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REQUEST #2199013SPECTRUM/TIME WARNER PULLING CROOKED BILLING RULES AGAIN Colin B WoodToday at 10:28 Spectrum is now refusing to cancel anything you have with them if you are past due on a bill. No matter if it is one day past due. This includes free channels they automatically gave me when I set up their internet tv app January 1st. I called to cancel the 5 movie channels they want to start charging $15 for in my second month of service. However, because my new bill was generated with a past due payment of $33, which I consistently have paid late every month on the same day, they are refusing to remove the free movie channels they made part of my package free for the first 30 days. In fact, they wouldn't cancel any of my services upon request until I pay them the $33. So, they are willing to start new services for you while you are late on your bill but refuse to cancel services while you are late. This has got to be a criminal act toward their own consumers! photo.htmOpens a New Wi…

Robert Mueller is closing in on end of Russian and obstruction of justice probes!