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Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 09:30PM EST -10/06/2017

I do not fear, that my life, as any other writer's, might be in jeopardy with this short dissertation of which I intend to partake in. I, intending to strongly uphold the true strength of our Nation as a whole, to grow with lessons from history, and to remold our Constitution with amendments that poke, and tear, and sew up the very deep cuts to our nation's great, but weary history, will put forth an argument I can not withhold from any longer.

It is no surprise to me, that the two top topics of talk today, and the most important aspects of the United States' history are tied up in racism and guns. Both, being the original, and I dare to say the most effective aspects which supported America's physical and financial growth. 

Racism and guns do not, however, hold the same endearment in our citizen's or ancestor's hearts in modern times, and I would dare to say, that most would treat them separately. But, I can not!

With my words here, I do not intend to talk much about racism, but only to use it as a reference to my talk about guns, and their place and origination in our Nation's history.

We, do by here, give utmost respect to our Founding Fathers. Do we not?

Let us then, take a hard look at what it is that upsets many of my black friends, and those that support equality around our nation, and inherently causes much confusion among the higher intelligent. 

There must be a discourse across our great Nation of America, and our Congress, as to the fact that we honored a weapon that kills, in our constitution, but could not find it in our weary hearts to honor the blood of fellow man. Yes, yes, we all know that slavery was acceptable then, and barely considered in the discussion of our original Constitution, although it was brought up...

But, here starts my argument I plan to unfold for you, to debate upon.

Slavery started in the 1400's in the America's. The second amendment was written into law on December 15th, 1791 along with the first ten amendments of the U.S. Constitution. 

Slavery has been over for 152 years with the 13th amendment written into our constitution. Taking a look at what else has expired since 1791, would be the actual need for militias, in a country that was just beginning to grow and had no idea what might occur during it's infancy. The guns....the very guns they used, and opened up to the freedom of our Constitutional rights, have changed....they have changed dramatically, and at no point in 1791, could they have imagined what guns can do now, in the amount of time they can do the damage they do. In 1791, you packed your gun, shot, and repacked, sometimes having problems along the way, unless you were an expert. No one, was walking around villages and shooting up innocent victims, when not at war. No one, was hanging out of hotel windows, and spreading gunfire across a swath of people, allowing rounds to go off multiple times across the span of seconds. Also, hardly anyone was as insane in those days, as we have come to know people to be now in modern times.

What's my point? Times change, things change, and laws change, and amendments are written for reasons. The 13th amendment was written to end something disgusting, revolting, and an ugly scar upon our countries history. Now, guns, once an honor to own, and a respectable part of being a citizen of the United States, has gone in reverse, and now become a scar upon our nation's history. Crazy people are able to take weaponry that should only be in the hands of the military, truthfully speaking, because anyone who has the sporting need to own the weaponry used in Las Vegas is arguably sick in some way or another, and needs help and should have been on a radar screen somehow, someway. Even, if it is a registry of how many weapons someone owns.

So, yeah, throw out the common arguments that things don't kill, people do. Toss in the concept that only crazy people do this, not the majority of gun owners, and the other argument that actually has nothing to do with high-powered weapons, being that, others having guns is actually safe and protective for America. Offer up the idea that there is still a black market for anyone who wants what they want and gun control is useless.

Now wrap all those excuses into a nice cake, and send it to everyone who has lost someone in the last 1,516 mass shootings over the past 1,735 American days on the calendar. 

Let that sink in for a moment.....

Now, let me take you back to lovely 1791...Does anyone in their right mind believe that our Founding Fathers would have openly meant, when they wrote this:

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." 

Which was actually established originally, prior to the constitution, as a right for the colonists to form militias to fight the British, whom they escaped to begin a new country.

Now, only 236 years later, we actually have come to hold boldly to a claim of right that was originally meant to protect us from the British, and to keep our right to be a nation. Not so much for warring among ourselves, and definitely not for killing innocent people daily around our country.

So, it HAS come high time, for our Congress, and our nation of citizens, regardless of the powers that be, namely the N.R.A., and the ruthless, and ignorant President Wayne LaPierre, who gives no regard for human life ahead of his precious guns, to have a new conversation, a new congregation of the minds, and a new major gun amendment to replace the original intent of the second amendment written 236 years ago, in a time that was far different than our own, and in a time that they could have never imagined the damage we inflict on life not only around America, but around the world as well. 

America, and it's second amendment laws have now become a disgrace to the rest of the world, as they stand by and watch our own citizens murdering each other day in and day out. IT IS NOT FOREIGN TERRORISM WE FACE, BUT AMERICAN BORN TERRORISM THAT IS THE CAUSE OF THOUSANDS OF DEATHS IN AMERICA EVERDAY! It is time for a change, it is time for growth as a nation, as we came together after the civil war and formed the 13th amendment. It is time for a NEW MAJOR GUN AMENDMENT to end this madness we have sadly, and disgustingly, grown accustom to daily across our great nation!

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