Senators Flake and Corker To Exit Trump's Party

Senators Flake, Corker To Exit Trump's Party

Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 6:48 AM EST - 10/25/2017

(Republican Senator Jeff Flake - Wikimedia Commons)

The #Senatefloor was filled with fireworks Tuesday the 24th of October. With Halloween approaching quickly, Republican Senator Jeff Flake, of Arizona, held the floor for a total of 45 minutes to become the next goblin seeking to escape Trump's cobweb of deceit and #demagoguery. 

Flake and Corker retiring with gusto!

#Flake joined his fellow Senator #Corker by presenting his same plan to retire and not seek re-election. Sen. Jeff Flake used his time on the Senate floor to tear down President Donald J. Trump in front of America on C-Span, and his Republican and Democratic cohorts. 

With 14 months left in both their tenures, they still have to deal with #PresidentTrump but set the stage for showdowns in the near future.  In speaking of Trump's character, Flake stated on the Senate floor that he maintains a "flagrant disregard for truth and decency". He feels that Trump is #undercutting the American Democracy.   

Senator Jeff Flake continued his tirade on Trump stating that Trump's speech on Twitter and in public "threatens to turn America and the #GOP into a fearful, backward-looking people", and a "fearful backward-looking party". Of course, he didn't mention Trump's name specifically, but the nation listened and knew exactly who he spoke of. 
(Senator Robert Corker - Wikimedia Commons)

#Senator Robert Corker, who has been having steady run-ins with President Trump took to CNN and the airwaves to continue his fight and spent most of his time in an interview ripping into Trump's presidency. Trump's "liddle" Bob Corker, as he spelled it on Twitter, caused a huge upheaval on social media, as everyone argued over whether he spelled it wrong on purpose, or not, and whether Senator Corker took it to heart.

On #CNNworldnews Tuesday morning, Corker stated that Trump "debases" America and was unable to say whether he trusted him with the nuclear codes. he added in an interview with #ManuRaju that our President has "great difficulty with the truth". Robert Corker added in statements that, "When his term is over, I think the debasing of our nation, the constant non-truth-telling, and the - just the name-calling, the things that I think, the debasement of our nation is what we will be remembered most important, and that's regretful."

Is the Republican Party imploding?

It seems lately that the Republicans in Congress are beginning to implode, and their seats may be in great jeopardy in the next #election.

I wonder, what are we to do with a leader that is disliked, possibly even hated by his own political party, and is still holding office without being ousted or relinquishing his position. Even with calls for #impeachment surrounding our nation's capital, Trump holds strong in the storm.

This morning on CNN, Senator Flake stated, "privately, a number of my colleagues have expressed concern about the direction of our politics and the behavior of the President".

It seems that America is hitting an important point in our History. Time has shown us that there have been too many mistakes in our growth as a nation, and most leaders are coming to the realization, with the prowess of Trump, that it is time for a change. 

Contrary to liberal Democrat's beliefs, some Republican's are showing heart lately, and President Trump's recklessness is pushing the Democrats back into the spotlight, and strengthening their future run in the next Presidential #election2020.

Where does America go from here?

(Photo of 25th Amendment - Wikimedia Commons)

What do we do as a nation about our anarchist in charge? Calling your Senators and Representatives to voice your opinions is always a first stepping-stone in getting your voice heard. Sharing your opinions with your friends and on #social media would be another force to be reckoned with over the next 3 years, for Trump.

We can also demand action in Congress to impeach this President. The original intent of the #25th amendment was exactly drawn up to defend our nation against such tyrannical leadership as we have now.

#AlisonCammarota asked Senator Flake this morning if other Republicans will follow suit. He said that he felt more of his fellow Congressman will begin to step out against this President.

President Trump replied in a tweet this morning, "Jeff Flake, with an 18% approval rating in Arizona, said "a lot of my colleagues have spoken out." Really, they just gave me a standing O!"
Once again, using improper English and grammar, Trump, laughingly, tried to defend himself.

As a nation, the majority of us can only hope that #RobertMueller is putting together a dandy of a case against Trump and that we will only have to deal with this insanity in our #WhiteHouse for just a little longer.

We, American citizens, must do our part in helping #Congress gain the momentum to oust our President before he is charged by Mueller. It would be an ugly stain on our nation if he were to remain in charge when the charges and the truth come out.

