they were a joyous bunch cracking jokes the whole time. 

This film takes a very familiar theme these days of repeating a day or set amount of time over and over. Groundhog Day is most memorable for this, but other films, including dramas, and thrillers have happened upon the idea. 

How could this film make it different or worth watching the same concept again? Luckily, I didn't know before hand, or I may not have watched it. I had put off watching it a bit anyway. 

Once, I realized I was trapped in the same familiar loop with Wayans character as I have been with prior movie characters, I decided to try and take it serious, and see where it was going.

Not hugely surprised, the comedy timing, facial expressions and straight humor of another huge Wayans talent carries the film to it's last moment. His wit, charm, ability to make the camera his friend is outrageous.. 

Regina Hall stars as his lovely wife, and she is definitely as lovely as Hollywood gets! However, Ms. Hall is filled with talent and perfect comical timing herself, and soaks up the cameras lenses with her beauty.

The concept is actually built up speedily and sped through to longer changes in the turnout of each day, and it added to the depth of the film. The director, Michael Tiddes made a great choice here.

This day in age we need a few good laughs everyday of our lives, and another Wayans brother's comical genius shines through. The story is fun, edge of seat timing and delivery, and all comes to an unexpected end. 

Grab your Netflix tonight!

The H & S Score?
4.5 outta 5 stars. 1/2 point off for lack of originality.


The Heart Of A Nation

The Heart Of A Nation

I wish one could take a literal pulse and pressure of the nation’s current boiling point status and beating heart.

Photo by mwangi gatheca on Unsplash
Slavery entered the America’s in Jamestown, Virginia in 1619, when a Dutch ship brought the first 20 slaves upon our shores. In case you are already counting…that is 401 years ago. Yes, this long-held belief that black human beings are inferior to whites has degraded our nation’s image and heart for four centuries.
Accumulating wisdom, shown in what our nation’s Constitution endowed to all persons of the United States as freedom, helped bring about the Civil War and the fight for State’s rights. The North pushed for freedom of slaves, and after 5 bloody years, over 7 million slaves were legally freed.
Photo by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash
What that did to change the nation’s heart was minimal and the battle for white supremacist’s rights has endured ever since.
The 1960’s brought about our greatest fights against racism, and supremacy. There were marches, fires, shootings, and the loss of great leaders to help bring about more awareness of the rights of all minorities, especially black individuals at the time. Many marches took place, and it was a time of deep turmoil.
Fast forward to the early 90’s, and we entered another short lived era of racial tension with the beating of Rodney King, and the baffling trial that allowed the officers to go free.
Now, it’s 2020, and we are still facing this huge blemish upon American society, that at this time in history should no longer be an issue. For some time, it may have seemed as though racism might not rear its ugly head in a massive way ever again.
Yet, in Charlottesville, Virginia, we once again saw that this great nation is still battling an ugly scar that continues to break open every decade.
Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash
The unyielding power that white supremacy is still enforcing across our country has not melted away since the 1960’s drive to rid our country of its ugliness.
But, in order for the country to truly rid itself of this ugliness over the next couple decades, we must pressure our congressman to put great pressure on all hate groups.
The African men, women and children who were forced to come to America as slaves never asked for it to happen.
Some might say it’s been so long, that they shouldn’t be blaming white Americans still. That could be true, if these bigoted demonstrations of hate didn’t advertise that we are still a nation that judges by the color of skin.
Photo by jurien huggins on Unsplash
Skin tone. A genetic position determined by a mix of chromosomes. Yet, other than that, we are all human, stand, walk, talk, reason, feel, love, kill and search for a reason to live.
The overtones of hate in America have egregiously caused immigrants and blacks to haven in their own neighborhoods where they feel safe. However, our Government for the people, tends to turn it’s back on these neighborhoods, and allows for poverty to set in, due to discrimination that affects every aspect of their lives.
There is discrimination in jobs, loan applications, types of treatment during arrests, and the list goes on.
No one can convince me that we don’t have shadowed indecencies toward minorities in these United States. UNITED! I think that word means to act as one!
Wemust band together as a nation of loving people, stretch out our hands, greet one another on the street, talk with one another and listen, and become a team of fighters against the KKK, The Neo-Nazis, and all domestic terrorist groups that set out to harm the true meaning of our Constitution’s freedoms!
Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash
We must reset the heart of the nation to a new beat, and strengthen it with unrestricted love and acceptance of all who love, and don’t hate, and power up together!

America. Stop The Hate, Please!

Photo by  Avi Werde  on  Unsplash Look, folks. The government will always be the government. We’ve all seen it from BO...