Trump To Release Long Awaited John F. Kennedy Assassination Files

Trump To Release Long-Awaited John F. Kennedy Assassination Files

Written by Colin Bruce Munro Wood - 7:04 PM EST - 10/21/2017

November 22nd, 1963 has been a date of contentiousness for decades now. As we all know, several conspiracy theories, books, and movies have been released on this grueling subject of John F. Kennedy's assassination. President Donald J. Trump, in an unprecedented tweet this morning, stated, "Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long-blocked and classified #JFK files to be opened". With his waning popularity across America, Donald J. Trump just may be looking for some support with this major and long-awaited release of information.

Conspiracies Galore

For 54 years, we have waited patiently for every document and every detail of the JFK assassination to be finally be released. President Donald J. Trump is going to allow it for the first time in history. However, let's take a look at some of the long living and weary conspiracy theories that have pervaded our minds for 5 decades.
The two most prominent conspiracy theories to date come from 1991 #Oliver Stone film JFK, in which it is believed that major criminal networks were involved with #Lee Harvey Oswald in setting up the assassination of one of America's greatest leaders. The other grand conspiracy theory is that our government entities worked with the Mafia to get rid of JFK. Of course, there are several other theories out there, as well.
The most popular theory to date, however, is that Secret Service Agent #George Hickey mistakenly discharged his weapon by accident as he rose to respond to Lee Harvey Oswald's first shots. Upon standing to respond, his car suddenly halted, and his weapon discharged mistakenly, sending a .223-caliber round into the back of Kennedy's head, which resulted in the death of #JFK.

Will Trump give us the truth?

It is with great hesitation that I trust Trump's tweet this morning. We can only hope he didn't do it just to gain popularity with conspiracy theorists. If President Trump does actually release all information on the assassination, I believe most will be surprised to find out that it was the S.S. agents bullet that killed JFK. Bonar Menninger, who is a Kansas City Journalist is a strong supporter of the #Secret Service theory. "It's not sexy. It's not rife with intrigue", reported Menninger. He continued his belief stating, "But for that reason, in my mind, it's extremely compelling - because it's the only theory that hews tightly to the available evidence". Trump has been receiving backlash on #twitter all day.
So, we all wait now with bated breath for the release of all files on the JFK assassination. I truly hope that we receive the truth finally. I myself, a #Kennedy expert, and a long-time researcher of the assassination cannot wait for the truth. For all we know, we may all be shocked by what is released. Hold your breath everyone!

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