Hello…we are aliens

Hello…we are aliens

(ET1F Aliens: The Greys | by Folsom Natural)
Hi, I am an #alien just like you. The time has come for the truth to be known among all men. Like you, I am a creation of a more advanced civilization that has existed for billions of years. Our true ancestors found Earth millions of years ago and began developing new civilizations on Earth. Neither Darwin nor the Bible can explain factual scientific findings here on our planet which was chosen for us.

When I was six or seven, I used to stare at the stars while laying in the back of the station wagon. I would search for anything moving differently from anything in the heavens. I would close my eyes and feel a connection to something out there, and ask in my mind if “they” could come take me away to a better place. A more beautiful #civilization where people just loved, understood and lived off compassion only. The true message of Jesus actually!

Before getting too deep into this article, I will admit, I’m only 99.5% sure of my beliefs. I am still working out things such as Jesus, Mohammed, and other religious leaders and their true forms of existence. However, their deepest messages are the same. Love one another! Why would that be? Why would they all speak of love, acceptance, and understanding?

Extremists of all religions get it wrong. Any of us with any intelligence knows that. Being extremist comes out of intelligence, but becomes a habitual obsession. This article can be considered extremist as per its view of aliens, however, it is not a dangerous obsession such as #religious terrorism.

I ponder as to whether those prophets and leaders have been aliens in human form doing what they could to spread more love throughout their creation and the only way they established to do that was to use our own man-made beliefs to spread their messages. Yet, we humans continue to return to a path of hate and destruction.

There have been several scientists who worked at Area-51 in the 1950’s and 1960’s who came out with several matching stories of aliens working and existing in the mountainous bases created by our military. Looking at early maps of the area you can see that there are hardly any buildings combined with the small amount of work that began there in the 1940’s with the Manhattan Project. Apparently, most of #Area-51 was underground with deep installations where we have worked with Aliens for over 60 years now. They are deeply embedded in parts and levels of our military.
(William Cooper /Area 51 Scientist-Explanation of Alien Coverup)                                                                                                                     As the years have progressed more scientists have appeared from their positions at Area 51 with further alien speak and whatever mental evidence they can provide of such. After man created the Hydrogen bomb and such a level of human destruction, #Aliens became involved with our military and other major militaries around the world, with the United States being the true World Leader. Russia, Great Britain, and China all know we are in charge for real, and why do you think they’ve never attacked us since WW2. After the bombs were dropped on Japan, we were approached by the advanced civilizations that have been coming here for millions of years furthering the existence of civilizations in the Universe as it grows.                                                                                                                                                              Every planet they’ve gone to has had different environments, and so I believe that throughout the entire Universe, in purposely hand-picked separated galaxies, different forms of life have been created, without the intention of the newer civilizations meeting each other until they are ready to intelligently and technically.                                                                                                                                                                So, here we are on planet Earth as we’ve named it. We named it, not a God. We named the animals and everything on Earth as we still do, not a God. Aliens also created much earlier forms of creatures and civilizations on Earth than we have previously known about, and are now finding with continuous and newer diggings in Anthropology. Civilizations on Earth may possibly have advanced as far as we have and destroyed themselves or were destroyed by our alien creators until they got what they wanted correct. This explains why the three recent forms of civilization began in completely separated parts of our planet, with hopeful intentions that the species would never meet, until the aliens figured which one was more advanced and able to grow intelligently with their #DNA markers combined with early earth creature DNA markers.                                                                                                                                                                                                Now, here we are possibly in another conundrum where we want to destroy each other again.                                                                                                                                                                                    Homo-sapiens took over the Denisovans and the Neanderthal’s once they began to spread and find each other because they were the more advanced intelligent species that the aliens decided to allow to advance on Earth. This explains so many separated cultures on Earth who have never had contact with each other at all, knowing the same things, building the same things, living in the same general ways as each other. Identical buildings, identical gardening measures, identical tools, identical pictures and shapes of space beings, and spaceships, and so much more which show someone was teaching each separated civilization the same things to survive and advance their kind. These creations occurred at both the exact same times and also in eras so separated by time, that the fact certain civilization’s creations were identical in different parts of the world is mind blowing without the most obvious of answers; intelligent advanced beings teaching them. For example, one of the most obvious signs of aliens teaching disconnected civilizations the same creations are the pyramids that contain the same formations, measurements and point to the exact same constellation and point in the sky mathematically and scientifically in different parts of the world. This has been proven beyond a doubt with modern science.                                                                                                                                                                      These pyramids were created around the world during the existence of separated ancient civilizations, I repeat, this cannot be explained by anything other than an advanced civilization sharing their knowledge with each of these civilizations. Our true original ancestors and creators of our species of homo-sapiens waited to see which civilization was going to take over Earth the quickest and most intelligently without murder or animalistic qualities being too dominant in the chosen civilization. It is now becoming evident, as anthropologists continue to find evidence of other civilizations and Earthly beings further back in Earth’s history than we have ever found before, that the alien process of establishing an Earthly colony of people that could advance and grow was a slow one that spanned centuries and even millennia. This concept backs the findings of alien drawings of beings and spaceships that are found to be dated far and in between different societies. Again, these drawings were done in separate parts of the world in a time that no one was mingling with each other yet.                                                                                                                                                                                                               each other yet.
Why do we see drawings and images of alien-human creations in these old cave and stone pictures? There are aliens holding eggs up to the air, and holding human looking beings up to be praised and worshipped by the old civilizations. How and why have there been civilizations of Giant beings on Earth in different places, in different cultures and in different eras? One of the most recent areas you can go to yourself, see and hear proof of Giants existing in the world, is in the Valley of The Giants in West Virginia. There are several large, tall and roundish mounds you can view where modern day imaging instruments have been able to “see into” the mounds only to find anywhere from one body to several bodies buried in patterns that are between 7 and 10 feet tall.

