Visit Southern Germany, But Don't Get Spoiled

Visit Southern Germany, But Don't Get Spoiled
Written by: Colin Bruce Munro Wood – 1:19PM EST – 10/19/2017

Southern Germany is a thriving economy right now, and the hard-working citizens there make it so! You can visit any small or large city and find workers diligent in their efforts to provide professional courteous service wherever you go, and everyone keeps the country looking spectacularly clean.

In this article, I will write about 3 main locations that I am familiar with in Southern German after living there for a small amount of time. Stuttgart, Gemmrigheim, and Ludwigsburg are all beautiful, and historic places, each different from the other.

Stuttgart, Germany

In visiting #Stuttgart a number of times, I was able to take in the sights of the central part of the city, the banking section, and much more entering and exiting the city. In downtown Stuttgart, you can find several restaurants to cater to your desire. Mexican, European, French, American, and many other cuisines are at your service. (http://www.burger.place/)

I visited #BurgerPlace with my girlfriend and her daughters and the owners of this small establishment were extremely kind and friendly, and served us immediately, and were very attentive and social. They were thrilled to know I was from the United States, and I am very happy to be sharing their information with you. Their food was amazing. I think I had a burger, and it was original tasting and filled me perfectly. They had a nice selection of beers, and of course, I downed a nice, what we would call in America, Black, and Tan. There is also plenty of shopping downtown, with a huge mall you can traipse through and find just about anything you desire, including some American products.

Stuttgart is a beautiful, but an old city in some sections. It is a mixed collage of history and destiny. Beautiful old buildings stretch through downtown, including the famous Stuttgart Beer Garden. (https://www.biergarten-schlossgarten.de/)

This place pops in October, and I imagine this weekend, it will be full to the gills, and would be a perfect time for any of you German readers, or European Travelers to catch a great time at Schlossgarten!

Gemmrigheim, Germany

Gemmrigheim is a beautiful lush village tucked neatly next to the #NeckarRiver, approximately 40 kilometers north of Stuttgart, which is about a 30-minute drive on the #Autobahn. It is completely surrounded by wine vineyards upon the hills. Everywhere you go, you can see a vineyard. (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemmrigheim)

This is a photo of the Neckar River from the balcony of the apartment I stayed in.


#Ludwigsburg is a thriving large city south of Gemmrigheim. It offers many shopping centers, restaurants, clubs, historical sites and more. My favorite place to visit there was #Markthalle (http://markthalle.sportcafe.eu/) They offer a gigantic hall filled with televisions showing sports, mostly soccer, several pool tables, and multiple electronic dartboards. On top of all the fun, they have a splendid menu of food and beers, and incredibly inexpensive considering the size of the city it is established in, and it's atmosphere. Service is quick and friendly, and there is tons of fun to be had there! I highly recommend it to anyone passing through the area!

I highly encourage anyone to visit this area of #Germany. You will also find it to be a beautiful area, filled with hills, valleys, cities, rivers, and lush nature. Be sure to stop by the places I've mentioned, or visit their website to learn more!

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