Does the new August, Hulu movie title release, 'Black Cop' (2017), scare you?

Does the new August, Hulu movie title release, 'Black Cop' (2017), scare you? 

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'Black Cop', is a Canadian based Indie Drama. "A satire on police, social media and racial tension" - Hulu describes it. It is more than that. It is a call to action, for every human heart, of the world.

['Black Cop' Trailer]

Written by: Colin B M Wood 

'Black Cop' is enjoying an earned and necessary recognition, receiving multiple, highly regarded movie awards.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, native-born actor, director and choreographer, Cory Bowles, directs this 91-minute Independent Masterpiece of direction, writing, acting, and dynamic structure.

Bowles, is also known for his work on Trailer Park Boys as "Corey", TPB:The Movie, and Righteous

Bowles, immediately sets the tone for a shocking roller coaster of emotions, from the opening of the first scene, to the final curtain of this incredibly effective satire...

...with multiple scenes of reactive minority violence on the streets of a city, after another white officer is found not guilty of murder for shooting a young, innocent black boy.

Corey Bowles, intersperses shots of the lone star of 'Black Cop', played by the amazing Canadian actor, Ronnie Rowe, in between the growing tension film shots, of the streets.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup
[Ronnie Rowe in 'Black Cop']
Ronnie Rowe is definitely one of the greatest actors/performers I've witnessed in all my years in entertainment, both as a player, and viewer.

He carried a unique ability to jump between differing personality traits, and conflicting characterizations, while showcasing multiple other talents in this slightly avant-garde, dark satire about the trappings of the current politically false diatribe, rooted in the racism of the alt-right, and their minority population controlling forms of genocide, horrible treatment, ignorant opinions, unwarranted fright, and utter disrespect of free and equal American citizens, in black and minority communities.

I am not one to rehash scene descriptions, settings, characters, and the such, like other reviewers. That's what watching the film is for. 

You have to take your own ride, on this shocking journey, depicting the reality black people face every time they take a step out, into the general public, or are simply walking the sidewalks, as I do, free of harm, every day, currently. 

I can't imagine facing what I saw in 'Black Cop', as a black human being, and have always been aware it truly occurs, way to often! Black men and women being shot to death for no reason. Sure, it happens to a small fraction of white people, but check your true stats for the real answers.

Advocacy article - https://www.tolerance.org/professional-development/strategies-for-reducing-racial-and-ethnic-prejudice-essential-principles

'Black Cop' won the 2017 Vancouver International Film Festival's Best Canadian Feature Film Award.  

'Black Cop' then grabbed the John Dunning Discovery Award At the 6th Canadian Screen Awards, in 2018.

The purpose and meaning behind 'Black Cop'.

If you haven't seen 'Black Cop' yet, some of you may need to prepare to have your mind challenged, to its limit. The movie could cause you, prior to your understanding of its intentions, to start theorizing about the plot, challenging adaptation and directorial scene developments, questioning Hulu premiering it, including the intricately woven-web of a story-line that will surely ensnare you by its shocking outcome. For some, it may be difficult to recognize.

Being abrupt in your thoughts will limit your understanding of the undertones and purpose of the project, and it's extremely important message and subject matter, which the entire world needs to watch.

I repeat, a manner of hastened opinion, while watching, without being patient to recognize the several levels of meaning in this mixed movie/stage-like drama/satire, will blind you from the righteous, intelligent reflection of an entire races' true and unconstitutional, daily suffrage.

You will, also deny the necessary revelation and understanding of its extremely important education for all people - whites, blacks, and minority, not withholding the powerfully revealing abundance of, historically longer-lasting threat to the black culture, that the elite alt-right and unsympathetic deniers of racism believe, no one notices or cares about anymore.

That's not the case, and the decent people of the world are finally taking another stand, as during the civil rights movement. But, its the communication age, and just about the entire human race can see what's happening in America, posted all over the world wide web's busiest social media sites.