So, make your calls, spread your messages, and don't give up in the newly freshened drive to clean out our White House. Join Republicans and Democrats and put #America back at the top of the list of respected countries.

https://flipboard.com/@colinbmwood/the-world-at-a-view-magazine-vb3dpuijy/gop-sen.-flake-says-he%27ll-retire%2C-had-tangled-with trump/KhgP6bzKTsCJcC24HIp0rg%3Aa%3A152752863-ede8722d3e%2Fapnewsarchive.com




Trump To Release Long Awaited John F. Kennedy Assassination Files

Trump To Release Long-Awaited John F. Kennedy Assassination Files

Written by Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 7:04 PM EST - 10/21/2017

November 22nd, 1963 has been a date of contentiousness for decades now. As we all know, several conspiracy theories, books, and movies have been released on this grueling subject of John F. Kennedy's assassination. President Donald J. Trump, in an unprecedented tweet this morning, stated, "Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long-blocked and classified #JFK files to be opened". With his waning popularity across America, Donald J. Trump just may be looking for some support with this major and long-awaited release of information.

Conspiracies Galore

For 54 years, we have waited patiently for every document and every detail of the JFK assassination to be finally be released. President Donald J. Trump is going to allow it for the first time in history. However, let's take a look at some of the long living and weary conspiracy theories that have pervaded our minds for 5 decades.
The two most prominent conspiracy theories to date come from 1991 #Oliver Stone film JFK, in which it is believed that major criminal networks were involved with #Lee Harvey Oswald in setting up the assassination of one of America's greatest leaders. The other grand conspiracy theory is that our government entities worked with the Mafia to get rid of JFK. Of course, there are several other theories out there, as well.
The most popular theory to date, however, is that Secret Service Agent #George Hickey mistakenly discharged his weapon by accident as he rose to respond to Lee Harvey Oswald's first shots. Upon standing to respond, his car suddenly halted, and his weapon discharged mistakenly, sending a .223-caliber round into the back of Kennedy's head, which resulted in the death of #JFK.

Will Trump give us the truth?

It is with great hesitation that I trust Trump's tweet this morning. We can only hope he didn't do it just to gain popularity with conspiracy theorists. If President Trump does actually release all information on the assassination, I believe most will be surprised to find out that it was the S.S. agents bullet that killed JFK. Bonar Menninger, who is a Kansas City Journalist is a strong supporter of the #Secret Service theory. "It's not sexy. It's not rife with intrigue", reported Menninger. He continued his belief stating, "But for that reason, in my mind, it's extremely compelling - because it's the only theory that hews tightly to the available evidence". Trump has been receiving backlash on #twitter all day.
So, we all wait now with bated breath for the release of all files on the JFK assassination. I truly hope that we receive the truth finally. I myself, a #Kennedy expert, and a long-time researcher of the assassination cannot wait for the truth. For all we know, we may all be shocked by what is released. Hold your breath everyone!

Verlander Handles Yankees Lineup Efficiently



A Letter To Putin

A Letter To Putin

Written by Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 3:00 PM EST - 10/20/2017

Dear Mr. Putin,

I read your statements to the American public about our respect for our President. I'll agree, that under normal circumstances, you would be correct. We Americans should respect our President. As you said, not necessarily his policies or laws, but in the way we speak of him. (Putin gives Americans advice - Via Newsweek - Tom O'Connor)

I would urge you to seek caution, however, when addressing the American public. Especially, when you run a #communist nation, in which your citizens must adhere to all law and rule, cannot speak honestly and openly, without fear of being sent to the salt mines. You are a crooked and small man, who is destroying world peace and democracy every day you are still in charge.

You see #Vladimir, we Americans have something called rights! Something your #KGB trained mind will never understand. Our Founding Fathers escaped totalitarianism hundreds of years ago and formed a more perfect union in a Constitution which causes millions of citizens from around the world to want to live here. I am quite sure Russia does not have this inflow of immigrants, and never has, and I am also sure you like it that way.

(Putin as a KGB Agent)

Mr. Putin, we have something called the #FirstAmendment. That is the right to free speech without causing physical harm to others. We have a powerful union that controls who runs our country, and we can say what we want and even oust our leader from their Presidency if our Senatorial leaders choose to do so.

Why? Because the power of the government in America is in the people's hand, and not in some crooked power mongering leader's hand, such as yourself. We don't allow one man to control our nation, and to govern our news, our business, and our citizens. 

In fact Vlad, right here in my hometown of Binghamton, NY we have a large influx of #Russian immigrants who have chosen to escape your bleeding communist nation for safer, and freer land.

Before you go and start telling American's how we should treat our President in speech, you need to get a grip on your own insanity, and your failing policies. 

#DonaldJTrump is a disgrace to the history of our Presidency, and he has taken an honorable position and dragged it through the mud, putting a dark stain on our nation's highest political post, along with the other dark stains we have already endured through the past 400 years. 

