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TRANSCEND WOWS WITH ACTORS SHOWCASE! Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 12:01 EST - 09/30/2017

This Friday Night, the 29th, I was seduced into seeing a brand new acting troupe's first presentation of performances at the Ti-Ahwaga Performing Arts Center. This group of actors and singers call themselves Transcend.
Transcend is founded by four members who after working on a previous show together, decided to get a theater group of their own started. This weekend, Friday and Saturday night audiences were and will be treated to an Actor's Weekend Showcase, starring the four founding members in various short scenes written for the stage, by Edward Allen Baker, Tennessee Williams, and Maxwell Anderson.
The four members consist of three adults of varied ages, and an astounding 17 year old teenager. They are in no certain order, Talia Saraceno, Kylee Thetga, Paul Sanna and Francesca Decker. Two of whom are taking off for big pastures, to turn their crafts into careers. Francesca is givi…

Monday Night Premier TV Review

Monday Night Premier TV Review Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 12:05PM EST - 09/27/017

The 2017 Television season kicked off this Monday night, with some new and not so new shows, and their premier episodes.
Following up an excellent 2016 season on The Voice, one might imagine it couldn't get any better. Further distancing itself from it's first cousin American Idol, by bringing forth molded and incredible singers from the start, The Voice sparked their return with new judge Jennifer Hudson, along with Miley Cyrus, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton by entertaining us with amazing and powerful singers, one after the other. The show, as it always does, brought more tears to this writer's eyes, watching people's dreams begin to come true, who fully deserve to be on this avenue to star-like recognition.
Monday night also saw the introduction of two new shows, The Brave & The Good Doctor. Both shows envelop story-lines that have been used before in previous successes suc…


AMERICA IS NOT A MONARCHY! Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 11:30AM - 09/25/2017 EST

There are history books, school books, movies, and television shows greatly depicting the times of our Revolution, and Independence. The reasons we fought to gain freedom from a Monarchy across the ocean are explained in fair detail.
"A little rebellion now and then is a good thing and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical." THOMAS JEFFERSON, letter to James Madison, Jan. 30, 1787
(
Thomas Jefferson, one of our originators, and the writer of our Declaration of Independence, spoke clearly of the rights of the people in America to rebel when things are amiss, or awry in the political world. To further his comment, in no way do he or anyone else from that time state that we must adhere to a song, or a flag, or one belief pushed upon society, as often occurred within the monarchy from w…

Manafort Down! Manafort Down!

S.O.S. - Manafort Down! Manafort Down! Written by: Colin B M Wood  09/18/2017 - 9:27PM ET

Paul Manafort is sinking. The FBI is indicting! The tip of the Trump inner circle is tipping, and who knows where it will crumble and crash.
Paul Manafort is being called "sketchy" on CNN and all kind of things. How does a man who has reportedly spied get hired into a future President's inner circle?
Manafort is an American Lawyer, lobbyist, and political consultant who joined Trump's team in June 2016 as the Campaign Manager, and only lasted until the end of August.
Reports are that Manafort was being investigated prior to his working with the Trump Team, and after, and that he was also wire tapped. 
Trump may state he has case on Twitter now which proves that he was right when he stated he was wire tapped. However, that will not quite be the truth. It was only Manafort being tapped. However, Manafort having a place in Trump Tower is not a fault of the investigation, and so it goes …


Written by Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 4:11PM - 09/17/2017

While many of us continue to battle on social media with tweets, memes, and opinions about Trump, something odd has been taking place, that maybe we are all missing.

Many of us are still arguing Charlottesville, and some are rioting in St. Louis, rightfully, over yet again another acquittal of an officer who shot a young unarmed black man. Yet, some in the world are dealing with recent historical tragedies, through ever changing weather and political patterns, of war on humans.

During this time, Trump has suddenly given up on his right tilting constituents, and has begun crossing a line, promised by him during his tumultuous run for President of the United States. He promised us that he would change government, and be different, and stir the pot.
All of that has already, obviously, happened. However, the change that those on the democratic side who may have voted for this man, were seeking, or hoping f…