A letter to my former Pastor, in his new realm of life.

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A letter to my former Pastor, in his new realm of life.

Written and curated by Colin B. M. Wood (Editor/Designer)

I came across this old, beautifully written memory today (see below the page break) of my former Pastor, Joseph Axtell (1958-2012) of Sherman Bible Chapel (now located in Deposit, NY). 

He is the only faithful follower of his God and shepherd of his flock, I have ever trusted, believed in as a great human being and respected more than anyone I have EVER known in my life.  I never had the opportunity to see David Nelson's written eulogy below. 

[Pastor Joseph Axtell/shermanbiblechapel.org]
Pastor Joe was gracious, humble, empathetic, strong, and a perfected example of a great family man, father, husband, and leader of his flock.

I often challenged him on my doubts about accounts in the Bible and things that didn't make scientific sense to me. Despite my antics, he somehow kept me grounded in my previous faith for 9 years, hardly missing a church day.

Pastor Joe was very kind enough to allow me to join the worship team early in my born-again days, even prior to my new baptism in Christ. He appreciated my talent, and my joy in sharing it with others, and never yielded in his support of me. He always did his best to challenge me, and guide me toward better decisions.

Unfortunately, as his flock who are left at the church discovered after I left, I hid a few of what church members considered sins from everyone for 9 years. I was not a good Chrisitan all the time, and was far from being an exemplary example of a decent, honorable man, father, or husband, back then. At least, based on my harsh opinion.

It has been 5.5 years since his passing, and I never fail to think of him often and keep tabs on his amazing children whom I grew to adore as I watched them all age and develop into perfect examples of their father's incredible and true loving leadership and guidance.

I will never forget the greatest man I've ever personally known and was lucky to learn from, despite my downfalls, and now strongly established faith in Science and the existence of multiple civilizations that exist in the Universe.

I still take from my previous faith in man's Biblical version of their God and hold onto the belief that there is still a greater power that created all life across the billions of galaxies in space. Also, I fully believe that Jesus Christ walked the Earth, and is still the only example of perfect love humans have ever known.

However, I believe Jesus was an alien visitor in disguise, impressing on humans to learn to love more and escape the constant dangers of hate and judgment of others we still face over 2000 years since his death.

Thank you, Pastor Joe, for your incredible love and guidance for your entire flock, and your lessons on being a better human being. You can never be replaced and I doubt highly I will ever meet anyone as special as you again, unless, I am lucky enough to meet one of the three benevolent alien entities who work with the 4 major governments in the world to protect us from the alien races who DO NOT like humans!

You are probably right in believing in your God because I wouldn't be shocked if there is one, most powerful creator, of all civilizations around the Universe and the beauty of space we are barely tapping into. Everything functions so perfectly in space and on Earth that all we've learned about our own advancements and creations basically show a form of scientific evidence of an all-knowing designer. Just as aliens helped man design gigantic buildings at a time it wasn't possible.

The Bible often speaks of situations that are more readily explained by advanced alien intervention into human's development over millions of years and our periodic unexplainable jumps into greater knowledge and abilities. Those abrupt advancements, even occurring today, have made no sense nor had any other explanations.

By now, you hopefully met your creator, Pastor Joe, and found out all the answers we are still searching for here.

I hope you are happy, healthy, and able to look on your family and friends from your new realm of existence. All my love always!

Please pray for the family of Pastor Joe Axtell. He passed away in his sleep early Monday morning. I had a lot of respect for this pastor and the church he led, Sherman Bible Chapel in Sherman PA. They have been ministry partners with us for 27 years. Until the church could support him full time, he worked as a stone cutter on top of mountains in Deposit NY during winter, spring, summer, and fall. Through the blessing of God, the church grew to several hundred with two services on Sunday morning. He was a godly pastor, husband, father, and friend. Pray for his family and church as the remember him and what God did in his life. Here is his tribute.
Joseph Wesson Axtell, 54, of Deposit, NY, went to be with his Lord Jesus in heaven on October 29th, 2012.
A Celebration of Life service will be held at Sherman Bible Chapel in Deposit, NY at 129 Second Street, on Saturday, November 3rd at 11 am. Joe’s son-in-law, Jason Hodges, will be officiating. Calling hours will be held at Sherman Bible Chapel on Friday, November 2nd from 12-3 pm and 5-7 pm. Burial will follow after the funeral at Hambletville Cemetery. Funeral arrangements are being handled by Zacharias Funeral Home.
Joe was born in Hancock, NY on March 25th, 1958. He graduated from Deposit High School in 1976 and continued on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministries¬ from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, as well as a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from the Masters College in Santa Clarita, California. He was continually educating himself at various conferences and educational forums honing his skills to help others in their struggles.
Joe Axtell was married to Christel Ripley on July 7th, 1979. They were married for 33 years.
Pastor Joe Axtell served for 31 1/2 years as the faithful leader of Sherman Bible Chapel. His greatest passion in life was His Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He counted it as one of the greatest privileges to shepherd the flock of God throughout these years. His other passions included teaching and counseling, ministering to pastors and missionaries, deer and coon hunting, fly fishing, trapping, and wandering through the woods. His greatest love was his wife and children and grandchildren whom he dearly loved.
Written on FB by David Nelson - 2012

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