His policies are degrading our society while causing America to slip back in history to troubled times, both socially and financially. He has now gotten a Republican lead Congress to upvote his budget that is going to steal from the poor and give to the rich!

Russia's President Vladimir Putin speaks during a session of the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi, Russia, on October 19. After attacking U.S. and Western policy in his speech, Putin took an opportunity to defend President Donald Trump from what he felt was unfair criticism in the U.S.

The Americans you warn to not speak badly of our leader are going to start dying by the thousands due to lack of health coverage. Children are going to starve while the rich line their pockets with more money. Now, I'm not a liberal to the point that I don't think business owners deserve to earn a fair living and savings for their investment, but the one thing that is always forgotten in the argument is that these businesses and owners wouldn't earn a red cent if it weren't for their employees and consumers, which includes....their employees. So, yes, we should all be sharing in the wealth more favorably in America, instead of business owners packing every penny they can into their savings, and not sharing the benefits of their employee's hard work with them. That is the equation to a successful nation financially. Everyone gets their fair share.

Also Mr. Putin, in America, we have a heart! "You Gotta Have Heart", as quoted from the famous musical "Damn Yankees". In America, we don't kowtow to a leader who shows no heart for the needy and poor in our nation. Most of whom actually do need the help and a handful that takes advantage of the system. Every system in America is taken advantage of some way or another, unfortunately, and I suppose that's the one downfall of #Capitalism, but for the poor to starve and die would be a detriment to America, and to our economy. Yes, we are giving free food and money to those in need, but that money is being spent on American businesses, and the food benefits are being spent in our country's grocery stores, again returning to the pockets of the wealth anyway. So, why do we need to help them keep more of their money?


In America, we don't allow mean people like Donald J. Trump to keep doing what he is doing without our free expression to tell him who he really is! We don't go to jail for that Mr. Putin. 

So, please stay out of our politics, and keep to your own. Hopefully, this will be your last reign as President of Russia, and we won't ever have to listen to your half-cocked ideas again.

Прощай Mr. Putin!

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Dodgers Clinch As Yankees Prepare!

Dodgers Clinch As Yankees Prepare!
(Dodgers thrash their way to NLCS Pennant, as Yankees prepare to clinch on the road in Houston!)

Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 1:42 PM EST - 10/20/2017

Oh, what an exciting night at Wrigley Field for Dodgers fans! Even, this Yankee fan, who favors the Dodgers second, was roaring with delight last night, as the young club thrashed their Chicago Cub counterparts in front of a stunned crowd. 

Cubby fans must be given respect for sticking it through to the end of the game. Not a soul had left the stadium it seemed, even with their club down ten runs. However, social media felt differently! (NLCS Game 5: Cubs-Dodgers recap, social media reaction - Chicago Tribune Staff)

Dodgers Hang It Deep

The Dodgers started things simply with a run in the first and a run in the second. Nothing too difficult for the Cubs to overcome. However, Clayton Kershaw (age 29), had other things in mind. #Kershaw, a strong consideration this season for the Cy Young Award, made his previous back problems slip away, as he dominated and controlled the Cubs line up for one run in six innings work. The bullpen closed it out with 4 scoreless innings by 4 different pitchers.

Enrique Hernandez Record

The Dodgers lineup was not done yet. Center fielder Enrique Hernandez, who had already lined a home-run in his first at-bat, arrived at the plate in the 5th inning to a bases-loaded situation. The Dodgers would have sufficed for a couple more runs to cushion their lead, but #Hernandez had a different night in mind. With a powerful swing, he cleared the fence and the bases all at once, powering a #NLCS Grand Slam into the stands, and lifting Los Angeles to a 6-0 lead, on which the Dodgers would tack another run in the inning to make it 7-0. 

The celebration at the plate pretty much explained it all, as the #Dodgers would surely go on and clinch this night and head towards the #WorldSeries for the first time in 29 years. To add insult to injury, Hernandez was still not finished, and tacked on his third home run of the night, joining a rare postseason community, and establishing a brand new all-time post-season record with 7 RBI's. 

Hernandez was heard in an interview on FS1 after the game replying to a reporter's comment about his RBI record as saying, "Are you sure that's a record?". I think the young man was still in shock at what he had just accomplished and found it very hard to believe that in all of post-season history no one else had ever knocked in 7 runs. 

So, this is what the #Yankees may have to contend with if they can do their part tonight in reckoning a 36-year gap in these storied franchises World Series History.

Yankees/Dodgers World Series?

