Netflfix's "Naked" Steals Your Heart

Netflix's "Naked" Steals Your Heart

Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 01:18AM ET - 08/16/2017

Marion Wayans, and Regina Hall steal the show in Netflix's newest comedy release. With humorous appearances from Danis Haysbert, and a perfect supporting cast, a Wayans brother pulls it off again.

I met Marion and his family in 1995, they were a joyous bunch cracking jokes the whole time. 

This film takes a very familiar theme these days of repeating a day or set amount of time over and over. Groundhog Day is most memorable for this, but other films, including dramas, and thrillers have happened upon the idea. 

How could this film make it different or worth watching the same concept again? Luckily, I didn't know before hand, or I may not have watched it. I had put off watching it a bit anyway. 

Once, I realized I was trapped in the same familiar loop with Wayans character as I have been with prior movie characters, I decided to try and take it serious, and see where it was going.

Not hugely surprised, the comedy timing, facial expressions and straight humor of another huge Wayans talent carries the film to it's last moment. His wit, charm, ability to make the camera his friend is outrageous.. 

Regina Hall stars as his lovely wife, and she is definitely as lovely as Hollywood gets! However, Ms. Hall is filled with talent and perfect comical timing herself, and soaks up the cameras lenses with her beauty.

The concept is actually built up speedily and sped through to longer changes in the turnout of each day, and it added to the depth of the film. The director, Michael Tiddes made a great choice here.

This day in age we need a few good laughs everyday of our lives, and another Wayans brother's comical genius shines through. The story is fun, edge of seat timing and delivery, and all comes to an unexpected end. 

Grab your Netflix tonight!

The H & S Score?
4.5 outta 5 stars. 1/2 point off for lack of originality.

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