Hopefully, one day, every color of skin will not be considered anymore, and that all living beings of intelligent design on Earth will no longer be a minority, but part of the majority of one global society created the exact same way, with the equal mechanisms and basic DNA of all homo-sapiens.

Color-coding of anyone different than whites must be obliterated and wiped from the thoughts of every conscious living soul that lives.

You may possibly miss out completely on the complexity of the irony, reflection of reality, and perfectly executed depictions of police abuse and obvious brainwashed excuse for murder, and slave-like condensation toward black people everywhere, even 150 plus years later. (This kind of behavior, anger, and false judgment does happen to a limit of white folks, too.

I must avidly, and honestly state, that the common "attributes" of brutality that too many police officers aim at black citizens does happen to white men like me sometimes, evidenced by several of my own run-ins as an anti-authoritarian and immature, though innocent victim of false and illegal practices, covered up by the Blue Wall of secrecy.

My experiences are still no match to anything black human beings face with concerns for their lives, daily.

Those type of narcissistic officers, who I sometimes replied to with angst, and disrespect for, matched up to the portrayal of the two white cops the star runs into, part way through the movie.

That scene solidified for me, that certain officers can and will treat others the exact same way I and other white folk have been victimized. Yet, without a doubt, not at all as scary, life-threatening, nor common, as it is for the black community.

I do believe, therefore, that the crappy way many officers of the law talk to and about people, is all-enveloping of every race. However, that is not to say that black folk innately incite the actions of police toward physical contact and unexplained murder by shooting, as we commonly hear.

You may not catch many underlying facets and angles of this deep, and ingeniously imagined, original-concept film, if you quickly start closing your mind off, and don't clearly recognize that maybe you never knew exactly how some officers act, or how inhumane, non citizen like, rude, scary, nervous, angry, cocky and verily racist a larger sampling of old and young officers are, for a fact. A fact, proven to me, by recognizing the exact patterns of disrespect, antagonizing treatment and words, ramping-up of the crazy, the volume, and the psychological control of the star (Ronnie Rowe), which I've seen and experienced personally, one too many times.

It is going to take more years to rid the justice system of most of the badly trained, dangerously approved officers, therefore, leftover racist thinking will still be passed down. Without proper, sensible, and genuinely good training, the increasing demand for huge changes to police tactics, mentalities, approaches, mannerisms and level of respect for all equal citizens, will never occur.

Good citizens, and those who learn or are awakened by this movie, must help institute major legal changes in order to defeat ad stomp out hatred and racism instilled by decades, or actually, centuries, of common, partial societal thinking.

It has been, and will continue to be an uphill climb for non-black advocates. But, just think about how many times harder it is for black citizens, black human beings, and long-awaiting older black adults to fight for and obtain completely equal civil rights to institute their own forms of changes in law enforcement, as well.

Basically, as 'Black Cop' readily pulls off brilliantly, in considering racial tensions created by both whites and blacks, we all have work to do, but the shootings, most of all, MUST COME TO A STOP, IMMEDIATELY! Shootings by officers of the law, inter- and intra- racial shootings, and disrespect of one another, must all dissipate into their own sweet extinctions.

I believe, 'Black Cop' pulls off covering every angle and aspect of this haunting part of history most of us fear daily to see, or be a part of, while quite monstrously showing alternatives of what whites would or could face, if the shoe was reversed racially, and black cops were profiling them instead.

The depiction of the stars violence against whites, is almost reflective of white officers treatment of blacks, and grows to be quite vicious. Many non-racists, non-conformists, and supporters of equality greatly hope this part of the movie purposefully widens the eyes, and expands the minds of the white complacent individuals of society, so that they might finally recognize fully, what black people face every single day.

The viciousness of the attacks, (the only actual violence we see in the movie toward anyone, due to script and directorial choice and intelligent editing) is necessary to break through some human's inability to see clearly through their rose-colored glasses, shaded by their complacency, and purposeful ignorance.