The Yankees have had a day to let their 3 game sweep in NYC sink in, and if one of them sees this article on Yankees.com on FB, because I just want to caution these young, but amazing Yankees that the Astros are going to come on strong tonight, and that #JasonVerlander won't be fooling around at all. Don't wait for the perfect pitch, don't swing out of the strike zone, and don't waste time against Justin. Swing at the strikes and get him out early!! Do what you do best and pulverize his strikes, and ignore his bad pitches. Be clean in the field, concentrate, and know you can clinch this thing tonight, and head to Los Angeles tomorrow with enough time to prepare for a Dodgers team that is uncannily alike to this year's Yankee team in their make-up. 

The only thing though....Is that the Yankees have that one added extra power source that wins #Pennants and World Series...that would be their incredible bullpen. Once again, like the late 1990's, the Yankee office has created an untouchable stack of pitchers that are just barely comparable to anyone else in the league.

So, again, I continue my prediction, which partially came true last night, that the Yanks and Dodgers are meeting again in the 2017 World Series, and that the Yankees will take it all this year! 

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Visit Southern Germany, But Don't Get Spoiled

Visit Southern Germany, But Don't Get Spoiled
Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood – 1:19PM EST – 10/19/2017

Southern Germany is a thriving economy right now, and the hard-working citizens there make it so! You can visit any small or large city and find workers diligent in their efforts to provide professional courteous service wherever you go, and everyone keeps the country looking spectacularly clean.

In this article, I will write about 3 main locations that I am familiar with in Southern German after living there for a small amount of time. Stuttgart, Gemmrigheim, and Ludwigsburg are all beautiful, and historic places, each different from the other.

Stuttgart, Germany

In visiting #Stuttgart a number of times, I was able to take in the sights of the central part of the city, the banking section, and much more entering and exiting the city. In downtown Stuttgart, you can find several restaurants to cater to your desire. Mexican, European, French, American, and many other cuisines are at your service. (http://www.burger.place/)

I visited #BurgerPlace with my girlfriend and her daughters and the owners of this small establishment were extremely kind and friendly, and served us immediately, and were very attentive and social. They were thrilled to know I was from the United States, and I am very happy to be sharing their information with you. Their food was amazing. I think I had a burger, and it was original tasting and filled me perfectly. They had a nice selection of beers, and of course, I downed a nice, what we would call in America, Black, and Tan. There is also plenty of shopping downtown, with a huge mall you can traipse through and find just about anything you desire, including some American products.

Stuttgart is a beautiful, but an old city in some sections. It is a mixed collage of history and destiny. Beautiful old buildings stretch through downtown, including the famous Stuttgart Beer Garden. (https://www.biergarten-schlossgarten.de/)

This place pops in October, and I imagine this weekend, it will be full to the gills, and would be a perfect time for any of you German readers, or European Travelers to catch a great time at Schlossgarten!

Gemmrigheim, Germany

Gemmrigheim is a beautiful lush village tucked neatly next to the #NeckarRiver, approximately 40 kilometers north of Stuttgart, which is about a 30-minute drive on the #Autobahn. It is completely surrounded by wine vineyards upon the hills. Everywhere you go, you can see a vineyard. (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemmrigheim)

This is a photo of the Neckar River from the balcony of the apartment I stayed in.


#Ludwigsburg is a thriving large city south of Gemmrigheim. It offers many shopping centers, restaurants, clubs, historical sites and more. My favorite place to visit there was #Markthalle (http://markthalle.sportcafe.eu/) They offer a gigantic hall filled with televisions showing sports, mostly soccer, several pool tables, and multiple electronic dartboards. On top of all the fun, they have a splendid menu of food and beers, and incredibly inexpensive considering the size of the city it is established in, and it's atmosphere. Service is quick and friendly, and there is tons of fun to be had there! I highly recommend it to anyone passing through the area!

I highly encourage anyone to visit this area of #Germany. You will also find it to be a beautiful area, filled with hills, valleys, cities, rivers, and lush nature. Be sure to stop by the places I've mentioned, or visit their website to learn more!

Dodgers Slip While Yanks Rise!

Dodgers Slip While Yanks Rise!
Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 10:45AM EST - 10/19/2017

Last night was an exciting night in baseball. Game 5 of New York Yankees Vs. Houston Astros took place in #NYC, and the Dodgers tried to close things out against the Cubs in a rambunctious Wrigley field!  The Dodgers and Yanks seem to be on a collision course after waiting 36 years to continue their #WorldSeries storied history.

