Why were Migrants stuck in the Mediterranean Sea for two weeks?

Why were Migrants stuck in the Mediterranean Sea for two weeks? 

Bangladesh, Cameroon, Nigeria, Senegal and Egypt Migrants, floating for two weeks on the Mediterranean, while Italy, Malta, and France refused entry, are finally allowed by Tunisian Prime Minister Youssef Chahed to enter "for humanitarian reasons". 

Written by: Colin B. M. Wood
[Tunisia Migrants aboard boat in the Mediterranean]


I preface this article with my posting of the above video, and my quote, below, along with three quotes in reply to my question which headed up the video post. My follow up article to this usually tough topic to banter over, is below.

"Why does it seem that not only America's current policies but other Country's policies are regressing to the 60's and 70's in some cases and the 40's in others? What is happening in the world? Are all these dehumanizing actions stemming from America being led by a fascist, megalomaniac? Is his harsh, mean, and destructive leadership socially, giving other Country's reprieve to do the same?" - Colin Wood/Facebook Original Post - July 29, 2018

"Because countries are getting tired of taking care of people that are just there for a handout" - Kimberly Secor-Maus/Facebook - July 29, 2018...


Here's why most humans know alien life DOES exist!

A stirring response to Danielle Wiener-Bronner's 2.5-year-old article, recently repost on Flipboard.com, falsely claiming that alien life is probably already extinct. 

Written by Colin B. M. Wood

Wayne England/ANU Research School of Earth Sciences
-Click the link to read Danielle's article from 2016, first. Then follow on to the written response, below-
Response to Wiener-Bronner
Why in Andromeda’s name is a post from 1/22/2016, 2.5 years old, being posted to Flipboard now??? Especially, since it’s a crock of alien-hating hogwash by either a blatantly obtuse writer, breathing false supporting concepts, or a purposeful paid attempt to continue to cover up what is no longer coverable.
Sorry Danielle, but the jig is up by all governments, 2.5 years later, since you wrote this.
There are several existing, visiting, intelligent species and they don’t even number closely to how many are in the Universe. They worry about our killing, hate, and ever increasingly dangerous warfare and weaponry technology.

America. Stop The Hate, Please!

Photo by  Avi Werde  on  Unsplash Look, folks. The government will always be the government. We’ve all seen it from BO...