Written by Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 4:11PM - 09/17/2017

While many of us continue to battle on social media with tweets, memes, and opinions about Trump, something odd has been taking place, that maybe we are all missing.

Many of us are still arguing Charlottesville, and some are rioting in St. Louis, rightfully, over yet again another acquittal of an officer who shot a young unarmed black man. Yet, some in the world are dealing with recent historical tragedies, through ever changing weather and political patterns, of war on humans.

During this time, Trump has suddenly given up on his right tilting constituents, and has begun crossing a line, promised by him during his tumultuous run for President of the United States. He promised us that he would change government, and be different, and stir the pot.

All of that has already, obviously, happened. However, the change that those on the democratic side who may have voted for this man, were seeking, or hoping for, may finally being sign of the off balance character President Trump really is.

Spending years living in Manhattan, I learned of Trump's personality through daily stories in the local city papers the NY Times, and Daily News. I warned of who he is in articles last year, and have spent much time on Facebook and twitter hounding Trump to be a better President, a better man.

So, if you haven't been paying attention, we can now put together a list of acts by Trump over the past two weeks, that most of us are missing, and seeing past possibly. 

Trump actually got hands on with not one, but two Natural Disaster Relief efforts. Sure, maybe not hands on like we've necessarily seen in the likes of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, or George Bush, but he actually put forth a recently unseen form of humanism towards those in need. In fact, he became less pompous, and more caring in his speech and words at the Hurricane Irma news event. 

Okay, big deal, that's what a President should do, right? Well, as we all know, it was probably not expected of this President, and I think He genuinely in his own odd way reached down to those in need for a short period of time in his busy schedule.

Then there is the private, secret dinner meeting with Democrat stalwarts, Nancy Pelosi, and "Chuck" Charles Schumer. Seemingly, sealing a package deal to help storm victims, leave open stricter boarder restrictions, and keeping DACA residents in their American homes.

We can also look at the ever growing tension in North Korea. Again, to much of Trump's dismay, including myself, we all have harped on him not to be a war monger, and a nuke pusher. Yet, despite his careless words on the news, he has actually held stealthily chill for months on North Korea, and remains working diligently with the same United Nations he swore off last just months ago. Pushing harsher and harsher sanctions on North Korea. We have not seen the hot-tempered President react in the way we all expected at all. Now, North Korea is shooting missiles over ally countries, and we still expect him to hesitate devastating North Korea with an all out Air attack that would simply put all this to a stop? It seems, he has actually been seeking democracy in this situation, and we are blind to his patience.

In Afghanistan, we have been tripping along with minimum troops to end the conflict there for almost 2 decades. Now, Trump has decided to send in an undisclosed amount of increased troops to get it over with, and get our troops home finally. Another democratic win.

Now, word is Trump is working with Democrats on a fair health system for all....Hurricane Maria is approaching the islands again, expected to take same path as Irma, North Korea is breathing down his back, and then of course, there is Mueller and the Russians, looking set to blow the Trump Organization out of the water and the White House...

Is it possible that Trump is leaning to the middle....for whatever his reasoning may be....his inconsistency.....his self-absorbent way of doing what he pleases just may be rewarding the left and middle right now, and maybe we should all try and give him an inch to breath before he heads to the big house!

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