Starting at Yankee Stadium, the Young Yankees entered the game having scratched back with 2 wins in a row to even the series 2 games to 2. I doubt there were any true Yankee fans doubting that the team would also take game 5 at Yankee Stadium, but one had to wonder if these young yanks had it in them to win their third game in a row against another young team in the Houston Astros, who won over 100 games during the regular season, and had originally taken a 2 games to 0 lead in Houston.

Well, the Bronx was in for one exciting night. Masahiro Tanaka, who had already been dominating this post-season, came into Game 5 of the #ALCS with a calmness and coolness that would have made the Dalai Lama proud! Continuing his scoreless inning prowess, he stunned, froze, and swept through the Astros lineup. The young hitters looked like they had just started their first spring training game, and were unable to solve the mastery of Tanaka, who is proving his Yankee Post-Season worthiness up there with the best in Yankee Lore.

Gary Sanchez came alive last night, as well. After Starlin Castro doubled in the second, and Greg Bird followed with a RBI single, Sanchez and Didi Gregorius wrapped back to back RBI singles in the 5th, and then Sanchez hit his 3rd homer of the post-season in the 7th inning, going 2 for 4 on the night, along with Didi's two hits, and Chase Headley's three-hit night. Aaron Judge, leading the team in RBI's this postseason, knocked in his 10th last night.

Joe Girardi and his club had to get through either Dallas Keuchel, knocked out in the 5th last night, or Justin Verlander in their next game in order to have a chance to advance to their 41st franchise World Series. Dallas had previously dominated the Yankees in post-season play going into last night. But, these young Yanks would have none of that, figuring in their minds that Keuchel would be the better bet than the hard to solve Verlander.

Now, I would not count the Houston Astros out by any means. Even as a Yankee fan myself. The Bronx Bombers need to play smart and keep patient at the plate against Verlander in the next game, because the Astros are pretty good at home, as well.
If Yankee bats go silent again, and Verlander can pull out an expected win, then anything can go down in game 7.

However, I will continue to support my prediction that the 2017 NY Yankees are going to be World Series Champs over the Dodgers, after a 36-year gap since their last #WS meeting.

Don't forget to tune your televisions Friday night to what could be one of the most exciting games this post-season. Let's hope the Dodgers can forget last night's 3-2 loss and take one of the next 3 games to meet the Yanks in Los Angeles.

(Via Youtube - MLG Highlights)

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Yankees Seek World Series Revenge Vs. Dodgers!

Yankees Seek World Series Revenge Vs. Dodgers!

Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 3:48 PM EST - 10/17/2017

Yankee/Dodger World Series History

It's been 36 years since these two stalwarts met in the #World Series. For the New York #yankees, it has been a long wait to seek Revenge, after the club's 2-0 lead in the 1981 World Series was decimated by the Los Angeles #Dodgers, in a 4 game sweep to steal the series away from Dave Winfield, Don Mattingly, and their Yankee team.
In the 1981 series, of which I was a young 11-year-old fan, I and all of you other older #Yankeefans watched and celebrated as our beloved Yanks took a 2 game to 0 lead. Sure enough, Winfield, Mattingly and the gang would easily take 2 games out of the next 4.
However, what followed a convincing charge to a World Series Championship was washed away, as we watched the Yankee bats go silent, and errors on the field thrash our 3 game lead, and send the #Yankees packing without a ring or trophy!
Once Tommy Lasorda and his team returned to #DodgerStadium, they seemed to kick it into a higher gear than the Yanks, and swept three one-run games in a row in front of a roaring Hollywood Dodger crowd, starving for their first World Series win since 1965. This included an incredible duel between Louisiana Lightning - Ron Guidry, and Jerry Reuss. Guidry held a 1-0 lead going into the 7th, before giving up consecutive solo homers to Pedro Guerrero and Steve Yaeger. The Dodgers went on to New York and closed out the World Series 4 games to 2 over Tommy John.

Where is The Judge?

At this point in the League Championship Series, one has to wonder if C.C. Sabathiaand the Yankees have it in them again to begin yet another comeback this season, and postseason.
I would be remiss if I didn't discuss Aaron Judge at this point. After setting a rookie record for home-runs during the regular season with 52 dingers, Judges bat has fallen silent in the playoffs, with only a couple instances of run support. His power, on the other hand, has been non-existent, and one might even gander to think he needs to get his eyes checked in the post-season. Judge set a post-season playoff record in the ALDS against the Cleveland Indians with 16 strike-outs. Aaron also set a regular season record by striking out in 33 consecutive games as a non-pitching hitter. So, who will we see beginning tonight? Will the real Aaron Judge step up to the plate, and show his power and prowess over the span of what Yankee fans hope to be at least 4 more games? I along with very few other writers, predicted this Yankee team to make a serious charge for the World Series crown, but #99 must be a major factor to even get there. The answer to Tyler Conway's article is an astounding YES that Aaron Judge is the real deal.
It certainly doesn't take a whole season for teams to figure out how to pitch a great hitter, but Aaron helps them out. He is young, and learning, and is humble enough to know he has a long way to go to prove his #YankeePinstripes are genuine. The post-season is where dire Yankee fans expect that to happen. The season is one thing, the playoffs another, in Yankee land!

