It’s time for Supremacy to hit the road!

It’s time for Supremacy to hit the road!

White supremacy, Nazi Supremacy, Neo-Nazi Supremacy, Religious Supremacy, and National Supremacy have all worn out their welcome in the world.

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We’ve arrived in the last year of the second decade of the 21st century. Even Buck Rogers knew no supremacy by this time according to 1980’s television. Aliens of all types were being integrated into shows such as Star Trek, Lost In Space, Alf, and more, in the last quarter century.
This was the pinnacle of acceptance of others. We, who grew up in this age, and watched these shows, were almost all brain-washed to accept that being different was acceptable, normal, and not even a tinge of hate over someone’s look, beliefs, color, or country was taught to us through these programs.
Fast-forward to 2019, and all we see is diversity in everything we take part in every day. So, why is it that the mass population in America and in the world still accept the disruption of lives, the deaths of the innocent, and the crimes of the dangerously powerful, each which keep the world dredging through the mud as if it were still the dark ages?
Jean-Baptiste Colbert would be just fine with the Laissez-faire attitude that seems to be a pandemic the world over. In that sense, we all go about our daily lives, and we shout out on social media our upset, our anger and our ideas of how things should be, but isn’t it actual physical, body born action that makes the difference. The marches, the calls to your representatives, the demand for your next door neighbor to be a nicer person, are all things we can do to play our part in ridding our world of hate.
Smile at the person who begrudges you. Talk to the introvert. Hug the person in need. Give to others. Help others. Hold that door open, and shake that hand. Say hello and goodbye. Say please and thank you. I mean, sure, we’ve definitely made some amazing and great advances as a society, even over the past 55 years socially, but with the smartphone age, and more and more opportunities to do everything from home, and through our boldness on social media, we’ve all seemed to have forgotten the age-old lesson of respect for others.
That’s right Aretha Franklin. We all need more respect, and to give more respect. We all need to care that extra little bit for others and their predicaments and shout from the mountain tops that we want complete equality for all people of the world. We want respect, peace, love, fairness, justice, and righteousness.
If the greater mass of societies worldwide did this as a calling every single day, and it grew and grew from the power of the people, it would finally take a foothold and kick all supremacists onto the road of no return.
It was, Martin Luther King as if we all need the reminder, who said:
“In a sense we’ve come to our nation’s capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence (Yeah), they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men (My Lord), would be guaranteed the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
The world needs to cash a check on tyranny, megalomaniacs, fascism, and supremacy; all which fall under the title of Hate.
One likes to believe that is America’s true role around the world. Offering this freedom to others. However, we do it through warfare and death, instead of peace and love. Don’t get me wrong, we have to defend against all I mentioned above, and trample it out, but we the people of the world have much more power than any army. If and when, we join together as one world, one species, and celebrate all diversity and beliefs that don’t contain hate of any kind and force permanent change, we will be a world united and prepared to survive anything, as one.
This may be naive, but isn’t the love and peace we already have that’s keeping the bandaid stuck around the Earth’s, and mankind’s wounds the most altruistic answer to wiping out supremacy?
I leave you to think deeper on this subject and decide how you can make a difference in your own life.

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