A letter to my former Pastor, in his new realm of life.

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A letter to my former Pastor, in his new realm of life.

Written and curated by Colin B. M. Wood (Editor/Designer)

I came across this old, beautifully written memory today (see below the page break) of my former Pastor, Joseph Axtell (1958-2012) of Sherman Bible Chapel (now located in Deposit, NY). 

He is the only faithful follower of his God and shepherd of his flock, I have ever trusted, believed in as a great human being and respected more than anyone I have EVER known in my life.  I never had the opportunity to see David Nelson's written eulogy below. 

[Pastor Joseph Axtell/shermanbiblechapel.org]
Pastor Joe was gracious, humble, empathetic, strong, and a perfected example of a great family man, father, husband, and leader of his flock.

I often challenged him on my doubts about accounts in the Bible and things that didn't make scientific sense to me. Despite my antics, he somehow kept me grounded in my previous faith for 9 years, hardly missing a church day.

Pastor Joe was very kind enough to allow me to join the worship team early in my born-again days, even prior to my new baptism in Christ. He appreciated my talent, and my joy in sharing it with others, and never yielded in his support of me. He always did his best to challenge me, and guide me toward better decisions.

Unfortunately, as his flock who are left at the church discovered after I left, I hid a few of what church members considered sins from everyone for 9 years. I was not a good Chrisitan all the time, and was far from being an exemplary example of a decent, honorable man, father, or husband, back then. At least, based on my harsh opinion.

It has been 5.5 years since his passing, and I never fail to think of him often and keep tabs on his amazing children whom I grew to adore as I watched them all age and develop into perfect examples of their father's incredible and true loving leadership and guidance.

I will never forget the greatest man I've ever personally known and was lucky to learn from, despite my downfalls, and now strongly established faith in Science and the existence of multiple civilizations that exist in the Universe.

I still take from my previous faith in man's Biblical version of their God and hold onto the belief that there is still a greater power that created all life across the billions of galaxies in space. Also, I fully believe that Jesus Christ walked the Earth, and is still the only example of perfect love humans have ever known.

However, I believe Jesus was an alien visitor in disguise, impressing on humans to learn to love more and escape the constant dangers of hate and judgment of others we still face over 2000 years since his death.

Thank you, Pastor Joe, for your incredible love and guidance for your entire flock, and your lessons on being a better human being. You can never be replaced and I doubt highly I will ever meet anyone as special as you again, unless, I am lucky enough to meet one of the three benevolent alien entities who work with the 4 major governments in the world to protect us from the alien races who DO NOT like humans!

You are probably right in believing in your God because I wouldn't be shocked if there is one, most powerful creator, of all civilizations around the Universe and the beauty of space we are barely tapping into. Everything functions so perfectly in space and on Earth that all we've learned about our own advancements and creations basically show a form of scientific evidence of an all-knowing designer. Just as aliens helped man design gigantic buildings at a time it wasn't possible.

The Bible often speaks of situations that are more readily explained by advanced alien intervention into human's development over millions of years and our periodic unexplainable jumps into greater knowledge and abilities. Those abrupt advancements, even occurring today, have made no sense nor had any other explanations.

By now, you hopefully met your creator, Pastor Joe, and found out all the answers we are still searching for here.

I hope you are happy, healthy, and able to look on your family and friends from your new realm of existence. All my love always!

Could Joseph Kennedy III be 2020 Elected President, America is begging for?

English: White House Oval Office during the ad...
English: White House Oval Office during the administration of Bill Clinton Français: Le bureau ovale à la Maison Blanche sous la présidence de Bill Clinton. Le bureau est le Resolute desk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Could Joseph Kennedy III be 2020 Elected President, America is begging for?

Written and curated by Colin B. M. Wood (Editing, Design)

#Senator Kennedy III, is the number one choice, at the moment, not only to run for #President but to also save #America’s immediate future. He can certainly accomplish that difficult feat, with his well-known brilliant, empathetic, and solid, structured ideas for a freer, greater #United States.

