Could Joseph Kennedy III be 2020 Elected President, America is begging for?

English: White House Oval Office during the ad...
English: White House Oval Office during the administration of Bill Clinton Français: Le bureau ovale à la Maison Blanche sous la présidence de Bill Clinton. Le bureau est le Resolute desk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Could Joseph Kennedy III be 2020 Elected President, America is begging for?

Written and curated by Colin B. M. Wood (Editing, Design)

#Senator Kennedy III, is the number one choice, at the moment, not only to run for #President but to also save #America’s immediate future. He can certainly accomplish that difficult feat, with his well-known brilliant, empathetic, and solid, structured ideas for a freer, greater #United States.

Along with a soft voice and heart, at times, #Kennedy III has also, readily brandished passion, power and strength on the Congressional floor, by easily obtaining his fellow Senators’ undivided attention to his own original and craftily worded opinions, with which he has often and loudly, covered very important topics involving the future survival and success of #America, it’s citizens, and those who seek refuge here.

Presidential runner 2020
[Joe Kennedy III/en.wikipedia.org)]
Young and debonair Joseph is bold and emotes endearing charisma which is gentlemanly. He is richly empowered with the ability to mesmerize many using a convincing voice, that would improve most foreign relations.

Joseph is never one to back down or cower from tough challenges. He is humble at the right time and built as a rock of humility, and grace, easily leading all candidates for President heading toward the 2020 Race for the Oval Office.

Kennedy III would certainly shine behind his desk in the #White House, even brighter than his Presidential Ancestor - #JFK. Joseph is refined, well-natured and does not seem to have any known history of crossing lines that go against who we have all come to learn about him.

#Joseph Kennedy III, I boldly predict, will be the next #President of the United States, and hopefully, will choose #Kamala Harris as his #VP running mate in order to possibly establish the most endearing and powerful Presidential ticket throughout #America’s young history.

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