Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 12:01 EST - 09/30/2017

This Friday Night, the 29th, I was seduced into seeing a brand new acting troupe's first presentation of performances at the Ti-Ahwaga Performing Arts Center. This group of actors and singers call themselves Transcend.

Transcend is founded by four members who after working on a previous show together, decided to get a theater group of their own started. This weekend, Friday and Saturday night audiences were and will be treated to an Actor's Weekend Showcase, starring the four founding members in various short scenes written for the stage, by Edward Allen Baker, Tennessee Williams, and Maxwell Anderson.

The four members consist of three adults of varied ages, and an astounding 17 year old teenager. They are in no certain order, Talia Saraceno, Kylee Thetga, Paul Sanna and Francesca Decker. Two of whom are taking off for big pastures, to turn their crafts into careers. Francesca is giving up everything and heading for Hollywood, and Talia will take a shot at the Big Apple next!

They performed in four sSoncenes, the first being a song called Sonya Alone from Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812. This was performed by the 17 year old Kylee Thetga, and backed by the bass playing of Paul Sanna. Kylee showed potential in being a great singer, with an original sound, and with continued training, can and I'm sure will become a prominent singer in the area.

The second scene of the play was Baker's Up, Down, Strange, Charmed, Beauty and Truth. Honestly, this reviewer had never heard of any of the short plays in this presentation, and this scene started out with dialogue that at first, didn't clearly represent what the scene was about. I had just a little problem understanding some of the dialogue from Paul Sanna, who worked hard at producing a waywardly, out of luck Uncle to Marley, played by Kylee Thetga. But, as the scene progressed, the darkness, and the heart wrenching concept of what was occurring began to dig deep into my soul, and the performances of Kylee and Talia Saraceno, who played Marley's sister Steph were in-depth, emotionally charged, and incredibly well delivered personae, that caused me to forget I was watching a play. That is what you call amazing acting! Both Kylee and Steph, whether they've been trained or not, which is unknown to this reviewer, seemed to show aged, and crafted techniques of acting, from great breathing technique to incredible character development, and excellent use of their bodies in presenting and throwing their emotions on the stage. I walked out of the theater at intermission with tears pouring down my face, as the tragedy of broken families was so beautifully rendered in front of me.

The next scene Mary of Scotland, by Anderson, was a complete and immediate turn around in character for Talia, as she went from a sickly, worn down woman in the previous scene, to a powerful, and Christian woman in Mary. Francesca appeared for the first time on stage as Queen Elizabeth, and gave a perfect, cold, and cunning rendition of the Queen. That, served up with the enticing and deeply tuned performance of Talia as Mary, made for a very professional, and perfectly crafted scene, with all dialect, and accents very well spoken!

Next up for these two fierce starlets of the stage, and who knows, possibly film and television, was Williams short play Something Unspoken, which unsurprisingly for Williams is another one of his writings to shake up the common way. In this short scene we meet two women who obviously live together, and have a relationship, in a time when it was probably still inappropriate to make obvious to the public. So, it seems, they kept it private in their own home. However, the intricacy of Williams shines through when you realize that one of the women in the relationship is also a sub-servant to the other, by acting as her secretary for many many years. I think it was 15, if I remember right. The back story of the scene,  is that Cornelia, played by Francesca, is trying to become the President of the Daughters of the Confederacy, but will not accept defeat, and says she will immediately drop out if anyone else runs, and so phone calls ensue between her and another character, all in the mean-time, we are watching two women deal with their "unspoken" love for each other on their Anniversary of becoming a union. Talia played Grace, and offered us a perfect, meek, and harmless woman, as opposed to Francesca's portrayal of a powerful, and cunning lady of society. Again, these two women's strong and very real performances made me forget it was the stage once more, and I was drawn in by their incredible acting abilities, that again seemed as if they had been training for years to produce.

All in all, last night, Friday night, when most often I'm sitting home, I was truly treated to inspiring stories, sacrificial acting, and a new group of enticing actors, and am very thankful for the opportunity to have seen it and review it.

I hope that Transcend continues to grow, and that we see more incredible performances from this new and young group. I think Francesca and Talia are going to do just fine in their next endeavors, and wish them each a broken leg!

On a last note: Kylee Thetga will be around for a while, since she is 17, and I encourage anyone who has the chance to see this young lady act on stage, not to miss it! She has incredible, deeply rooted abilities to perform, and truly made the stage her own!!

They get 5 out of 5 teardrops!!

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Monday Night Premier TV Review

Monday Night Premier TV Review
Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 12:05PM EST - 09/27/017

The 2017 Television season kicked off this Monday night, with some new and not so new shows, and their premier episodes.

