Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 11:30AM - 09/25/2017 EST

There are history books, school books, movies, and television shows greatly depicting the times of our Revolution, and Independence. The reasons we fought to gain freedom from a Monarchy across the ocean are explained in fair detail.

"A little rebellion now and then is a good thing and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical."
THOMAS JEFFERSON, letter to James Madison, Jan. 30, 1787

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Thomas Jefferson, one of our originators, and the writer of our Declaration of Independence, spoke clearly of the rights of the people in America to rebel when things are amiss, or awry in the political world. To further his comment, in no way do he or anyone else from that time state that we must adhere to a song, or a flag, or one belief pushed upon society, as often occurred within the monarchy from which they had previously escaped in England.

Just how important was the freedom of speech, the right to say what you want about our government or nation, and the right to express that opinion in any non-harmful physical manner, to our Founding Fathers?

They actually made it the first amendment, in case you may have forgotten. It's not the second amendment or the third, but the first, and most important amendment, that is truthfully the basis of all other amendments.

When we tell athletes, children, parents, or anyone in society what they must and must not do in reference to their feelings about our government, we are returning to the Monarchy and the demagoguery of a royal ruler, from which we escaped over 200 years ago, and we are stomping upon the whole reason for which we fought to preserve the American way.

Whether you like it or not, America is a FREE country. Yes, that also means it is free for you to voice your opinion in opposition of those that kneel for a song, or a flag, that for most of us represent the very freedom we have. However, with your free opinion you are hypocritically protecting material items, instead of standing for the rights of American citizens to voice their feelings and opinions through words and actions. Sure, you have the freedom to hate these people for what they are doing, but it sure doesn't mean you are right, or even respectable yourself for doing so. What is more important to you? Defending a song, a flag, or defending your own right to your own opinion? 

Ahhh, that slippery slope of our first amendment, which is constantly battled for in our nation's court system. 

I hardly find it possible that our Founding Fathers wrote the first amendment to only be applicable to some situations, and not others. That would make that amendment implausible, and contradictory.

You may consider our flag and our national anthem to be symbols of our great nation. However, you must look deeper than they're just being symbols of the nation you live in. They are much more than that! They are symbols of our rights and freedoms as the Constitution clearly lies out for all citizens of America! The very fact that a man, a team, or a whole group such as the entire NFL can kneel during the anthem, because they want to bring attention to the clear and still present danger of racism, and judging of others, is a great and perfect example of why America is so incredible. They are allowed to do what they are doing, because they are given the right to do so!

By being the person who says that these players can "F--off", or go to another country, or quit, or "die" as I've seen some truly disturbed people write, you are becoming the very dictatorship we escaped hundreds of years ago, and wiped out in WWII. 

Do I, and many others like me who do support the players rights to kneel, love our country, our flag, and our anthem? Absolutely, with out a doubt! I recently have come to love America even more, after living abroad for a short term, for the second time in my life. America is truly the land of the free, and the home of the brave, and warriors fight for our right to freedom every day.

When you fight and war against your fellow citizens for voicing or showing their concerns, you are really warring against our nation's soldiers and what they fight for. In fact, you are insulting our nation's constitution and what our military fights for all over the world!

So, I might suggest to those who think their Americanism, or their patriotism is more important than our constitution, might want to go try and live in another country for just 3 months, even. I'd like to see how quickly you rush back on a plane to America, kiss the ground you walk on, and wish good luck to those that want to kneel during a song, to prove a more important point - the fact that racism has never stopped or died in our society, as of yet.

There are those who call out people like me as trouble makers, just looking to stir up controversy that isn't there.

Well, I say to you folks, that it is your ignorance of reality, and of the problems we still face in granting all citizens their right to freedom and the chance to be successful that is the reason for the continued problem with racism in America, and why people who speak out like me must do so!

Also, this is not just a white problem. Racism is an interracial problem. All races in America have racist tendencies toward one another. So, my concerns, beliefs, and articles are not directed at one population of society or another, but at all of society as a whole. There are racists in every nationality, and this way of thinking on all parts has got to stop!

Kneeling, to make a point there is a divide in our country, and in our policing, is really what makes America great!! Instead of hating these athletes, we should be thanking them for taking a stance against hatred, and for showing society the strength of our constitutional rights! 

We must also take a look at the argument that is constantly thrown out there in social media by many; and that is the constant turmoil over famous actors, or scientists, media, or sports giants giving their personal opinions on a stage for many to hear. Why is this such a problem for some Americans? Again, we can first argue that these famous folks have the same constitutional rights as the rest of us. More importantly, they have the chance to make important changes, due to their social statuses. In a society, they actually are our representatives, and we should be looking to these people to voice our opinions, because the rest of us sure don't have the soap box to step up on and impress our feelings and voices freely to the world. But, these famous people are no less ingratiated with the right to speak as any one of us in regular society. They just have the opportunity to do so, and how many of us would jump right up there with them if we had the chance. In fact, many of us do, everyday on Facebook and Twitter! We do just that, so again, why shouldn't famous people be able to? When I hear news people, and ordinary citizens online harping against these famous speakers having an opinion, I can only again think about the hypocrisy we fled Britain to get away from.

Next time you see that religious guy shouting on the street corner, or that athlete kneeling on the field, or the protester marching in front of their job, you should really smile, and say to yourself....Thank Heaven I live in America, where I, also, have the right to voice my opinion, whether it is right or wrong! Take a look at the first photo. This should be America. Where two opinions can be shared on the field together, with respect for one another. Ease up, and try to be more understanding of others. Peace and globalization is the only way man is going to survive the future!

As the great and known leader Martin Luther King Jr stated....

"Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed".

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