(A Tour of the Nephilim Giant’s Tombs in West Virginia)                                                                                                                            Furthermore, with all these Giant populations existing throughout different periods of history, including being mentioned in Genesis, and the early times of the Bible (Which, I agree, is a great book of recorded history, but also a collection of embellished stories by artistic authors of the time), there is no existing explanation as to where most of them went, and why did they all disappear at the same time. Why did the powerful babies in the Bible born from the angels of heaven with human women disappear? Why have all these seemingly experimental individuals disappeared from the human record for the most part? Who killed them off, who destroyed them all at one time? Why weren’t they allowed to continue to exist? Your answer is that they were not as intelligent as modern mankind, and huge physical threats to the existence of the alien’s best creations on Earth — Homo-sapiens!                                                                                                                      There are important aspects to human growth missing in Darwin’s theory, unrealistically described in Genesis, and basically unproven to this date, without the mounting evidence and obviousness of the effects of alien intervention in our creation, and the final settling on homo-sapiens as the group of earthlings that would be allowed to continue on without complete devastation. What I’ve spoken of and described above fully explains the missing sections of Darwin’s theory, such as where are the fossil records showing us going from sea to earth, and from crawling forms of life to upstanding. From creatures who lived only like animals to beings that could think and advance man intelligently. So much is missing in our biblical and Darwinian theories of the creation of man. The alien theories explain it all! It explains every single question we have about all mysterious missing parts of human evolution, and the unexplainable things in Earth’s history.                                                                                                                       The Trouble with DarwinLike many others, I watched the recent debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham with a queer mixture of awe and déjà vu. Who…bigthink.com                                                                                                                                                                     Honestly, this article could go on for days and be a book as you can imagine. My point in writing all of this, as with most of my other writings, is to share my intelligence and way of thinking differently about the world. To help create a higher realm of existing and treating each other as fellow loving human beings and Alien Earthlings. There is now irrefutable genetic, scientific, geological and so much more proof that it is a fact. Aliens have been here, are here, and will always be here. Not only the ones visiting us, but we ourselves are living DNA proof that we were created from advanced beings.                                                                                                                                                    Why do you believe we can’t use the other 90% of our brain, or the junk DNA in our genetic structure that is unlike anything found on Earth, and not found in any other living creatures but man, and man’s ancestors and the ancestors of other non-animalistic beings? It is due to the easily explainable fact that we are experiments, and the current existing human is the winning candidate to help spread what the aliens want. The advancement of civilizations across the Universe. The never-ending existence of living beings that love, and show compassion for others. What two more beautiful things are there on Earth anyway? Love and Compassion. This is why aliens are here. This is why we are here. This is why…I’m an alien. Hello.  
                    New Research Suggests at Least 75% of The Human Genome Is Junk DNA After AllAt least three-quarters of the human genome consists of non-functional, ‘ junk DNA’, according to a new study, and the…www.sciencealert.com                                                                            (Via Science Alert.com/ Peter Dockrill)                                                                                                                                                              Some Sources of theory and information hail from my study of Ancient Aliens on History Channel, several books by scientists, ex-remote-viewers from the government, cosmological scientists, studies of anthropology findings and digs, and my own theories. No information included was taken directly from a source but through memory alone.



Is Trump the Antichrist?

