An Invitation: Inside the Mind of Depression

An Invitation: Inside the Mind of Depression

A philosophically inspirational, psychological, medical, and scientific peer into a mind historically tortured by depression, suicidal thoughts, and the recent, publicly supported, relevance of despair.

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Written by Colin B. M. Wood - June 14, 2018

This article stems mostly from, THE truth regarding the greatest culprit of depression, for me individually, which I saw in a somewhat funny, but on the mark, meme yesterday basically depicting with words the ridiculousness of depression, caused by a simple error in our brains, that inhibits continual and triggered Dopamine release which is the main driving force of happiness and joy. (Note: I was unable to properly download and upload that meme)

Yet, the absent Dopamine is not necessarily the MAIN cause of a daily depressive state, in all of us.

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