What Needs To Happen?

Well, for the #HoustonAstros, it's simple. Keep doing what they are doing, which is wearing down Yankee starting pitching, great defense, and timely hitting. The Yankees could afford the same game plan but in order to do that these young kids will have to do do what they have done all season and climb and scrape their way back by shaking off the negatives, and doing what they do best. Judge, Sanchez, Castro, Gregorius all have to see the ball better and make more timely choices in what they swing at. Watching some video of how far out of the strike zone they chased pitches in the first two games should correct those mistakes one might hope. Yankee pitchers need to start finding the plate more consistently, and be more secure in their choices and show strength and endurance. Pitch counts must go down! These Yankees certainly are as good as the 1996 World Series Champs and are definitely still in it.

My Prediction

Most will consider me going out on a limb here. From the start of the 2017 #MLBbaseball Season, almost every sportscaster has doubted a Yankee Championship. They were picked to finish 3rd to last in the division and to not even make the playoffs. Everyone stated they were in a building season, and would have an opportunity down the road. Well, I'm sticking with my original pre-season prediction on my own blog that these young New York Yankees have what it takes, and can still come back to take it all. But, they better start tonight in the #ALCS and carry it through to the end. Los Angeles is up 2 games to 0 in the #NLCS, and they are waiting with bated breath for their young club to take on the Yanks young club. What a World Series that would be! May the best team win!



Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 10:000 PM EST - 10/14/2017

The topic of Harvey Weinstein is a touchy one for anyone to talk about, especially an actor who is still working on moving his film career up the ladder, such as myself. So, in writing this article I take a big chance of upsetting some people in Hollywood that might see this, and probably will, as I've had decently known actors and directors comment to me about my writing, and how they appreciate it. I imagine, they will be the same ones to appreciate this article, but some may not.

I spent 15 years in New York City, Los Angeles, and Seattle to name a few well known cities for entertainment, and although I usually worked on a project of some nature, I ended up spending more of my time being called in for big opportunities on stage, in television and film. 

Much like the women who have dealt privately with the Harvey Weinstein's of the business, I, as I am sure, many other actors and actresses of smaller caliber have also been introduced to the casting couch mode of bettering my career.

I am proud of the women stepping up now, releasing the secrets they've felt pressured to keep under wraps so to protect their careers. Some have been kind enough to mention that this isn't just a problem for women in the business either.

In my experiences in NYC mainly, trying to make it to Broadway, I incurred many callbacks for big roles in the Entertainment Industry. The role of Chris in "Miss Saigon" was one of them, for which I received 7 callbacks over the period of 7 years. I spent a few hours with the musical director and producers of "Meet Me in St. Louis" before it went to Broadway, having dinner, talking and singing at the piano the role of John. I was realistically under the impression by the time we were done that they loved me and I had the part. I was called in for Marius for the Broadway Les Miserables a few times, and seen for other major roles in Broadway shows over and over again by the same casting directors, whom it doesn't matter to mention at this time, as they have both retired and passed away. So, out of respect, I won't mention their names. But, they were the biggest stalwarts in Broadway Musical casting in the late 80's through the 90's. I was called in for roles in numerous television pilots for new shows.

I did eventually do some work on As The World Turns, Law & Order, and an MTV Video for a popular band in the mid-90's. 

The situation with Harvey Weinstein and the women coming out, I hope to be the tip of the iceberg in changing Hollywood and some of it's casting ways. Ashley Judd is one of these power houses to be speaking out, and even she is usually pretty outspoken about things, so that shows how secret this problem has been for a long time.

It goes to say, however, that not all of Hollywood works this way, and that there are hundreds of directors and producers that are respectable and respect their talent. I am currently working with such a gentleman in the Binghamton, NY area a potential Netflix comedy now. He respects his talent, and doesn't use his position as  a power position over his cast and crew.