Following up an excellent 2016 season on The Voice, one might imagine it couldn't get any better. Further distancing itself from it's first cousin American Idol, by bringing forth molded and incredible singers from the start, The Voice sparked their return with new judge Jennifer Hudson, along with Miley Cyrus, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton by entertaining us with amazing and powerful singers, one after the other. The show, as it always does, brought more tears to this writer's eyes, watching people's dreams begin to come true, who fully deserve to be on this avenue to star-like recognition.

Monday night also saw the introduction of two new shows, The Brave & The Good Doctor. Both shows envelop story-lines that have been used before in previous successes such as 24, Homeland, Doogie Howser, M.D., and a handful more. So, when they began, I thought, here we go again, just a new cast, and new time-frame.

Fortunately, both shows grew into much more than something I've seen before. The Brave, offered up a good script, focusing on a female star, and added emotion, and compassion to the feeling of the show, and gave what sometimes are overly serious shows, a more empathetic mood that touched you in it's ending. On the other hand, I can't say enough about The Good Doctor! This program threw in surprise after surprise, beginning with the fresh and exciting idea of an autistic young man as a resident doctor, who's incredible memory, and ability to see things the normal person can't see. However, it also tackles the already existent argument this very day in social media and across our nation of accepting people, and their way of thinking, and living. While getting to know the Good Doctor, we also watch an intense battle take place within the Hospital Board over whether or not, an autistic doctor has the ability to see and feel what regular doctor's feel, and whether or not that would be a danger. The argument through-out this episode mirrors the argument happening through out America, about accepting people different from each other, and learning to thrive with them, and through them.

The scripts, performances, and direction in both shows were excellently played out by all involved, and I would perchance to say that they will both survive their pilot show/season. 

I might add that I wept like a baby a few times during The Good Doctor. So, if you are compassionate, watch out!!!

Those were my top choices for Monday night! Catch my review of Tuesday night top choices in my next article.

The Voice - 5 out of 5 teardrops
The Brave - 4 out of 5 teardrops
The Good Doctor 5 out of 5 teardrops



Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 11:30AM - 09/25/2017 EST

There are history books, school books, movies, and television shows greatly depicting the times of our Revolution, and Independence. The reasons we fought to gain freedom from a Monarchy across the ocean are explained in fair detail.

"A little rebellion now and then is a good thing and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical."
THOMAS JEFFERSON, letter to James Madison, Jan. 30, 1787

(Read more at http://www.notable-quotes.com/j/jefferson_thomas.html#Imcvl3RR1gtCgzCz.99)

Thomas Jefferson, one of our originators, and the writer of our Declaration of Independence, spoke clearly of the rights of the people in America to rebel when things are amiss, or awry in the political world. To further his comment, in no way do he or anyone else from that time state that we must adhere to a song, or a flag, or one belief pushed upon society, as often occurred within the monarchy from which they had previously escaped in England.

Just how important was the freedom of speech, the right to say what you want about our government or nation, and the right to express that opinion in any non-harmful physical manner, to our Founding Fathers?

They actually made it the first amendment, in case you may have forgotten. It's not the second amendment or the third, but the first, and most important amendment, that is truthfully the basis of all other amendments.

When we tell athletes, children, parents, or anyone in society what they must and must not do in reference to their feelings about our government, we are returning to the Monarchy and the demagoguery of a royal ruler, from which we escaped over 200 years ago, and we are stomping upon the whole reason for which we fought to preserve the American way.

Whether you like it or not, America is a FREE country. Yes, that also means it is free for you to voice your opinion in opposition of those that kneel for a song, or a flag, that for most of us represent the very freedom we have. However, with your free opinion you are hypocritically protecting material items, instead of standing for the rights of American citizens to voice their feelings and opinions through words and actions. Sure, you have the freedom to hate these people for what they are doing, but it sure doesn't mean you are right, or even respectable yourself for doing so. What is more important to you? Defending a song, a flag, or defending your own right to your own opinion? 

Ahhh, that slippery slope of our first amendment, which is constantly battled for in our nation's court system. 

I hardly find it possible that our Founding Fathers wrote the first amendment to only be applicable to some situations, and not others. That would make that amendment implausible, and contradictory.

You may consider our flag and our national anthem to be symbols of our great nation. However, you must look deeper than they're just being symbols of the nation you live in. They are much more than that! They are symbols of our rights and freedoms as the Constitution clearly lies out for all citizens of America! The very fact that a man, a team, or a whole group such as the entire NFL can kneel during the anthem, because they want to bring attention to the clear and still present danger of racism, and judging of others, is a great and perfect example of why America is so incredible. They are allowed to do what they are doing, because they are given the right to do so!

