The Heart Of A Nation

The Heart Of A Nation

I wish one could take a literal pulse and pressure of the nation’s current boiling point status and beating heart.

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Slavery entered the America’s in Jamestown, Virginia in 1619, when a Dutch ship brought the first 20 slaves upon our shores. In case you are already counting…that is 401 years ago. Yes, this long-held belief that black human beings are inferior to whites has degraded our nation’s image and heart for four centuries.
Accumulating wisdom, shown in what our nation’s Constitution endowed to all persons of the United States as freedom, helped bring about the Civil War and the fight for State’s rights. The North pushed for freedom of slaves, and after 5 bloody years, over 7 million slaves were legally freed.
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What that did to change the nation’s heart was minimal and the battle for white supremacist’s rights has endured ever since.
The 1960’s brought about our greatest fights against racism, and supremacy. There were marches, fires, shootings, and the loss of great leaders to help bring about more awareness of the rights of all minorities, especially black individuals at the time. Many marches took place, and it was a time of deep turmoil.
Fast forward to the early 90’s, and we entered another short lived era of racial tension with the beating of Rodney King, and the baffling trial that allowed the officers to go free.
Now, it’s 2020, and we are still facing this huge blemish upon American society, that at this time in history should no longer be an issue. For some time, it may have seemed as though racism might not rear its ugly head in a massive way ever again.
Yet, in Charlottesville, Virginia, we once again saw that this great nation is still battling an ugly scar that continues to break open every decade.
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The unyielding power that white supremacy is still enforcing across our country has not melted away since the 1960’s drive to rid our country of its ugliness.
But, in order for the country to truly rid itself of this ugliness over the next couple decades, we must pressure our congressman to put great pressure on all hate groups.
The African men, women and children who were forced to come to America as slaves never asked for it to happen.
Some might say it’s been so long, that they shouldn’t be blaming white Americans still. That could be true, if these bigoted demonstrations of hate didn’t advertise that we are still a nation that judges by the color of skin.
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Skin tone. A genetic position determined by a mix of chromosomes. Yet, other than that, we are all human, stand, walk, talk, reason, feel, love, kill and search for a reason to live.
The overtones of hate in America have egregiously caused immigrants and blacks to haven in their own neighborhoods where they feel safe. However, our Government for the people, tends to turn it’s back on these neighborhoods, and allows for poverty to set in, due to discrimination that affects every aspect of their lives.
There is discrimination in jobs, loan applications, types of treatment during arrests, and the list goes on.
No one can convince me that we don’t have shadowed indecencies toward minorities in these United States. UNITED! I think that word means to act as one!
Wemust band together as a nation of loving people, stretch out our hands, greet one another on the street, talk with one another and listen, and become a team of fighters against the KKK, The Neo-Nazis, and all domestic terrorist groups that set out to harm the true meaning of our Constitution’s freedoms!
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We must reset the heart of the nation to a new beat, and strengthen it with unrestricted love and acceptance of all who love, and don’t hate, and power up together!

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