Here's why most humans know alien life DOES exist!

A stirring response to Danielle Wiener-Bronner's 2.5-year-old article, recently repost on Flipboard.com, falsely claiming that alien life is probably already extinct. 

Written by Colin B. M. Wood

Wayne England/ANU Research School of Earth Sciences
-Click the link to read Danielle's article from 2016, first. Then follow on to the written response, below-
Response to Wiener-Bronner
Why in Andromeda’s name is a post from 1/22/2016, 2.5 years old, being posted to Flipboard now??? Especially, since it’s a crock of alien-hating hogwash by either a blatantly obtuse writer, breathing false supporting concepts, or a purposeful paid attempt to continue to cover up what is no longer coverable.
Sorry Danielle, but the jig is up by all governments, 2.5 years later, since you wrote this.
There are several existing, visiting, intelligent species and they don’t even number closely to how many are in the Universe. They worry about our killing, hate, and ever increasingly dangerous warfare and weaponry technology.

For that reason, their return from ancient appearances on Earth took place around 1903 to 1905, when they were aware that man was nearing mass destruction abilities. Their strong return was necessary then, to save the idiotic, dangerous professor’s who created the weapons from nullifying mankind, and because their more intelligent thinking and desire for peace (near their planets’ existences, as well,) and the idea of working with several major militaries and secret black funded groups, allowed them to decide, it was time to intervene once again.

Also, guess what Danielle?? An Area 51 worker, who was especially used to confront more dangerous an enemy like aliens who created their own bunkers near our AREA 51 prior to our arrival out there, or better yet, we created AREA 51 near their hidden mountain bunkers, and there was an actual small waged war...or two or three, with said aliens, in which this man lost several fingers, and killed I believe 2 aliens himself, reportedly. By the way Danielle, that man who did a huge meeting in 1994ish, was found killed in his apartment about 1.5 years later, adding to the well known, ongoing list of Area 51 and NASA public big mouths who had also mysteriously been found dead, or obviously killed, many in their apartments after their own video announcing of the truth about Aliens, as well.
No, they are not all nice, and well, based on Earthling’s, doesn’t that make sense. There will always be haters and lovers, throughout the Universe. Some alien civilizations actually pass right by our solar system, holding no interest in man’s meaningless existence in their eyes, because they are too far away from us on their homes, and have stated themselves they are too above our levels of intelligence, to care about us. Like we are ants in the Universe to them, who will never approach their incredible levels of intelligence and length of existence.
In fact, Danielle, most other species in the surrounding universe to Earth, are very aware of each other, and they all live in a very different greatly advanced existence than what we are much too young to have come near reaching. We are millions, even billions of years younger than these civilizations. We are Univeral toddlers. One alien race is said to have existed, according to one military representative who has admitted to currently working with them in China’s secret bases, for 5 billion years, the greater part of that existence much more advanced than where we are now.
Who are we little morsels of existence, on a piece of sand in a sand-filled Universe, that can’t fathom, even now, that gee, maybe these other races have different atmospheres, and air? Maybe cleaner and more natural air, or however they breathe, allows more for the development of higher intelligent beings, that we can’t ever reach here on our humanly suppressive planet.
It’s even more sense that their planets may have conditions that allow for non-earthen compounds, and chemicals yet to be discovered by us in space, which allow for their ships to be built, and for fast space travel. Why isn’t that the kind of speech we are holding with each other?
Why don’t humans take the whole Alien/UFO thing by its neck and demand and force for all the truths to be released, and follow that with legal, and known integration into our society, and not just hidden in our government’s secret programs, by agreement pushed by America’s ridiculous need to control the world, and therefore are the ones who could make it all a really big deal by releasing more irrefutable proof, than just allowing one of their ex-leaders of a secret DOD program to make public statements, “we are definitely not alone.”
When looking at increases in UFO sightings since 1900, it shows them taking place around more dangerous times for man here on Earth the past 118 years. I think it’s all the benevolent races’ agreement to make themselves even more evident and prevalent in our skies, to get our governments to calm down, and back off of dangerous talk, that could lead to nuclear war. I believe aliens themselves push our leaders in America to reveal them now, filling the skies with tons of visits, and in different looking ships all the time now, proving there really are many different visitors from out there, in the not so empty and lonely Universe.
Hey Danielle, how about the number of nighttime sky and star watchers around the world, not on the same page at all, reporting certainly, that non-man made vehicles are whipping through our immediate space, our atmosphere, and our skies at night. Several different sizes, forms, and different forms of movement. One alien planet wouldn’t create and visit us in several dozen different looking spaceships. It just makes no sense. There must be, as the AREA 51 folks report, some of whom are no longer being killed for their detailed versions of alien events they were involved with. Why aren’t they being killed anymore? Well, Danielle, that is definitely your challenge to figure out.
If you ask me, these alien workers are multiplying, as too many are retiring at once now, and time is wearing on them quickly, which by default makes hidden things come full out in the open. It is Earth’s WAY!!!
Full revelation is upon us this decade, and it must be getting close.
We need aliens, we need major changes on and to our planet, and with our fellow man when it comes to many alien’s biggest desire...LOVE! They are the only ones left who can save man, who is one of their creations.
It’s impossible, to keep the multitude of built up secrets and government/alien work, covered up much longer.
Folks...more than 60% of you American’s completely believe aliens are and have been here. More than 50% of mankind on the planet, at the highest amount ever, believe, too.
The history of altering human beliefs of the masses always met with great resistance for many years in each case, and those who attempted to enforce new scientifically proven beliefs were highly shunned, and threatened.
The minority believers first attempted changes in thinking and living, when first impressing such changes upon long-held beliefs, were hung, burned, mutilated, or in Galileo’s case, barely avoided death for his Earth-around-the-Sun theory. History plainly proves man to be impossible in accepting changes in thinking and beliefs. Therefore, you move from the 1500 and 1600's to now, and onto a change in man’s belief about extraterrestrial life, and you can understand the long-standing 118-year approximate fight to hide such a massive change around the whole world in modern times. Assuringly, man hates change, new beliefs, and being forced to trust new science that most of now know proves most theories right.
Well, Danielle, Alien visitors, friends, and enemies are no theory, or conspiracy trap any longer! The proof is out but needs greater political and news backing, and constant daily talk on TV and on the news, in order to convince the secret, real leaders of America we know what’s up and finally, see we’ve all smelled the coffee, quite frankly, in 2018.
Man is ready! Finally! The other 35% of non-believers worldwide can’t actually deny it when an alien form or hopefully forms are allowed their long desired reconnection with man, their possible creation millions of years ago. 118 years, for many aliens, is half or third of a lifetime and a very short amount of time, in their worlds. They’ve been way more patient with the governments of the world, than we shouters of truth are.
This response to you, Danielle, will be publicly released on my blog site - Citizen’s Freedom Blog today. (https://www.citizensfreedomblog.com)
D.O.D.? Pentagon? Air Force? Secretive military programs and leaders? Area 51? White House? Russia, Japan, China, Australia, Argentine? It’s over! The need for secrecy no longer really exists. Humans ARE ready to accept the change in how we think. But, don’t disregard our fellow deeply rooted religious folk. Christ, the alien could return as an alien, and they’d deny the existence. There will always be a remaining small percent, who even with an alien shaking their hand one day, will outright, publically deny their existence anyway, due to the real dangerousness of man and religions’ mixed selfish pride, and ignorance.
Full, human belief, will come with us reaching other lifeforms on their planets, as well. That will be the final locking mechanism for Earth’s occupant’s, last religiously faithful.

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