Along with a soft voice and heart, at times, #Kennedy III has also, readily brandished passion, power and strength on the Congressional floor, by easily obtaining his fellow Senators’ undivided attention to his own original and craftily worded opinions, with which he has often and loudly, covered very important topics involving the future survival and success of #America, it’s citizens, and those who seek refuge here.

Presidential runner 2020
[Joe Kennedy III/en.wikipedia.org)]
Young and debonair Joseph is bold and emotes endearing charisma which is gentlemanly. He is richly empowered with the ability to mesmerize many using a convincing voice, that would improve most foreign relations.

Joseph is never one to back down or cower from tough challenges. He is humble at the right time and built as a rock of humility, and grace, easily leading all candidates for President heading toward the 2020 Race for the Oval Office.

Kennedy III would certainly shine behind his desk in the #White House, even brighter than his Presidential Ancestor - #JFK. Joseph is refined, well-natured and does not seem to have any known history of crossing lines that go against who we have all come to learn about him.

#Joseph Kennedy III, I boldly predict, will be the next #President of the United States, and hopefully, will choose #Kamala Harris as his #VP running mate in order to possibly establish the most endearing and powerful Presidential ticket throughout #America’s young history.


President Kirkman, of 'Designated Survivor', is the President America needs right now.

President Kirkman, of 'Designated Survivor', is the President America needs right now.

#Keiffer Sutherland's portrayal of President Tom #Kirkman denotes the type of leadership America and the World needs today.

source: www.whitehouse.govArchitectural Digest

Author - Colin B M Wood

If you are one of the unlucky television viewers to have not watched the first two seasons of  ABC's '#Designated Survivor', you have missed a treat. #Keiffer Sutherland's second attempt at #Primetime success is growing to be another unstoppable, heart-pounding, ground-breaking, and shocking appeal to our consciousness.

In two seasons, devoted viewers have witnessed another powerful character from this stoic, once A-list movie star turned, #Primtime hero. His own political views aside, Sutherland has depicted a character of grace, fortitude, strength, humility, and most importantly, independence in #President Kirkman's decisions, every episode. 

Abruptly, and shockingly, his character's former small and somewhat meaningless government role in the first episode of season 1 is forced into the role of a temporary Presidential position, due to a Capital bombing that took out the previous President, VP, most of his cabinet, and much of Congress. Leaving him the next in line to lead America and the rest of the world, while establishing new people for all of those now eliminated leaders, who filled those seats, previously. 

Throughout 2 seasons, up to date, Kirkman has been through audacious situations such as an attempt on his life, the first lady's sudden death in a car accident, attempts to undermine his Presidency from both Democrat and Republican Congressman and leaders, a tempestuous ex-President trying to destroy every move he makes, and pin him publicly as a danger to America, and mentally ill. We've watched this #President make independent decisions to protect Americans at times of terror. He has imbibed a loan, and sometimes rogue female FBI agent, under his power, to search out those seeking to harm #Kirkman and the government at large and dismantle a deeply organized plan by numerous involved American and Russian spies, and needless to say, American government leaders. 

Source: Televisione/DGMAg

President Kirkman, getting pushed and prodded from all sides, as well as recently revealed ending the last episode, stabbed in the back by the closest confidant he has; greatly represents a genuine, intelligent, malleable, empathetic leader of the World which the United States would greatly benefit from, right now. 

A Kirkman type Presidency would protect some of the great policies put in place by his "predecessor" President Barack Obama, while realistically adopting some of those policies to be more fitting to their effectiveness, without tearing down a former President's important and meaningful legacy. A Kirkman Presidency would guarantee America and the World, a fair balance in policy making, and international support. It would offer America a very new and greatly desired leadership unlike any we had previously enjoyed under opposing party leadership, with an even, Independent viewpoint, our country has never seen. 

It's possible and strongly indicative of the current times, and leadership, that America is finally ready, and powerfully in need of an Independent leader, a leader who doesn't owe anyone anything, shockingly thrown to the forefront of Presidential runners. America desperately needs a Tom Kirkman style Presidency to set this country straight, and guide a nation of citizens to the middle, carried to center, to reestablish the original intent and purpose of America, established upon our finding and induction, as a sovereign nation, in 1776. 