By being the person who says that these players can "F--off", or go to another country, or quit, or "die" as I've seen some truly disturbed people write, you are becoming the very dictatorship we escaped hundreds of years ago, and wiped out in WWII. 

Do I, and many others like me who do support the players rights to kneel, love our country, our flag, and our anthem? Absolutely, with out a doubt! I recently have come to love America even more, after living abroad for a short term, for the second time in my life. America is truly the land of the free, and the home of the brave, and warriors fight for our right to freedom every day.

When you fight and war against your fellow citizens for voicing or showing their concerns, you are really warring against our nation's soldiers and what they fight for. In fact, you are insulting our nation's constitution and what our military fights for all over the world!

So, I might suggest to those who think their Americanism, or their patriotism is more important than our constitution, might want to go try and live in another country for just 3 months, even. I'd like to see how quickly you rush back on a plane to America, kiss the ground you walk on, and wish good luck to those that want to kneel during a song, to prove a more important point - the fact that racism has never stopped or died in our society, as of yet.

There are those who call out people like me as trouble makers, just looking to stir up controversy that isn't there.

Well, I say to you folks, that it is your ignorance of reality, and of the problems we still face in granting all citizens their right to freedom and the chance to be successful that is the reason for the continued problem with racism in America, and why people who speak out like me must do so!

Also, this is not just a white problem. Racism is an interracial problem. All races in America have racist tendencies toward one another. So, my concerns, beliefs, and articles are not directed at one population of society or another, but at all of society as a whole. There are racists in every nationality, and this way of thinking on all parts has got to stop!

Kneeling, to make a point there is a divide in our country, and in our policing, is really what makes America great!! Instead of hating these athletes, we should be thanking them for taking a stance against hatred, and for showing society the strength of our constitutional rights! 

We must also take a look at the argument that is constantly thrown out there in social media by many; and that is the constant turmoil over famous actors, or scientists, media, or sports giants giving their personal opinions on a stage for many to hear. Why is this such a problem for some Americans? Again, we can first argue that these famous folks have the same constitutional rights as the rest of us. More importantly, they have the chance to make important changes, due to their social statuses. In a society, they actually are our representatives, and we should be looking to these people to voice our opinions, because the rest of us sure don't have the soap box to step up on and impress our feelings and voices freely to the world. But, these famous people are no less ingratiated with the right to speak as any one of us in regular society. They just have the opportunity to do so, and how many of us would jump right up there with them if we had the chance. In fact, many of us do, everyday on Facebook and Twitter! We do just that, so again, why shouldn't famous people be able to? When I hear news people, and ordinary citizens online harping against these famous speakers having an opinion, I can only again think about the hypocrisy we fled Britain to get away from.

Next time you see that religious guy shouting on the street corner, or that athlete kneeling on the field, or the protester marching in front of their job, you should really smile, and say to yourself....Thank Heaven I live in America, where I, also, have the right to voice my opinion, whether it is right or wrong! Take a look at the first photo. This should be America. Where two opinions can be shared on the field together, with respect for one another. Ease up, and try to be more understanding of others. Peace and globalization is the only way man is going to survive the future!

As the great and known leader Martin Luther King Jr stated....

"Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed".

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Manafort Down! Manafort Down!

S.O.S. - Manafort Down! Manafort Down!
Written by: Colin B M Wood 
09/18/2017 - 9:27PM ET

Paul Manafort is sinking. The FBI is indicting! The tip of the Trump inner circle is tipping, and who knows where it will crumble and crash.

Paul Manafort is being called "sketchy" on CNN and all kind of things. How does a man who has reportedly spied get hired into a future President's inner circle?

Manafort is an American Lawyer, lobbyist, and political consultant who joined Trump's team in June 2016 as the Campaign Manager, and only lasted until the end of August.

Reports are that Manafort was being investigated prior to his working with the Trump Team, and after, and that he was also wire tapped. 

Trump may state he has case on Twitter now which proves that he was right when he stated he was wire tapped. However, that will not quite be the truth. It was only Manafort being tapped. However, Manafort having a place in Trump Tower is not a fault of the investigation, and so it goes to wondeer, if Trump may have been recorded himself in such recordings. 

So, how long has the Trump team known what Manafort was up to, and what he was doing?

As Mueller begins to pursue, subpoena, and now indite actors in the Trump/Russia Scandal, it begins to leave doubt in Trump's claim that he's done nothing wrong, and wasn't involved. It seems that multiple obstruction of justice charges are going to be coming his way at the least, which may not get him jail, but should be enough to impeach.

This scandal has embarrassed the history of the White House, and our position of Presidency, and caused America to be looked at by our allies as a laughing stock.

