Your top 3 investments for 2020

Your top 3 investments for 2020

Invest in these 3 options today
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My market prediction and top 3 investment choices for 2020. No matter your financial level!

Some may not know this. I had my own Insurance business for 8 years. I sold Life and Health Insurance, Indexed Annuities and helped clients plan their final expenses and Estates.

In 2012, I sold many S&P Indexed Annuities, by convincing people to invest all their investments into this 10 year annuity with a built in guaranteed protection to never lose any of their money if the S&P dropped.

If the S&P grew, so would their money, and each growth would be like a step that would maintain its level until the S&P might recover and surpass the gains it may have already made. So, they really couldnt lose with this thing. However, if the S&P never grew over 10 years, they would still see an automatic growth of 2% a year anyway. Absolutely, no chance to lose even a penny of their annuity.

Of course, folks pondered whether they would do better growth with their current stocks. Yet, everyone was losing some sort of money in their portfolios.

I told everyone I sold this to, that the market would see incredible growth the next ten years, and that the S&P would double, causing their annuity to make huge gains over the ten years, and well, if I was wrong, theyd at least get the auto 2% growth built in, and never see a loss below any gains they made, large or small.

Fastforward 8 years. Those who looked me deep in my eyes and trusted something about me and my prediction for the future market, took every penny they had and entrusted me to put it all into this special Annuity that would only be available for a limited time.

5K, 25K, 75K, 95K were the amounts people were entrusting. Now, they are probably bouncing off the walls to get through the next two years to have free access to the gigantic gains they have all made. I can't even begin to imagine the assets this Annuity has blessed them and their descendants with.

So, what's my point?

2020 is going to be huge!!!

The markets will see continuing large growths.

I encourage you to add Tesla, Bitcoin and a marijuana stock to your portfortlios immediately!!!

Bitcoin is on the verge of its largest and longest running gain ever this year, with some predicting surpassing $100,000 in value. Recently, it has gained 30%.

Tesla hovered between 325 and 350 for quite a few months last year. In the past month, it has soared to over $600 and isn't stopping. Two days ago it surpassed the highest trading stock in the market with its highest volume in one day, ever.

I am promising you today, without being in the business anymore, so to no advantage of my own, that you must put those three things in your portfolio, asap.

You will be blown away by next December at the size of your gains across all three.

Marijuana is poised to make its largest gains, by far, this year. Especially, with a probable approval in NYS for the full legal use and sale and taxation at 20 to 30% for adult consumption of marijuana. This will cause NYS to erase its budget deficit in one year and to make gains on top of it.

If you've never invested...this year is the year to start. Big or small. Anyone can invest now wirh apps like Stockpile for as little as $5 in stock. So, there's no excuse for even those slightly struggling or living month to month to start securing their future with even small monthly investments in these 3 options.

Take advantage of my 2020 prediction!!

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