The truth about Socialism

The House passed $15 minimum wage will work. Why?

Sep 3 · 3 min read
I took economics, and proper economics only work under a proper and democratic structure. It sure hasn't worked under Republicanism ever, nor has Capitalism created a financially fair country. The greed behind America’s improper and uncontrolled form of Capitalism has only helped to create the 1% and screw most of the rest of us who make the 1% rich.
For what? An idea or a popular product???
Can we call that, “daily, hard work deserving of millions or billions of dollars?” Being rich enough to invest, so to get richer, is fair?
Yeah, Id sure say Capitalism has failed most Americans, failed democracy, and created the same exact class warfare we escaped in 1776.
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Properly induced, real Socialism, supported by truth, and not lies and criminals, would truly work better than greedy-ass Capitalism.
America is not set up as a fair and non-judging society, which would actually allow and offer the same opportunities for all.
It is a false misnomer fed from the mouths of bologna Republicans and the rich, who only live in their fake materialistic worlds and don't see the true reality of the devastation of our economy, the upcoming major stock market crash in 2020, and the incredible manipulation that occurs daily by politicians and themselves.
Or, in reality, they are aware of and purposefully choose to ignore.
So, forgive me if I believe that anyone who knocks socialism for Capitalism needs more than a lesson in economics, but a lesson in social studies, as well. Learn your American history and don't point to the criminally led countries in which fake socialism has lost.
It was simply not instituted there properly and undoubtedly backed by illegal government operations and thieves in most Socialistic countries.
Germany has carried out a socialistic experiment for decades now, and the majority of Germans are healthier, happier and maintain mostly better living situations for all citizens while working as a team keeping their country financially stable, work sustained and very clean and beautiful.
A solid social system can work when rendered pure from the start and led with smart minds, conscientious hearts and souls, and those who actually work for all the people and not just lobbyists of the wealthy and powerful.
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So, hop on board the $15 wage train and support better lives for all Americans while we fight to create healthcare that will save more lives, lower costs and cut the ridiculously high earnings of Insurance companies, hospitals, and doctors.
Socialism is on the brink of acceleration, and $15 an hour will not slow it down.
The rich and businesses will not go poor or close their doors as falsely indicated by those on the right. Namely, one Sean Hannity and one Bill O’Reilly — who like to scare the poor into staying poor whenever they can, while lining their pockets with grease for all the money hard-working American citizen’s should be receiving.
All those riches and spoils currently slip into the darkness of Capitalistic money-mongering purses and wallets.

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