Puerto Rico!! A West Side Story!!
Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 04:36 AM EST - 10/02/2017

"Puerto Rico...My hearts devotion...let it slip back in the ocean...Always the hurricanes blowing...always the population growing, and the money owing...I like the island Manhattan..." West Side Story, written by Stephen Sondheim and released in 1957, is a musical about a Puerto Rican neighborhood in Manhattan.

Never in my life, Sondheim's, or anyone's, did we expect a future President of the United States to basically use these same words to deny our Countryman help.

Even ABC News reported that (Stephen Sondheim finds the music from "West Side Story," one of the most revered musicals of all time, downright "embarrassing." And he should know. He wrote the lyrics.) 

When you take the story our of context and it's era, you may crunch them, and come up with a little bit of racism, right? However, we all know, that was not Mr. Sondheim's intention. Considering all the incredibly intricate and delectable characters he has created throughout his illustrious career, racism is not up his alley.

What's not so shiny however, is when a world leader takes those very words, most assuredly unbeknownst to him, and uses them to punish an island, a United States Territory, and our fellow countrymen all in 40 word texts on a social media platform, that has become his sounding block! 

Ok, wait you say...he "suspended" the Jones Act....

Do you really know what the Jones Act entails, and why?

The Jones Act was established about a century ago, to maintain that shipments between the United States and Canada only be carried out by ships made in the United States. Now, according to The American Maritime Partnership, this is an important act that basically funds our national defense, and provides for a vibrant maritime industry. 

What it has actually done, is create the gross debt that Puerto Rico is in, which has been impossible for them to overcome, by causing them to get products from other countries, and outrageous prices in the auto industry, and other businesses. Puerto Rico has suffered for decades from this Act.

However, our President had no problem waiving the Jones Act for Texas and Florida, immediately after their hurricanes, so to quicken the flow of oil, of course, to America. I mean, we all know that the contiguous states are the only "real" America right? Isn't that what our President portrays? That Puerto Rico is an island way off in the "big ocean", according to him. "So hard to get help too". But the oil refineries way off in the gulf sure weren't too surrounded by water to waive the Jones Act for.

Now, one can easily assume, I suppose, that those refineries don't owe America money, or are in debt. Right? 

Where does this leave Puerto Rico, and how are the rest of the American public supposed to respond to this tragedy, that our President waited a week just to suspend a centuries old Act for? 

He put together Billions of dollars in aid for Texas and Florida immediately to be pushed through Congress...Puerto Rico..."let it slip back in the ocean", is basically our President's opinion.

By treating our fellow citizens, and more importantly our fellow humans with this kind of disgust, is most certainly does reek of racism, but I beg you to possibly not go down that road with Trump on this one.

This is a money issue with Trump, and we all know how much he hates to see money wasted. Of course, if he truly had a good business sense, he'd realize, if he were governor of Puerto Rico that is, that the island is being pushed back into a third world country, due to the age old Jones Act. I guarantee, if he were governor of Puerto Rico, that he'd do all he can to end that Act!

But, President Trump seems to want to wash his hands of a whole island, nation, and group of people, over a debt. If that isn't the pinnacle of Fascist Capitalism, I must be crazy.

Yes, that is who Donald Trump is. He's a Fascist Capitalist, more than a racist I believe. It isn't color he hates, but the color of green that he loves, which drives his inner charged child that never grew up. This is a boy who never learned to play nice with others when it came to money. So, why would you expect him to now, even when it comes to our Countrymen suffering beyond belief?

That's your simple and more apparent explanation to his helping Florida and Texas out, but not Puerto Rico. In his eyes it's, "What has PR done for us lately". 

I could have spent this article tearing apart all the racist reasons Trump may be making the decisions he is. But, I don't really think that's his issue here, to be fully honest, and so my intent of this article is to give you the broader picture of his choices this week. 

Most of us true Americans do see the big picture of brotherly love and human compassion in a more globalized society, and we are begging you President Trump, to open your ferocious, fascist heart for once, and give Puerto Rico what they need and deserve, after years of gouging them out of what the rest of America gets freely! 

Be a human being Donald J Trump!

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