Want to know how to find your Blogger or any other Website RSS URL?

How to find your Blogger or any Website's RSS URL

Do you want to feed your Blogger Posts, or other Website's RSS URL into an email program, Microsoft sharing software (just released for free, temporarily, this past August 6, 2018), or any other feed readers? 

Click above, to learn this task STEP BY STEP,  with no need to even figure out what this gentleman is saying.

He shows you exactly what to do, instead of just talking and pointing at 1 or 2 things, and letting you try to decipher the rest of his instructions, from his strong accent.

I have no problem with him having an accent, at all, but I want to be shown exactly what to do, without having to hear someone chatting away, unless necessary (AI, Coding training)!

This video is simple, and I hope he gets more shares by my sharing it.

Don't try to make YOUR "example" YouTube clip videos, too difficult.

Always be sure your visitors know immediately and...with that voice of yours...clearly, right off the bat, that you will take them through each mouse click step, on the screen so SIMPLY, they won't have to listen to you the rest of your educative YouTube clip.

So, click below, and learn, easily, how to locate and copy the RSS URL Addressđź’’, on your Sites HTML page, with the Right-Click: Page View Source option.

Enjoy your incredible day, wherever you are, and seek out the eternal enlightening energy of the Universe!

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