Author: Colin B M Wood
February 3, 2018

As a recently established Atheist who believes in the proof-driven mountain of evidence that humans are a result of Alien trial and error genetics (Neanderthals, Denisovan, Homo-sapiens) who were created in separate areas of Earth until humans were born and were allowed to multiply, I am oddly pressed to release this analysis of #Trump and the Bible's descriptions of the AntiChrist for us all to ponder as well. I preface this article with some credentials if you please. I do over 30 years as a professional actor, singer, dancer, writer, musician under my belt. I also have an Associate of Applied Science with studies in Nursing, Pharmacology, Psychology, Vet Tech, Physical, Biological, and Chemical Sciences. Further, I have studied Criminal Justice, Government Administration, Debate, Economics and most importantly, the Bible. My theological and biblical studies span eleven years, including five college courses at the Christian University, Liberty (LU). I landed several Dean's Lists, stacked up many 4.0 papers, maintained a 3.85-grade point average, and am a Tau Sigma Transfer Student Member.

An analysis of the scriptures

We can take a close look at seven biblical scriptures describing the personage of the Antichrist. In order to keep this article within our word limit, I am forced to only give you the references, and not the full scripture for each of the seven passages I will discuss. 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 tells us to not be deceived by a man of sin, who opposes God, exalts himself, is worshipped and sits in the Temple of God. When we reflect these premonitions onto Trump, the image in the mirror emits a history of sin, A man who goes against the word of God, Loves himself, is worshipped by many and has put himself in control of the city of Jerusalem, recently.
Next, we turn to Daniel 7:25, as they say in some churches across the nation who are worshipping this man themselves. A path of choice which reflects the sheep following the Wolf. Daniel tells us that the Antichrist will speak pompously against God, and will try to change the times and the law. Many saints will follow him and be his supporter for a time. Anyone will admit that Donald Trump is one of the most narcissistic leaders in history and that his hate cloaked hate speech once again stomps on Christ's words to 'love one another as you love yourself'. The reference to the change of times can be pointed out in his seemingly push to return to the days of racial divide and hate in America. The changing of laws is just too obvious to point out, but if I must, I'll just list them. Russia, Obstruction of Justice, DACA, the wiping out of environmental and market protection laws, to name a few.
Here, I must combine Revelations 13:3 and 13:5. Together they may be telling about Trump's coming days. These verses have the Antichrist being mortally wounded in his head, and then returning to life, and becoming even more greatly worshipped by his sheep along with a prediction that he will speak blasphemy for 42 months. Is it possible that this predicts an assassination attempt on his life 42 months into his Presidency from which he dies briefly, is announced worldwide and then breathes life again within a common frame of time? It has happened with other humans, including my own brother, but for a leader like Trump, it would send vibes through the governments of the world, and he may be touted as inhuman, or unbeatable.
The final three verses to look at, give us pause as to whether Trump could be the Antichrist, or a pre-Antichrist as is touted in these passages, and would put his name among those of Hiter, Stalin, and such leaders, who have been said to be the pre-markers to the beast. 1 John 2:18 and Daniel 7:24 speak of the several Antichrist's to come before the final beast who will subdue the other 3 major leaders of the world. 1 John 2:22 states the Antichrist will eventually deny the existence of God and Jesus Christ, and announce he is our God. My two arguments that this could also possibly point at Trump is that he seems to be controlling Putin, Xi Jinping, and Netanyahu despite their attempts to seem powerful. Trump has not come out and stated literally that there is no God or Christ, but his followers are mostly Christians who are said to be blinded by the Antichrist until he makes his declaration. Again, Trump already represents the antithesis of God's word with his vileness, hate talk, and deceit.
One more prediction speaks to the number of the beast and his calling to label his followers. I am unable to find current affairs to that match this event, but Trump's reign is not over yet.

Is Trump the Antichrist or a precursor?

After that analysis, I would still like to stick with my theory that religious belief and the Bible are stories written by Ancient humans whom could not fathom the continuing arrival of aliens to Earth, and wrote their remembrances in archaic forms of communication. I would like to tell you Trump is just a bad guy who we have to get rid of. I will state that we can take a cloud and make it into what we want to see. So, could I just be painting a picture the Bible gives us and fitting Trump into it incorrectly? Well, I guess that will be up to you to figure out.
However, I sure wouldn't want to be caught by a possible God, being the follower of the Antichrist. Many Christians love this man as the Bible predicts of the Antichrist They are ignoring the fact that Trump is the opposite of all the goodness they are supposed to represent. They seem to be a very confused lot, and I can't help but putting it all together and thinking that we all might be in trouble soon. Better to be safe than sorry. So, I urge you to take the side of goodness, the road of humanity, and instill the truth of love, justice, and harmony in your souls! If you do this, no matter what is true, you will be protected when it matters.

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