Now, Trump's lawyers are caught talking out loud about the Russian Probe in a public restaurant, possibly opening up documentation to the prosecution Trump may want protected.

Now, the American political system seems to be in shambles. Both major parties are divided among it's highest members, an Independent Socialist is forcing legislation and bills, turmoil disrupts the White House daily, Campaign Managers are being shamed and now indicted. Journalism that is putting this all out in the open is being warred upon by our President, Hurricanes are battering America and the islands without end, health care seems to be more of a joke to Congress, than a serious condition of the American public, and "Dreamers" are being threatened to be denied existence in the only place they can survive.

This blemish which Paul Manafort, and possibly others have wrought upon Americans is coming to fruition, and it's just beginning to rear it's ugly head at us. This will be just the beginning of a hail storm from Investigator Mueller. Where it all ends for Trump is still actually up in the air, believe it, or not.

Unfortunately, we can all only imagine now what a Clinton or Sanders WH might have looked like. I would take a good guess that most Americans would trade the historical mockery we are observing, for that story.

I miss the brevity and honor Obama and Bush brought to the WH. They were respectable men, as were most of our past Presidents. Trump is the reflection of America now, though.

As the hurricanes continue to tragically barrel through the Caribbean, the investigation continues to barrel ahead, and the devastation of its' path may be as harmful to America as as CAT 5 storm.

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Written by Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 4:11PM - 09/17/2017

While many of us continue to battle on social media with tweets, memes, and opinions about Trump, something odd has been taking place, that maybe we are all missing.

Many of us are still arguing Charlottesville, and some are rioting in St. Louis, rightfully, over yet again another acquittal of an officer who shot a young unarmed black man. Yet, some in the world are dealing with recent historical tragedies, through ever changing weather and political patterns, of war on humans.

During this time, Trump has suddenly given up on his right tilting constituents, and has begun crossing a line, promised by him during his tumultuous run for President of the United States. He promised us that he would change government, and be different, and stir the pot.

All of that has already, obviously, happened. However, the change that those on the democratic side who may have voted for this man, were seeking, or hoping for, may finally being sign of the off balance character President Trump really is.

Spending years living in Manhattan, I learned of Trump's personality through daily stories in the local city papers the NY Times, and Daily News. I warned of who he is in articles last year, and have spent much time on Facebook and twitter hounding Trump to be a better President, a better man.

So, if you haven't been paying attention, we can now put together a list of acts by Trump over the past two weeks, that most of us are missing, and seeing past possibly. 

Trump actually got hands on with not one, but two Natural Disaster Relief efforts. Sure, maybe not hands on like we've necessarily seen in the likes of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, or George Bush, but he actually put forth a recently unseen form of humanism towards those in need. In fact, he became less pompous, and more caring in his speech and words at the Hurricane Irma news event. 

Okay, big deal, that's what a President should do, right? Well, as we all know, it was probably not expected of this President, and I think He genuinely in his own odd way reached down to those in need for a short period of time in his busy schedule.

Then there is the private, secret dinner meeting with Democrat stalwarts, Nancy Pelosi, and "Chuck" Charles Schumer. Seemingly, sealing a package deal to help storm victims, leave open stricter boarder restrictions, and keeping DACA residents in their American homes.

We can also look at the ever growing tension in North Korea. Again, to much of Trump's dismay, including myself, we all have harped on him not to be a war monger, and a nuke pusher. Yet, despite his careless words on the news, he has actually held stealthily chill for months on North Korea, and remains working diligently with the same United Nations he swore off last just months ago. Pushing harsher and harsher sanctions on North Korea. We have not seen the hot-tempered President react in the way we all expected at all. Now, North Korea is shooting missiles over ally countries, and we still expect him to hesitate devastating North Korea with an all out Air attack that would simply put all this to a stop? It seems, he has actually been seeking democracy in this situation, and we are blind to his patience.

In Afghanistan, we have been tripping along with minimum troops to end the conflict there for almost 2 decades. Now, Trump has decided to send in an undisclosed amount of increased troops to get it over with, and get our troops home finally. Another democratic win.

Now, word is Trump is working with Democrats on a fair health system for all....Hurricane Maria is approaching the islands again, expected to take same path as Irma, North Korea is breathing down his back, and then of course, there is Mueller and the Russians, looking set to blow the Trump Organization out of the water and the White House...

Is it possible that Trump is leaning to the middle....for whatever his reasoning may be....his inconsistency.....his self-absorbent way of doing what he pleases just may be rewarding the left and middle right now, and maybe we should all try and give him an inch to breath before he heads to the big house!

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The Day New York Stood Still