Aliens Are Here!

Aliens are Here!

Are we alone in the Universe?

Sep 6 · 5 min read

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Two more brand new UFO-revealing shows are out on Hulu and television. There are more government released videos, and documents. Government entities and former government employees are hosting the shows.
It is time the 65% of the world and Americans who know the truth take part in helping the other 35% come to reality.

Who’s behind the revelation?

It seems as if somebody important wants the world to know that we are very far from being alone in this vast universe, which holds trillions of planets, and billions of galaxies extending back 13 billion years.
Reality check! It is being released, that these civilizations are so advanced that humans would not be able to fathom their extreme advanced abilities, and materials, and intelligence that we come nowhere close to resembling at this point in our evolution.
They are here to watch us, and study us, and see how we are advancing as a race and civilization. They are following our militaries around the world using massive amounts of spaceships, flying in fleets around our ships, nuclear sites, war-prone areas, and more.

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What are they here for?

It is being discovered that there are possible secret alien bases underground, in mountains, and in our oceans.
There is a new episode of Contact with witnesses and solid recorded data showing that a lake lost 20 million gallons of water overnight. One night a farmer and other witnesses saw a massive UFO sucking the water out.
They are taking our water and bringing it back to their planets. But, this may be only one of the multiple civilizations visiting us.

Is our government being taught advanced technology?

Air Force Patent

Don’t ignore the fact that our Air Force very quietly, without any news coverage, entered a new patent for an odd-looking watercraft.
The diagram shows no form of propulsion as far as the general population is aware of.
Pais writes that the radical feats of speed and maneuverability of which the craft is supposedly capable can be achieved by coupling “high-frequency axial spin” or “accelerated vibration” with “high-frequency vibrations of electrically charged systems.” ( https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/28729/docs-show-navy-got-ufo-patent-granted-by-warning-of-similar-chinese-tech-advances)

HUAC with components

That allows the ship to travel at extremely high speeds never before created by mankind, and only known to be seen in the skies by the general public.

A drawing from Pais’ patent: “piezoelectro-induced room-temperature superconductor”

Under surveillance

Now…thanks to these new television programs created by former and current government personnel who discuss former top-secret documents, and release military flight videos, we know that our military is under surveillance by someone who can soar through our skies at 25 times the speed of light, with no signs of sound barrier breaks.
By the way, this would smush a humans body into almost nothing. How are they being flown? Who is at the helm or controlling these crafts? How are they withstanding such speeds?
These questions still need answering!

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It’s possible, aliens are behind the mass release of shows and info this year, themselves.
I did write last year, that 2019 would be the year of dissemination to the public through slow-released information dampening the reality of our predicament.
Someone, or lots of someone’s, are visiting our humble little planet. They maintain capabilities of far advanced technology that our militaries on Earth could never defend against.

Make room for our new friends

It’s the 21st century everyone. Most of us over the past 20 years have come to realize this day would come.
Welcome to a new world, and consistent new ways of living. Technological advances are blowing our minds, day in and day out.
I don’t care what ElonMusk says!
He is hiding something for some reason, and possibly we don’t have the right to know. This situation is beyond most human’s capabilities to accept. It is becoming major news, covered by major news networks, of late.

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What we must realize is that we were riding horses and carriages only 120 years ago. We are now going to Mars.
That’s 120 years, in comparison to the millennia filled with no knowledge of advanced technology. Why do you think that is? Especially, since technology has advanced so much in 72 years. You know what year that coincides with already.
It’s no longer a farce, a joke, or a lie. We are truly not alone, 100%! Luis Elizondo and Tom DeLonge know a lot. They aren’t backing down, and they have proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Why should we pay attention?

Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

The world might become a better place one day if we open our hearts, minds, and souls to accept this reality.
We must allow these advanced societies that have visited us since the beginning of the biblical age, or earlier, when they may have manipulated primate’s DNA, to show themselves to us. We need to welcome them.
Realize this. Despite rumors that there has been underground warfare between our military and aliens out in the Nevada mountains and underground in the late 19070’s, these visitors from somewhere else in the Universe or Multiverse haven’t used a single weapon on humans. At least, not recorded, officially.
It’s a new age, a new reality and a renewed possibility for a different and improved way of living here on Earth and eventually across the solar system, galaxy, and Universe ourselves maybe…one day

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