We desperately need a government absent of the power of Capitalism controlling it's every move. The disparaging situations brought on by and supported by lobbyists of powerful groups such as the NRA, ATF, left-wing and right-wing extremists, KKK, IRS, Neo-Nazis, Energy and Oil giants, Independent Contract Militants, War machine developers, Congressman, State Law persuaders, and the like, are destroying our nation, the American Dream, and purposefully setting an unbalanced division between the poor, and the small percentage of rich usurping all the power possible. 

America is no longer the land of the free, although still being defended by an over tax-supported home of the brave (much of those taxes being more needed for our veterans rights, and healthcare in their own land, and home of appreciative citizens). 

An Independent leader, such as President Kirkman on 'Designated Survivor' would give true independence back to the America people, and strip the government of treacherous, and treasonous power that is ripping our great land apart, dividing it between the very citizens whom all take part in its power and greatness; from the average fast-food worker to the mayor of your town, and beyond. 

Possibly, instead of seeking to wipe out the Republicans, or designate Democrats the answer to our problems, since neither has been the answer for decades, maybe we should all escape the narrow thinking and blood-sucking callings of our parties, and all vote for a new, and unknown Independent this coming November in each of the elections at hand. This could give our next leader, upon the fall or impeachment of the indescribable animal in our White House Presidency at the current time, a chance to prove to the people of America that Independent leadership, thinking, balancing of all aspects of our government, and a President of the people just might be our long-lost answer to true freedom, growth, and compassionate, empathetic support of its citizens and our allies.

We could be a real example of strength, and fortitude to our enemies. Guiding us to a newly elected and first Independent President of these United States of America in 2022.

If you are one of those reading this, who see the sensibility in all this I layout, or are from foreign soils hoping for a better Ameria...fight. Throw up a battle for your votes, and the votes of others. Talk to your family members, friends, and potential leaders, and help make them see the importance of a nation for all, and all for a nation (slightly stolen and reworded, from the 'Three Musketeers').

***Unfortunately, due to "creative concerns", according to ABC, 'Designated Survivor' season 3 has been canceled for next year (See video below). However, Netflix is in talks to pick it up where it left off 05/16/2018, with a very suspenseful tease. Keep your hopes up for the show, and America in November.***


#Aliens are real, here to stay, and our loving allies.

(#Alien Grey/Public Domain)

Dear #government eyes and, of course, my #alien friends...

Come on now!  It's come time for all to just get along and respect each other in intelligent debate?

There actually is mountains of irrefutable accounts, videos, artifacts and ancient artwork, combined with the 4 major countries (Russia, China, Japan and more recently top secret America) releasing statements and tons of proof that #aliens are not only very real but have been working with our governments and militaries for several decades now.

Even America has allowed much more publicly visible and purposefully planned releases of documents, photos, videos, and government programs backed by millions of dollars in funneled tax money for alien relationship programs, combined with allowing ex-military officials, recent secret project leaders to do interviews, not just in on the dark internet anymore, but on major news channels and publications that in fact we do work with, have interacted and are learning advanced technology from not just one race, but at least three different #alien civilizations most often mentioned.

Oh, and these folks are no longer disappearing or being murdered after very publicly coming clean. The days of total cover-up are over now, and the fact that more than 65% of Earth's population reportedly believe 100% that we are not alone in the #universe, is allowing and assuring government powers can trust that it's now the right era to slowly release solid evidence  spanning many years, that we have allies in #space!

It's no longer a joke, or a belief considered to be perpetrated by conspiracy theorists or crazy #alien believers.

Our governments are now purposely admitting to our ongoing relations with leaders of other civilizations across the globe.

So, sit back, grab a cup of #space coffee and watch, listen, open your mind and suck up all the proof you can that the #universe and other dimensions, we are only now tapping into scientifically, are indeed teeming with intelligent life!

Be smart and open-minded, because our children and future generations will be in regular contact working with and learning from these much older and advanced beings.

