You have to see 'Where Hands Touch'!

You have to see Where Hands Touch!

Epic love set against an epic time of horror will transcend anything you've ever felt before!

Amandla Stenberg in Where Hands Touch (2018)

Where Hands Touch, is a true-story, triumphant, romantic, masterpiece entrenched in the deepest mud of the atrocities and heartbreaks of the Jewish-laden concentration camps in 1944, Germany. 

A young German Aryan soldier and a 16-year old half-German, half-African-French girl fall in love. It is a coming of age masterpiece, which integrates genius direction and acting. 

Those attributes blend to create a Schindler's List-level, soul-searching retrospection of Nazi Germany, and their death camps.

The reflection of the beauty and raw interracial relationship molded into a ferociously disturbing background story drains your soul.

The cast says it all

Academy Award-worthy performances

Amandla Stenberg and George MacKay, are two bright actors who have jumped into the spotlight. Their performances are so real and filled with chemistry one will not want to miss scenes. I was sure to pause, each time I got up during this film. I felt the need to cut down on the interruptions, as the movie moved briskly along.

Ms. Stenberg is already an anointed Disney Princess, in her own right. She is in a recurrent role on Sleepy Hollow, as well. She was very captivating.

Amandla Stenberg

Mr. MacKay has been capturing my attention from a very young age. In 2003, he created a memorable performance in P.J. Hogan's film adaptation of Peter Pan.

George MacKay

Alas, I had forgotten about him, until 2008 when he played the role of Aron in Defiance, and then in 2009 was Harry in The Boys Are Back. Once again, he faded from my memory for some odd reason.

Then, in 2016, George blew my socks off. In a film that should have won an Academy Award or two itself, Captain Fantastic, starring Viggo Mortensen in one of his own finest acting roles, George played Ben Cash's son, Bodavan. It felt as though I was watching a young man going through a mid-life crisis. He was moving. Now, in Where Hands Touch, Mackay delivers his most poignant and acrylic piece of fine art, yet.

Schindler's List revisited?

There were hints of Schindler's List, however, this movie definitively followed its own ingenuity. At first, I thought it was similar in design, but, as soon as the two main characters Leyna and Lutz took charge of the screen, the movie took on a whole different role and purpose, and immediately I was looking up who this story had to be about. I knew it had to be based on a true story.

"In 1944, a 15-year-old girl, daughter of a white German mother and a black African father, meets a member of the Hitler Youth. They become bound by the realization of the horrors being committed around them."

The epic-style saga takes us on a journey, enveloping us with the incredible love of two very young people, of a different color, during a difficult time in Germany. The story gets ugly quickly. I couldn't help thinking right up front about the Anne Frank Story. This version was with a half-African girl out in the open trying to demand rights due to her half-Aryan German blood. 

Eventually, we see her mother disappear, her very young brother is forced into the Hitler Youth, and she is taken by mistake by an assinine Nazi to a concentration camp, wherein the movie, at least, she is the only colored woman. 

Her life obviously gets ugly and becomes the focus of the head of the camp. While he begins to zero in on her, and almost take her life meaninglessly, Lutz shows up at the right moment in the distance, while a gun is about to be lifted to her head. He rushes in to take over the ugly deed, and the romance ensues once again.

I'd ask you to put yourself in their shoes, but that would be impossible unless you were there, or actually watch the film alone, or with a loved one. I will have my son watch this film and Schindler's List, one day soon, so he can learn the truth and the horrors of one of the worst periods in modern human history.

Don't miss this movie. It's currently streaming on Hulu, or can be rented online, or on your entertainment device. 

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