Monday Night Premier TV Review

Monday Night Premier TV Review
Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 12:05PM EST - 09/27/017

The 2017 Television season kicked off this Monday night, with some new and not so new shows, and their premier episodes.

Following up an excellent 2016 season on The Voice, one might imagine it couldn't get any better. Further distancing itself from it's first cousin American Idol, by bringing forth molded and incredible singers from the start, The Voice sparked their return with new judge Jennifer Hudson, along with Miley Cyrus, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton by entertaining us with amazing and powerful singers, one after the other. The show, as it always does, brought more tears to this writer's eyes, watching people's dreams begin to come true, who fully deserve to be on this avenue to star-like recognition.

Monday night also saw the introduction of two new shows, The Brave & The Good Doctor. Both shows envelop story-lines that have been used before in previous successes such as 24, Homeland, Doogie Howser, M.D., and a handful more. So, when they began, I thought, here we go again, just a new cast, and new time-frame.

Fortunately, both shows grew into much more than something I've seen before. The Brave, offered up a good script, focusing on a female star, and added emotion, and compassion to the feeling of the show, and gave what sometimes are overly serious shows, a more empathetic mood that touched you in it's ending. On the other hand, I can't say enough about The Good Doctor! This program threw in surprise after surprise, beginning with the fresh and exciting idea of an autistic young man as a resident doctor, who's incredible memory, and ability to see things the normal person can't see. However, it also tackles the already existent argument this very day in social media and across our nation of accepting people, and their way of thinking, and living. While getting to know the Good Doctor, we also watch an intense battle take place within the Hospital Board over whether or not, an autistic doctor has the ability to see and feel what regular doctor's feel, and whether or not that would be a danger. The argument through-out this episode mirrors the argument happening through out America, about accepting people different from each other, and learning to thrive with them, and through them.

The scripts, performances, and direction in both shows were excellently played out by all involved, and I would perchance to say that they will both survive their pilot show/season. 

I might add that I wept like a baby a few times during The Good Doctor. So, if you are compassionate, watch out!!!

Those were my top choices for Monday night! Catch my review of Tuesday night top choices in my next article.

The Voice - 5 out of 5 teardrops
The Brave - 4 out of 5 teardrops
The Good Doctor 5 out of 5 teardrops

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