Is it time to be “woke”?

The Earth is 4.5 billion years old, according to Alexa. Will 2020 be the year the world is “woke”?Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Is it time to be “woke”?

4.5 billion years. Throughout that time, the Universe has expanded, created new galaxies, new stars, and new planets. Mankind has arrived in its 2020th “Christian” year of existence. Where do we go from here?

Origins of intelligent life

The world is full of debates about how we were created, why suddenly an “intelligent” species appeared on our glorious planet, and who is in control of whatever the planet we named Earth, is floating around in.
Without getting into the religious views of aspects about what I will discuss in this essay, I hope to put forth a strong opinion about not just the only or necessarily most important, but major factors in why mankind is heading in the same direction as the Roman Empire.
However, my focus will not be on that existential part of history. After 50 years of life, and almost insurmountable mistakes and bad choices in my own rollercoaster of major successes and major failures that were results of a childhood that is not what we are discussing here, I have become truly “woke”.
Religion, for centuries, has believed in multiple explanations for the existence of man. Beliefs range between multiple Gods, faiths, and understandings of how mankind came to be and how we came to be intelligent enough to live beyond the “survival of the fittest” that allowed us to exist as long as we have.
Herbert Spencer, born in Derby, England in 1820 coined the phrase “survival of the fittest”, based upon the studies of Charles Darwin.
The concept of that term doesn’t start with intelligent life. Certainly, since the beginning of life on Earth, multiple species have survived, adapted to life on Earth, and survived by being the strongest species of their kind. We are in a time that science has now proven that to be a fact.
Different religions have different beliefs, and one even includes the devoted belief, that the Earth has only been around six thousand to ten thousand years. Please note the difference in the timeline of existence this religion tends to support.
These are strict believers I’m speaking of. Not the modern folks who mix science with religion, but the ones who take their faith and its written history and follow it to the utmost, regardless of anything else that might show their faith to be unsupported by theory, logic, and science.
Some might say we don’t actually know the real origins of “intelligent” life.
That sentence is left on its own for a purpose. I really hope that anyone who has gotten this far, follows where I’m about to go, and I’m very sorry, but you can not come up with an argument to this little theory of mine.
Let us start with the very real fact that everything on Earth is named by humans, and the beliefs and “facts” we have formed around life on our planet have also been developed by…humans.
The three major forms of studies that mankind has come to know as the most concentrated studies of our existence and mindful interpret of life, as we’ve understood it to be to this date, are philosophy, science, and theology.
History is a result of our existence. Math is a form of existence. Social Studies is a look at how we took our newly established intelligence and used it to form communities. Language is what we created to further our existence.
However, it is philosophy, science, and religion that have been the most studied theories of our existence, throughout our period of intelligent life, as Homosapiens.
What’s my point, as far as this section of the article goes? I now ask you to please, please…think deeply outside the box.
Is it possible, that despite Earthlings' ability over time to create forms of communication, understanding, and the ability to work with our level of intelligence are only reflections of how far we’ve come, and that maybe, just maybe, our ideas, and thinking, as highly as we like to think of our species’ abilities, are mightily lower than they could be, or more realistically, lower than more intelligent life in the Universe that has lived and survived for billions of years longer than we?
Maybe, just maybe, their planets allow for higher levels of intelligence that we can’t even comprehend as humans. Whoa…what?
Yeah, I’m plenty “woke” enough to accept that there is a high mathematical probability that intelligent life thrives throughout the Universe, and if so, based on common sense of probabilities, that the number of millenniums more they may have lived have allowed them to not only advance exponentially, intelligently and technologically but to think and feel in unfathomable ways that, so far, humans have been incapable of, or might be incapable of, forever?
Surely, we have no possible way to know what other intelligent beings might be capable of, right? We’ve all seen movies, and read books. Thankfully, some in human history have been advanced enough to understand that there is some sort of mathematical probability for this, and have helped us to understand that, through their “woke” visions and foreseeing.
Therefore, half of Americans and everyone on Earth now believes there are Aliens, and just as many believe they have visited our little blue, amazing planet. Earthlings are “awaking” finally, after as long as 400,000 years.
Being scientifically logical, I have to go with that scientific assessment. Some will have you read books by advanced religious microbiologists who challenge many aspects of science, such as carbon dating, to be false and a mistaken interpretation of how long both the Earth, and modern intelligent humans have existed. They want their written theories to be taken to wrote because they are of the most “important” and “true” religion of all.
I once fell under the spell of these master magicians who dismiss science. I allowed myself to believe as a newly established Christian and reader of the Bible, that their words rang true, and that, based on how they broke down micro and molecular biology, that their understanding of a God had to be correct.
Ahhhhh…humans. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!” — Walter Scott.
Yeah, I just quoted that! However, let me take it further. “How surprising of the gluttony of man to stir up untruths, so to fill thine pockets with gold!” — Colin B M Wood.
I’ve studied theology through a Christian University, and I have a degree in scientific studies. My personal and collegiate studies, readings, and understandings of religion and science have brought me to a most auspicious decision.
My once devout faith as a Born-Again Christian starting in 2004, slowly dismantled by sermons over 9 years, was once and for all thrown to the wolves at the age of 43 when my theological studies of every chapter in the Bible fully reinforced what I had once believed to be the real truth about intelligent mankind on Earth.
I started believing….no wait…knowing that aliens existed when I was six. No one in my life had ever discussed anything about existence outside of Earth up to that age, and I had never seen anything on film or television, quite yet.
I know, it was 1975…but I have no memory of a T.V. set in our home until around 7 years old. I was taking voice lessons from my dad at five and six years old, and there was no television near the piano. However, I do remember feeling and naturally knowing that I was connected to something else. Something not of this planet.
We would take what seemed like long rides at that time to my Nana’s. She actually only lived about 20 minutes away as a far as today’s speed limit’s go, but in the mid-70s, It was 55 all the way, without breaking the limit for my Eagle Scout father, every time we visited Nana for the holidays.
Often, on the way home, I would stare at the stars for the entire trip laying down in the back of our Dodge Station Wagon and wonder “they” were. I never said anything to my parents until decades later about those days, but something often stirred in me that something was off and that the answer to my most vibrant query at six years old was “up there”.
I would stare out the back window at the vastness of space and feel very alone on Earth at those moments, and that something else was constantly reaching out to me. It’s been 46 years since those thoughts first entered my mind.
Nothing or anyone on Earth has ever convinced me I may be wrong about what I knew as a young child. We are not alone, but only a choice few of humans that live have a mysterious connection to our origins.
Therefore, to sum my theory of this first section after 50 years of being “woke”, and knowing (you might like to term it as “thinking” or “believing”) that we are not alone in the Universe, and to briefly explain in this lengthy essay my purpose for starting this way, is that science, UFO definitives (that have come to fruition through our military in 2019), and modern philosophy (if I may be the Socrates of modern times), together have pleaded with modern humans to see the proverbial “icing on the cake”.
We are not, and have never been alone in our 13.5 billion old Universe, and that all the disturbing moments and words in history we are humanly aware of that have sent our species on a path of demise much sooner than we realize (due to most of mankind’s inability to fully understand our position and length of existence in the University) are like a form of the highly ridiculous concept of something like the “Matrix” that will spell the final end of humans on this gorgeous blue planet, as seen from the Moon.