So, returning to my NYC days. In one of the situations above I dealt with the Producer of "Meet Me In St. Louis" calling me the next day and asking me out to dinner. It didn't come across as a business opportunity, but more of a date after conversing with him personally on his private phone number. After I told him I was not gay, and was only interested in a business dinner, he said he'd get back to me, and I never heard from "Meet Me In St. Louis" again. The show ended up not lasting long on Broadway anyway, but it might have been the start of something big for me, had I decided to take the casting couch route in. As far as the casting company that called me in over and over again, I could never figure out what their issue was with not actually giving me a job. But, I always felt it was because I didn't cross to their side of the fence.

I truly am hoping the tides of casting in entertainment are changing, and that more women and men come out with their stories of harassment, and sexual advances. I have other stories of actual advances I can bring up, including an offer from Kevin Spacey to go home with he and Lori Petty one night in 1996 at the "Apollo 13" opening party at Kate Mantilini's, but my stories won't be as effective as those of higher stature in the business.

I don't see how it is any surprise to anyone that this is coming out of Hollywood now. It's no big surprise to anyone that some of Hollywood has always been a casting couch. I guess what is surprising everyone today is the level of power that Harvey Wienstein leveled against these actresses whom he insulted, and depraved of their rights.

Like many other things that are gaining more awareness around America, I hope that this situation gains steam, so to finally push the ugly problem out of Hollywood and entertainment all together!

I stand with these women and their bravery to come out, despite whether it was years ago, or not. They have now been given the power back to speak up, and speak up they must. I imagine it is only the tip of the iceberg with Harvey, and that other names will fall, but then again, maybe that age of Hollywood is dying out anyway, if this has become a front new topic finally.

All power to the women and men of entertainment who have and do deal with this monster on a daily basis!

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Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 2:42 PM EST - 10/13/2017

A section of the Vegas Strip was a surrealistically true nightmare of horror last Sunday October 1st, 2017. Around 10 PM, during a Country Music Concert, where thousands of human beings stood listening to Jason Aldean, a sick, demented, wealthy, white, downright evil man opened fire with automatic weaponry from across the street from the Mandalay Bay Hotel. 

The Vegas Sheriff's Department responded upon reception of 911 calls that began to pour in from the concert crowd, reporting that bullets were hailing down on them.

Stopping there in the story and timeline is where I'm going to begin to rip apart CNN and other news outlets that have been insulting, analyzing, and shredding apart how the Las Vegas Sheriff's Department responded that night.

I am commonly not the biggest supporter of police in my writings. Especially, when it comes to the race issue. However, what I've listened to on the news for the past 12 days is stomach turning, and disgusting. News shows, one after the other, have continued to challenge a time-line in the Sheriff's response to the shooting, looking for something they can analyze on an hourly and daily basis, so to churn their viewers into watching every day, and gathering the following they desire to support their bottom line.

Going back to receiving the 911 calls...

The first step the Sheriff's Department did right, and that none of these news people did or had to do, was respond! 

The Las Vegas Sheriff's Department responded fully, and as soon as they could to those calls that started pouring in. They ran through bullets, they took shots in their bodies, and they picked up, or helped people off the concert field. They stood next to dead bodies so that the bodies wouldn't be harmed or robbed. They acted proudly, boldly, and like heroes as bullets continued to rain down on the concert crowd for what seemed like an hour.

Officer Brady Cook took gunshot that caused 4 wounds in his body, yet continued to help citizens after he was shot.

Another officer named Samuel broke his leg, but he continued to pull wounded concert goers from the field...under the hail of automatic gunshots raining down.

Yet, CNN and other news outlets have been turning their backs on these heroes, and focusing on a ridiculous time-line analysis that took place up to and during the shooting, that when it comes down to anything important does not matter!

The 59 lives that were lost, the 45 still in critical condition, the officers who took gunshots to their bodies, and even the one's who didn't, the people that helped were all heroes, regardless of a time-line that can't be changed, and doesn't matter.

Who cares exactly how and when the Las Vegas Sheriff's Department responded? They responded!!! They came in as heroes and saved lives, and helped the wounded! They were real Saints in a Country that is struggling for an identity!

We, as Americans and news outlets, reporters, or commentators should be shouting from the rooftops about these heroes, and how they are examples of America's courage, strength, and love for every human life in the land.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo, for a second time in front of news cameras was distraught, and in tears today and "absolutely offended" at the inappropriate incompetency charges against his department. He stated that they were "not attempting to hide anything". The poor man has been under immense stress the past 12 days, trying to work through an investigation of confusing measures, and is doing all he an to bring correct information, and important updates to the rest of the American people.

This man and leader, and his staff should be awarded, held in honor, and given the utmost respect for what they endured, and continue to endure and relive every day as they work through all the information on what took place last Sunday.