I have no video or computer links to backup my personal claims and analytics, in this movie review/article (I challenge you to research it), but I do have those 20+ run-ins myself, almost always with different officers, spread out over 30 years, as well as, standing and listening to some officers' racist, judgmental, ignorant, low-educated, completely wrong, insulting, and vulgar ways of talking about lots of people, of any race, but, mostly black humans beings, during my limited-to-3 (health) volunteer years.

Truth be telling, the racial underpinnings came more often from local enforcement, rather than Troopers. Some Troopers had the angry, and narcissistic issues though, acting like they were a gift to their career, and granted God-like powers and glory, over citizens.

Witnessing police profiling in person.

I, myself, have witnessed a higher percentage of "bad" cops, than good ones, since I was about 18, and that used to anger me, but now saddens me. Especially, as I aged and continually witnessed, heard about, and analyzed legal treatment of blacks, and other minorities, as opposed to the general white population (not including realists, like me).

Fighting racism entered my heart when I was a child, when I first started to see what seemed to me like very odd treatment of people with dark skin color in popular television shows, and my hatred of racism was sealed at 7 years old, when "Roots" The Television Mini-Series came out in 1977.

Even at 7, I "got it", I got the "inhumane" nature of slavery, and the unimaginable treatment of fellow human beings in our country's history. I cried often watching "Roots".

The sobs returned during this film, because what I already knew to be true in America, was powerfully driven home, as 'Black Cop' continued to shock, and culminate toward a sad, but incredibly powerful ending, stacked with multitudes of layers of thinking, and deep reflection. I really sobbed last night, and felt just like that innocent 7 year old kid, once again.

8 years of selling on the road, gave me plenty of my own instances of being yelled at, controlled by direct commands and lack of citizen respect, treated unfairly, wrongly charged, lied to, and lied about.

Yet, I was still never asked to step out of my car, until April 2016, down south (after 20 years of driving experience), at anytime in my living existence, in America. Only once in Germany in 1992, and, of course, was let off with a headlight warning because of local fame and an autograph for a German officers daughter. Sort of how it works currently for some wealthy and famous, in the Americas and Canada, where this film is based.

I have witnessed, many times, in those 8 years on the highways of New York and Pennsylvania, only black people standing outside their cars along with officers, on the side of the road, in 95% of those pullovers and pullouts.

I'd have to average that out to be about 1 to 2 a day in major cities, and a couple a week between city highways and roads. An approximation of maybe 75 (estimated) pullovers, or more, per year (extremely incredible to believe), about 600 profiled pullovers and pullouts, in 8 years? Honestly, it was so often, that number doesn't shock me, at all.

So, at 95%, it would be about 564 (estimation) blacks in 8 years, 4% other minorities, and 1% white, which is skewed, because I only ever saw one white family, not individual pulled out of their car, by officers, troopers, and such.

If that doesn't represent a very clear rate of racism in our police forces, I don't know what else does...

Oh...YES, I DO!

This mind-altering, conscience-bending movie, 'Black Cop', does.

Concluding the importance of 'Black Cop'.

'Black Cop' digs deep into your human conscience, and will make you sure of who you are when it comes to all things racial.

The movie does focus on the most obvious issues in the American Policing System presently, but doesn't ignore longtime, ongoing treatment of blacks, since their emancipation from inhumane slavery, over 150 years ago.

Every American, and every country should see this film, and I imagine most citizens would agree that every potential officer in the world should be required to watch it in orientation, and get tested with both multiple choice questions, and serious thinking questions, that will help make their psychological profiles easy, or easier to analyze, prior to release to any force or precinct.

I must balance this article out a little with the fact that a smaller amount of officers I dealt with in my life, were kind, intelligent, understanding, fair, and a few even went overboard for me, letting me go on traffic offenses, or helping me with something, such as a ride after my car broke down in the middle of nowhere.

Please, don't give up hope! Possibly, those outstanding officers, cops, or powers of justice, will join a great crusade to change their blue wall brethren, together, with the better of society who will lead us toward this great change around the world.

Maybe, one day soon, having to differentiate between black and white skin color will no longer exist.


'Black Cop' receives 5 stars-⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

* Originally appeared on Citizen's Freedom Blog

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