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Celebrate Ladyfest 2018 in Binghamton, NY next weekend

Celebrate Ladyfest 2018 in Binghamton, NY next weekend
Author: Colin B M Wood
#Ladyfest began in the great northwestern city of Olympia, Washington, during a warmer time of year. August 1 to August 6, 2000, Olympia became a destination for women, and anyone actually, to come #Celebratewomen [VIDEO] around the world for seven days and six nights. It was a Woodstock for women. Fast forward 19 years, and one can find a celebration in several areas of the Country, while the main celebration travels the country, and is now represented in other parts of the world, as well. Binghamton, New York to hold a 2-day Ladyfest at the Cyber Cafe West Although this is not the main event in America this year, it will be just the second year Ladyfest has been celebrated in the Binghamton area. The closest, most recent main event was Ladyfest Lehigh Valley, for a cold 16 days, January 15 to the 30, 2015 in Pennsylvania.
This year, the artsy college town of Binghamton University and SUNY Broome is offering a…