It's actually a great thing, very sensible, and should be greatly comforting to know this day in age that we are not just a remote lone planet of intelligent life on a speck of sand in a very vast #universe - and recently theorized by the greatest scientific minds - or even one of several #multiverses and undiscovered dimensions.

It's is just amazing, exciting and very comforting to me to know now!! I can't wait to meet an alien before I die. Especially, after they visited Gemmrigheim, Germany in an unbelievably huge #UFO last March at dusk and sat directly across from me for a couple minutes hovering silently and then flashing its massive lights like a wink at me and anyone else who may have seen it before cloaking and fading into the starry sky without any sound or movement at all!

It was very clear and definite to my eyes and my transfixed cat in my balcony window that it was undoubtedly very advanced beings. The #UFO was unlike anything on Earth and by our standards and present knowledge of physics much much too large to have been anything man-made or possible at this point for man to have created!!!

I truly believe they purposefully gave me a lifelong desired opportunity to see a #UFO after I had recently published a public article online describing exactly what I theorize is evident about their existence and their intelligent, advanced and peaceful intentions for millennia to help mankind advance and eventually be ready to join their #universal family one day!

It really is nothing greater than perfectly awesome, sensible and exciting for our and our descendants' futures and the ongoing of the existence of our race of beings.

We should all be thrilled with this and not scared or closed minded about it!

I will continue to write about and support these facts always!

Keep the faith, or join the majority of mankind in believing and knowing #aliens exist and are our protective, educating allies.

"To boldly go where no (man) person has gone before..."

-  Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek Creator)


A Review of ABC’s New Television Drama: ‘For The People’, Speaks to the Reality of Justice!

A Review of ABC’s New Television Drama: ‘For The People’, Speaks to the Reality of Justice!

#ABC took another chance on a newly developed #television series. With #forthepeople, they completely avoided stacking it with a star-studded cast, or even a major Hollywood name to kick it off, and instead of focusing deeply on relationships between characters, or unnecessary sex scenes, they show takes on the reality of justice in America.
#For The People (Tuesdays, 10pm, #ABC), a newly established #television smash hit drama, took a huge chance on a no-name cast, with talents we have hardly heard of in the entertainment industry. This doesn’t mean that no one in the show has a trackable record of entertainment, but for once a show was created with no big name to force its way into #Nielsen’s top ratings. The 10PM time slot seems to be harming the shows huge potential with Millenials and adults over 40, who may be most inclined to watch. With another rating drop for the 4/18/2018 episode from .6 to .5 and just 2.04 million viewers, it is struggling to hang on. There is talk in other reviews of the show possibly being dropped by ABC.
I surely hope that is not the case, and that they smarten up and move this show to a #primetime hour of 9pm on a Monday or Thursday night when it would most likely be watched. By 10pm, Millenials are either out partying already, or asleep for the next days hard working or college schedule. Those of us over 40, tend to be asleep or not focused at this time of night. See Daniel Fienberg’s very fair review from the Hollywood Reporter below:
This new drama is based in the Southern District Court in NYC, known as “The Mother Court”, and just a step below the Supreme Court of the United States, It’s writers are attempting to slay conventional thought, and cause viewers to think very deeply about the cases and situations that arise on the unglamorized show. A show that adheres more to the important morals and realities of America, than going out of the way to make the cases difficult to follow or understand. For The People is a show that has chosen to go against the grain by focusing on the characters actual jobs, and court cases more than the relationships, while still sneakily planting those humanly desired aspects of a television show in a way that keeps you hanging on the next moment in their relationships, but just a tad touch of emotion so that you don’t escape from the true intensity and purpose of this meaningful drama.
You will find yourself searching your thoughts, beliefs, morals, ideas for America and our judicial history and future while watching each episode that builds slowly with intensity. Intertwined among the mix of incredibly substantial cases that really delve into some of the most recent topics on America, society and our judicial system, are interpersonal stories of six new prosecutors and 6 new defenders in this severely important courthouse.
So, if you are searching for a new show to challenge your beliefs, be sure to check out #forthepeople as soon as possible.

America. Stop The Hate, Please!

Photo by  Avi Werde  on  Unsplash Look, folks. The government will always be the government. We’ve all seen it from BO...