Trump, lies in angry tweet, after Manafort guilty plea

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Trump, lies in angry tweet, after Manafort guilty plea

Trump's previous embattled administrator, Paul Manafort, consents to a conditional guilty plea bargain with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

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Manafort Mug Shot/via Wikimedia Commons)
Donald Trump's previous embattled administrator, Paul Manafort, and incomparable Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, consented to a conditional guilty plea bargain yesterday in the evening time, as was indicated by ABC News.

The moment Trump has been stressing the most about, is finally playing out, even as it's become vastly public that Trump's highly touted Supreme Court candidate, Brett Kavanaugh, has been accused of a sexual assault of a female acquaintance while attending Georgetown Preparatory School in Bethesda, Maryland (G.P.S., is a Catholic, Jesuit day and boarding school for young men in grades 9 through 12. Founded in 1789.)

Reports out of Washington, state the FBI is considering the issue important....

Adding to President Donald J. Trump's day, is the potential disaster under his watch, which, as of the time of his tormenting and depraved tweets last night, still had the possibility of obliterating the south and middle eastern seaboards.

Thankfully, as of this morning, as Florence slammed the South Carolina coast, it abruptly slowed to a tropical storm with winds up to 70 MPH. Still, devastating and catastrophic flooding is possible, and even expected all the way up to Pennsylvania, who may see the worst of the rain, as it is predicted to stall and hover there for days. Models have been unpredictable, as we all found out overnight.

How did Donald Trump handle the mounting pile of negativity, last night?

On the off chance that you speculated, "Haphazardly, blaming John Kerry for plotting with an outside adversary to carry out foreign conspiracy violations," you win today's award - a statuette of Trump with his hands cuffed, in an orange jumper, and labeled on his chest, a 9-digit number, and the title American Idiot, while he holds a copy of the U.S. Constitution condensed to big lettered words and animated pictures in his right hand, and a stack of tax papers that read REJECTED on top, in his left hand.

No, seriously!

Donald Trump has elected to publicly allege, that the previous Secretary of State is a mannequin in cahoots with the legislature of Iran. In view of what evidence? None, obviously. However, that doesn't make a difference to "Honest Abe" Trump.

This is essentially how Trump's mind functions. Manafort, conceded to charges, identifying his status as a pawn of the Russian government, which enables a path to revealing trump as a henchman of Putin and Russia. So, our gracious President is currently reflecting all this emotionally exhausting trouble yesterday, onto a major name on the other side of the aisle.

Trump jumped on Twitter last night to tweet the following:

The nature of the tweet, and his usual mastery of grammar and the English language was dreadful. However, it was the "Bad!" part that finished message off, that evidenced his artistic ability.

Following that debacle and implicit sign of tyranny, Donald Trump chose to arbitrarily advertise a book composed by one of his own buddies. We've achieved the moment, our first truly unstable American President is unable to decide if he has simply discovered an American representative perpetrating the wrongdoing of the century, or if he is a late night book clerk, diligently working to clear out his comrades reading inventory.

President Trump's raucous verbal abuse last night of an American military hero, congressional Patriot, and fourth in succession to the oval office, is a more than powerful enough act of insanity to support all that you have to consider about the Commander In Chief of the military, and the holder of the "football" passcode. You should now have a clear picture of how Trump is emotionally dealing with the recent Manafort and Kavanaugh news: he is not!

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