A Review of ABC’s New Television Drama: ‘For The People’, Speaks to the Reality of Justice!

A Review of ABC’s New Television Drama: ‘For The People’, Speaks to the Reality of Justice!

#ABC took another chance on a newly developed #television series. With #forthepeople, they completely avoided stacking it with a star-studded cast, or even a major Hollywood name to kick it off, and instead of focusing deeply on relationships between characters, or unnecessary sex scenes, they show takes on the reality of justice in America.
#For The People (Tuesdays, 10pm, #ABC), a newly established #television smash hit drama, took a huge chance on a no-name cast, with talents we have hardly heard of in the entertainment industry. This doesn’t mean that no one in the show has a trackable record of entertainment, but for once a show was created with no big name to force its way into #Nielsen’s top ratings. The 10PM time slot seems to be harming the shows huge potential with Millenials and adults over 40, who may be most inclined to watch. With another rating drop for the 4/18/2018 episode from .6 to .5 and just 2.04 million viewers, it is struggling to hang on. There is talk in other reviews of the show possibly being dropped by ABC.
I surely hope that is not the case, and that they smarten up and move this show to a #primetime hour of 9pm on a Monday or Thursday night when it would most likely be watched. By 10pm, Millenials are either out partying already, or asleep for the next days hard working or college schedule. Those of us over 40, tend to be asleep or not focused at this time of night. See Daniel Fienberg’s very fair review from the Hollywood Reporter below:
This new drama is based in the Southern District Court in NYC, known as “The Mother Court”, and just a step below the Supreme Court of the United States, It’s writers are attempting to slay conventional thought, and cause viewers to think very deeply about the cases and situations that arise on the unglamorized show. A show that adheres more to the important morals and realities of America, than going out of the way to make the cases difficult to follow or understand. For The People is a show that has chosen to go against the grain by focusing on the characters actual jobs, and court cases more than the relationships, while still sneakily planting those humanly desired aspects of a television show in a way that keeps you hanging on the next moment in their relationships, but just a tad touch of emotion so that you don’t escape from the true intensity and purpose of this meaningful drama.
You will find yourself searching your thoughts, beliefs, morals, ideas for America and our judicial history and future while watching each episode that builds slowly with intensity. Intertwined among the mix of incredibly substantial cases that really delve into some of the most recent topics on America, society and our judicial system, are interpersonal stories of six new prosecutors and 6 new defenders in this severely important courthouse.
So, if you are searching for a new show to challenge your beliefs, be sure to check out #forthepeople as soon as possible.


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