Stars are born every day

Every minute a star is likely born. Someone with that special quality to draw the masses into them, and obtains the crowd's love and adoration.

I know one star who shines all the time

Claudia Bradley was my Pearl in Starlight Express 1991/1992 when I played Rusty the steam engine. We were lucky to record a Highlights CD/Album that year, and 30 years later our album went triple platinum, and several other CD’s have been produced, and the show was changed several years ago.

1991 Starlight Express German Highlights CD/Polydor Records

Once again, it will undergo a change for 2019/2020 with an all newly designed, choreographed and written production by the brilliant Andrew Lloyd Webber and the astonishing choreographer Arlene Phillips. Both British, both stars in their own rights!
Claudia went on to also play Pearl in the London cast of Starlight Express, Eponine and Fantine in Les Miserables, and now, 20+ years later, she created the role of Dead Mum in the award-winning Best Musical Billy Elliot on the West End.

Gaga, Cooper, Malek, Bradley, and me

I watched A Star Is Born last night, finally, along with another amazing rock star related musical and I was truly mesmerized and blown away. I completely understand the awards each entertainer, and the film won, and there’s no doubt in my mind they deserved it.

Personally, I would have made sure Bradley Cooper got a Best Actor and Best Director awards sometime during award season. Rami Malek did deserve his awards, however.
Lady Gaga sounds completely different from Claudia Bradley, but what they both could do to this highly trained ear and successful soloist, lead-actor is special. I am quite choosy about my favorite singers, and these two ladies fit the bill to the T.
I would sit down on exit steps off stage most nights of over 350 performances, and listen to Claudia sing her songs. I’d hum, or sing lightly in harmony with her. Thankfully, we had the most incredible sound technicians who were always on top of everyone’s mics backstage.
Claudia’s voice was young, vibrant, soaring, melodic, and a wonderful twinkle to the ear for anyone who adored her talent. She’d make me cry often, and she never knew it.
Lady Gaga did this for me, as well in her Blockbuster bust-out film.

Why the star discussion?

Stars are born every day! My star twinkled for a while, and I had my chances to slide onto the A-list in Hollywood having found the right connections within 10 months.
Those connections turned into moralistic choices, and eventually, I left Hollywood for Seattle, and then returned 10 months later for another 5-month kick in the butt to myself, and then followed my fiance back to her hometown, close to mine, in upstate NY.
Life happens for most potential stars. Drug habits, money problems, morals, and more can sidetrack many people’s careers, or drives to give what they have to the public, at large.
I had that opportunity, and took it for 15 years, then lost it. My story will be told in a book, as it involved what would be many lives of experiences, and rollercoaster rides for most people.

Will some stars ever shine brighter than others?

I’m 49, Claudia is well, somewhere around my age, but we won’t go there, as she still looks very young anyhow. Her star rose much higher than mine, and she always had the right business sense and determined attitude, combined with fierce public confidence that I am sure got her where she has gone.
But, I don’t believe OUR day has quite come yet. I hope with all my might, that folks like Claudia, myself, and all the other potential stars find their constellation, and shine like there is no tomorrow.
Certainly, we can name many who didn’t find their starship to the A-list until their 40’s, and just to drop two hints, we can mention Samuel Jackson and Morgan Freeman.
So, keep your eyes out for potential stars if you enjoy entertainment, and help them rise to the top. Support them, share their stuff online, listen, watch, comment and follow, and maybe one day you too, like so many times I’ve done before, can say, “hey, I knew them when, and I helped them get there!” It can be a great feeling.

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