Stand strong with the Las Vegas Sheriff's Department and the citizens of Las Vegas!

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Today, I introduce you to John M. Ward and his Book Tunnel Rat!

Author Bio: John Morris Ward is a professional architect and author. He also loves anything that has to do with water and the ocean, including sailing, scuba diving, fishing, and spearfishing. He lives in Tallahassee, Florida.

Book Synopsis: When former US Army captain Eric Tucker decided to visit Old City in Jerusalem with his daughter and granddaughter, he thought it would be a chance to get some family time with his girls and enjoy his retirement. But when a terrorist organization threatens his family’s safety, Captain Tucker must reach into his past in order to survive. Can he do so without becoming the cold-blooded killer he once was?
Emir Farouk is falling on hard times, and the loyalty that once came so easily to him is dwindling. When an old man and a teenage girl from America appear in his sights, he believes it is a sign and orders his men to kidnap them. But things don’t go as planned…
What follows is an intense cat-and-mouse game between a powerful terrorist cell and one man who’s determined to protect his family, the woman he loves, and his ship. Captain Tucker can’t—and won’t—give in, even if it means returning to the man who led an elite unit of soldiers into claustrophobic tunnels after their enemies with nothing but flashlights, knives, and pistols: the infamous Tunnel Rats.

Eric realized for the first time a small crowd had gathered. No surprise there. Having no one notice a fight like this in Old Jerusalem would be the surprise. The onlookers were mostly women and mostly Muslim, it appeared. They were yelling something. The same phrase. A helpful young woman translated for him. “They want you to let them go,” she said. “Let them go?” he asked, incredulous. “Yes. The officers will come and arrest them.” “Good,” Eric said. “These guys tried to kidnap my granddaughter. They’re not going anywhere but to jail—and to hell.” The young woman translated his words to the crowd. They promptly started screaming and wailing even more hysterically. “This is ridiculous. They attacked me,” he thought. “You’d think they’re the victims.” But what seems to stand to reason in the West does not necessarily stand to reason in the Middle East. The women were growing more and more hysterical, and they began to motion to a young man in the crowd. They pushed him forward. He was maybe twenty at the most. To his credit, he stepped out bravely, trying to look confident. He yelled something at Eric, extended his arm, and shook a finger at him. Probably some insult. The women yelled something else, nodding approval. The young man smiled and nodded back at them, gaining confidence. But Eric was still feeling cocky. It was an attitude he’d been full of in his youth. He was looking pretty ghastly. His left arm was covered in blood and dripping on the pavement. His face and shirt front were splattered with blood from pounding the big guy’s bloody head. The right side of his face was bruised and bloody. He smiled back at the kid and heard himself utter something like a growl. He started toward him. The guy’s smile vanished and panic swept across his face. He decided to run. The women wailed in dismay. “Smart,” Eric said. Something about a bloody old guy and three men down made the kid wiser. Just then, Dottie screamed, “Poppa!” Eric turned and saw her running up the street with several Israeli cops trying hard to keep up. “Thank God,” he thought. “You’re hurt!” Dottie screamed as she dashed forward, tears welling in her eyes. As he watched his beloved granddaughter run into his one good arm, he had a strange premonition. Somehow everything had changed, he thought. He didn’t know why everything had changed. It didn’t seem rational. They were attacked, but they were OK. It happens in this crazy world. Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of it. He’d survived. That should be the end of it. It was over, right? The cops were here, taking over the scene. Dottie was safe. But even as he answered questions and tore off a strip of his shirt to wrap around his bleeding arm, the uneasy feeling would not go away. Somehow he knew it. Everything had changed. He was never more right.

Praise for Tunnel Rat:
“In this debut thriller, a former U.S. Army captain, after thwarting men trying to abduct his granddaughter, protects his family from terrorists’ retaliation by taking his fight to the open seas…Ward’s stellar protagonist is multifaceted, thanks in part to flashbacks to his days in Vietnam…a nautical adventure bolstered by its immensely likable and earnest hero.”  –Kirkus Indie Reviews
“A fast-paced, action-packed read that’s very highly recommended for suspense and thriller fans!” –Nurture Your BOOKS™

Find and follow John on his: website, Twitter and Facebook Page.

Book tour page so you readers can follow along: http://www.nurtureyourbooks.com/upcoming-nurture-book-tour-tunnel-rat-by-john-m-ward/

America. Stop The Hate, Please!

Photo by  Avi Werde  on  Unsplash Look, folks. The government will always be the government. We’ve all seen it from BO...