“Like” we’ve all hopefully heard of the Millenial term “Woke”, right? Whoa, man…slow down…not so fast… “What? What is that?” was the response I got from a very old friend of mine, who is 46, and had actually not yet heard the term.
Whaaaat??? She has one adult child nearing 27, and two in their late teens. “Like” how did she not know of this new hip word? Okay, that sounds like I’m judging…oh, wait…so far, this whole article sounds like I’m judging. At least, that’s what most would believe.
For anyone who has made it this far…maybe you wonder my point now. Sure, I sound incohesive and maybe insane. I get those of you who think that way.
As a matter of fact, somehow at only 50 years old, and with just an Associate’s Degree (Due to several changes in my majors over 27 years that sadly ended in just an Associates, due to running my student loan and grant support to $0, prior to realization I was doing such because no one warns you that you have a limit of help when you aren’t making — billions per month), I should have absolutely no right to be writing this insanely long, and intricate in-depth look at the human psyche of those that “see” more than the average viewer.
Who am I to make such protestations about our species?
I really hate sharing this, but…I was born a seer, and that’s a different story…but I kid you not. It has taken 50 years for me to finally realize MY purpose of living on this planet, and why I’ve suffered and endured through an unheard-of amount of early life trauma, false self-retrospection for nearly 5 decades, horrible choices in life, and downright idiotic choices when I always knew my idiocy was being driven by a childhood reaped with sadness and so much that I score a 9 out of 10 on an A.C.E. Score.
May I please toss in here, only to argue for my questionable sanity at this point, that in general, this test can be used to partially support an educated and professional theory of other signs of psychopathy. In fact, serial killers are known to score the highest on A.C.E. scores.
Guess what? Something even scarier? Serial Killers who score high on this test also score high on IQ tests. Yet, if you are that intelligent and possibly jaded from your childhood environment, you probably would not score as well on an aptitude test.
A huge sign something is wrong with you! Ordinarily, a high IQ score will agree with a high aptitude score, but not in the case of demented killers. They can be highly intelligent and so they get away with multiple murders for long periods of time in some cases, but when you look at the definition of the word aptitude, you get a concept of “wokeness” from the typical three explanations, and I’m definite that killers are not “awake to reality”.
There’s that darn Millenial word again…sigh…when am I going to get to my point that it IS time to be “woke”? A solid point is only as good as how it is supported by proof and theory!

