#Aliens are real, here to stay, and our loving allies.

(#Alien Grey/Public Domain)

Dear #government eyes and, of course, my #alien friends...

Come on now!  It's come time for all to just get along and respect each other in intelligent debate?

There actually is mountains of irrefutable accounts, videos, artifacts and ancient artwork, combined with the 4 major countries (Russia, China, Japan and more recently top secret America) releasing statements and tons of proof that #aliens are not only very real but have been working with our governments and militaries for several decades now.

Even America has allowed much more publicly visible and purposefully planned releases of documents, photos, videos, and government programs backed by millions of dollars in funneled tax money for alien relationship programs, combined with allowing ex-military officials, recent secret project leaders to do interviews, not just in on the dark internet anymore, but on major news channels and publications that in fact we do work with, have interacted and are learning advanced technology from not just one race, but at least three different #alien civilizations most often mentioned.

Oh, and these folks are no longer disappearing or being murdered after very publicly coming clean. The days of total cover-up are over now, and the fact that more than 65% of Earth's population reportedly believe 100% that we are not alone in the #universe, is allowing and assuring government powers can trust that it's now the right era to slowly release solid evidence  spanning many years, that we have allies in #space!

It's no longer a joke, or a belief considered to be perpetrated by conspiracy theorists or crazy #alien believers.

Our governments are now purposely admitting to our ongoing relations with leaders of other civilizations across the globe.

So, sit back, grab a cup of #space coffee and watch, listen, open your mind and suck up all the proof you can that the #universe and other dimensions, we are only now tapping into scientifically, are indeed teeming with intelligent life!

Be smart and open-minded, because our children and future generations will be in regular contact working with and learning from these much older and advanced beings.

It's actually a great thing, very sensible, and should be greatly comforting to know this day in age that we are not just a remote lone planet of intelligent life on a speck of sand in a very vast #universe - and recently theorized by the greatest scientific minds - or even one of several #multiverses and undiscovered dimensions.

It's is just amazing, exciting and very comforting to me to know now!! I can't wait to meet an alien before I die. Especially, after they visited Gemmrigheim, Germany in an unbelievably huge #UFO last March at dusk and sat directly across from me for a couple minutes hovering silently and then flashing its massive lights like a wink at me and anyone else who may have seen it before cloaking and fading into the starry sky without any sound or movement at all!

It was very clear and definite to my eyes and my transfixed cat in my balcony window that it was undoubtedly very advanced beings. The #UFO was unlike anything on Earth and by our standards and present knowledge of physics much much too large to have been anything man-made or possible at this point for man to have created!!!

I truly believe they purposefully gave me a lifelong desired opportunity to see a #UFO after I had recently published a public article online describing exactly what I theorize is evident about their existence and their intelligent, advanced and peaceful intentions for millennia to help mankind advance and eventually be ready to join their #universal family one day!

It really is nothing greater than perfectly awesome, sensible and exciting for our and our descendants' futures and the ongoing of the existence of our race of beings.

We should all be thrilled with this and not scared or closed minded about it!

I will continue to write about and support these facts always!

Keep the faith, or join the majority of mankind in believing and knowing #aliens exist and are our protective, educating allies.

"To boldly go where no (man) person has gone before..."

-  Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek Creator)

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