Texas Officer Roy Oliver is GUILTY of murdering 15-year-old Jordan Edwards, in 2017!

Texas Officer Roy Oliver is GUILTY of murdering 15-year-old Jordan Edwards, in 2017!

Teenager Jordan Edwards was murdered by Texas police officer Roy Oliver, according to a Texas jury, allowing for prominent exposure of the ongoing battle to protect young black men in America, and the possibility of a new dialogue.

Written by: Colin B M Wood

May this righteous justice finally bring the dangerous American policing system, and the country's long embed "good 'ole boy" justice system, that has always put the Blue wall of silence above minority lives, and white lives, as well.

This is a sad situation for all involved, but...

Want to know how to find your Blogger or any other Website RSS URL?

How to find your Blogger or any Website's RSS URL

Do you want to feed your Blogger Posts, or other Website's RSS URL into an email program, Microsoft sharing software (just released for free, temporarily, this past August 6, 2018), or any other feed readers? 

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Does the new August, Hulu movie title release, 'Black Cop' (2017), scare you?

Does the new August, Hulu movie title release, 'Black Cop' (2017), scare you? 

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'Black Cop', is a Canadian based Indie Drama. "A satire on police, social media and racial tension" - Hulu describes it. It is more than that. It is a call to action, for every human heart, of the world.

['Black Cop' Trailer]

Written by: Colin B M Wood 

'Black Cop' is enjoying an earned and necessary recognition, receiving multiple, highly regarded movie awards.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, native-born actor, director and choreographer, Cory Bowles, directs this 91-minute Independent Masterpiece of direction, writing, acting, and dynamic structure.

Bowles, is also known for his work on Trailer Park Boys as "Corey", TPB:The Movie, and Righteous

Bowles, immediately sets the tone for a shocking roller coaster of emotions, from the opening of the first scene, to the final curtain of this incredibly effective satire...

America. Stop The Hate, Please!

Photo by  Avi Werde  on  Unsplash Look, folks. The government will always be the government. We’ve all seen it from BO...