Dodgers Clinch As Yankees Prepare!

Dodgers Clinch As Yankees Prepare!
(Dodgers thrash their way to NLCS Pennant, as Yankees prepare to clinch on the road in Houston!)

Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 1:42 PM EST - 10/20/2017

Oh, what an exciting night at Wrigley Field for Dodgers fans! Even, this Yankee fan, who favors the Dodgers second, was roaring with delight last night, as the young club thrashed their Chicago Cub counterparts in front of a stunned crowd. 

Cubby fans must be given respect for sticking it through to the end of the game. Not a soul had left the stadium it seemed, even with their club down ten runs. However, social media felt differently! (NLCS Game 5: Cubs-Dodgers recap, social media reaction - Chicago Tribune Staff)

Dodgers Hang It Deep

The Dodgers started things simply with a run in the first and a run in the second. Nothing too difficult for the Cubs to overcome. However, Clayton Kershaw (age 29), had other things in mind. #Kershaw, a strong consideration this season for the Cy Young Award, made his previous back problems slip away, as he dominated and controlled the Cubs line up for one run in six innings work. The bullpen closed it out with 4 scoreless innings by 4 different pitchers.

Enrique Hernandez Record

The Dodgers lineup was not done yet. Center fielder Enrique Hernandez, who had already lined a home-run in his first at-bat, arrived at the plate in the 5th inning to a bases-loaded situation. The Dodgers would have sufficed for a couple more runs to cushion their lead, but #Hernandez had a different night in mind. With a powerful swing, he cleared the fence and the bases all at once, powering a #NLCS Grand Slam into the stands, and lifting Los Angeles to a 6-0 lead, on which the Dodgers would tack another run in the inning to make it 7-0. 

The celebration at the plate pretty much explained it all, as the #Dodgers would surely go on and clinch this night and head towards the #WorldSeries for the first time in 29 years. To add insult to injury, Hernandez was still not finished, and tacked on his third home run of the night, joining a rare postseason community, and establishing a brand new all-time post-season record with 7 RBI's. 

Hernandez was heard in an interview on FS1 after the game replying to a reporter's comment about his RBI record as saying, "Are you sure that's a record?". I think the young man was still in shock at what he had just accomplished and found it very hard to believe that in all of post-season history no one else had ever knocked in 7 runs. 

So, this is what the #Yankees may have to contend with if they can do their part tonight in reckoning a 36-year gap in these storied franchises World Series History.

Yankees/Dodgers World Series?

The Yankees have had a day to let their 3 game sweep in NYC sink in, and if one of them sees this article on Yankees.com on FB, because I just want to caution these young, but amazing Yankees that the Astros are going to come on strong tonight, and that #JasonVerlander won't be fooling around at all. Don't wait for the perfect pitch, don't swing out of the strike zone, and don't waste time against Justin. Swing at the strikes and get him out early!! Do what you do best and pulverize his strikes, and ignore his bad pitches. Be clean in the field, concentrate, and know you can clinch this thing tonight, and head to Los Angeles tomorrow with enough time to prepare for a Dodgers team that is uncannily alike to this year's Yankee team in their make-up. 

The only thing though....Is that the Yankees have that one added extra power source that wins #Pennants and World Series...that would be their incredible bullpen. Once again, like the late 1990's, the Yankee office has created an untouchable stack of pitchers that are just barely comparable to anyone else in the league.

So, again, I continue my prediction, which partially came true last night, that the Yanks and Dodgers are meeting again in the 2017 World Series, and that the Yankees will take it all this year! 

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