The Millenial version of “woke” VS. my theory of “woke”

Hey! “Whaaaaassssuuuuup?” Remember that commercial? It’s young enough, for millennials to possibly be aware of its existence.
Millennials will describe being “woke” as seeing reality for what it is, and not forming any kind of mechanisms, personalities, opinions or lies that distort the truth and haunt relationships. They would also like you to know, obviously, that that goes for parents, siblings, and friends…not just strangers!
I’m sorry. I’m required by Maritime Law that I throw a little “woke” humor your way in this piece.
No! Their version of “woke” is different from the one I’m hoping to ingrain in you today. I’m pretty sure, that is my new path for the next few years I might have left to live.
I would very much like to welcome you to an AWAKENING, of sorts.
Please…really…please follow me here…Being “woke”, and I mean truly AWAKE…will be so much more in the coming decades of this millennium than you might, or might not, fathom at this point.
Yet, incredibly, and only recently to my realization, this word could be the most incredible and highly predictive concept first formed by intelligent species on Earth, prior to its original root word — awake — ever being realized by a human voice.
It has meant different things at different times throughout history to be awake to the realities of the current times, but I must now be our modern Nostradamus and say, that being “woke” is far more than the incredible and extremely important changes to keep the picture of human history alive for billions of years longer in the Universe without being destroyed by judgment.
Being “Woke” is…
Seeing and understanding all reality on Earth, sensing and reading about what must be done to better our tiny blue speck of dust in the Universe, and coming to terms with the most ridiculous assumption that we are the only intelligent life in either a Universe or Multiverse.
This, is not crazy talk, thinking, or a concept by some mad man.
Indeed, there ARE other academics, politicians, and University Professors of science and psychology, who seem to be highly interested in some little ‘ole 50-year-old disabled” man with Parkinson Disease, who speaks to a high percentage of readers who happen upon his writings weekly, and online, who just might be in touch with someone well beyond our capabilities. Yet, we have no solid proof of any of this alien stuff.
So, in order to be more “woke” on a planet, we can not currently escape or takes breaks from, I would very much encourage you to broaden your horizons, understand others to the utmost, when possible, and most of all…
We will not be leaving this planet alone or with anyone, as a species, until we obtain this one incredibly simple salvation to our and our planet’s souls.
It is hate that destroys mankind and that is sending us on a faster path to final destruction and the end of humans. We don’t need religion to figure that out, and we don’t need science to figure out. The majority of humans are born with a true heart and soul, and most of those of would love to see a world where everyone is fully “awake”, leaving them harmless to each other, for eternity!
The Battle
Unfortunately, more and more of humans will have to inform other humans of truth, and love, and start communicating in ways that will help to stop the path of destruction, before it is too late.
Communication is broken between many humans. Not just language, either. I’ve met countless human beings who would BS their ways into whatever they wanted or situations they believed in whole-heartedly to only turn around and ask for help, or succumb to their own downfalls when something goes wrong.
Many humans are incapable of following a simple or intense discussion. This must be the focus of leaders in this world, but it continues to be a blockade to complete peace, understanding and a new world Earth!
If you are “woke”, don’t ever let anyone break that awareness of raw 100% truth and love that is the only way to find peace on this planet, and probably the only way to find peace with others off of it!

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