Love is the most powerful catalyst of the eternal existence of our Universe!

Love is the most powerful catalyst of the eternal existence of our Universe!

True love, is a universal conscious awareness that is the glue that connects the entire Universe as one great system of eternal existence. 

Every thing that changes in the Universe, simply becomes a different part of the Universe, and eternally evades permanent extinguishing.

When a human being attempts to portray any kind of true and good love (the greatest power and connector of all), as being wrong, in one of their twisted ways of thinking, they are who we should feel very sorry for.

They live an eternal struggle within, to be who they really are, to be in touch with their truth, to correct years or decades of brainwashing that they often hate about themselves, and so choose targets whom truly love each other, out of the unstable existence of jealousy.

Jealousy, is one of the greater opposition forces fighting true love throughout the Universe.

But, what most people have a hard time fathoming, is that Love is much more powerful than anything we are aware of on Earth, and anything out there.

I love that you love each other...and the love we share, as you read this, and share it with your wife, becomes a more powerful energy which we cause to be shot out to the Universe so it may continue to keep its throne and allow the Earth, the Universe, humans, and all other civilizations an eternal existence in an ever-expanding Universe.

It is, small and large moments of true love, that continue to collect around Earth, other civilizations, and the living and breathing Universe, which created us all, and swaddles us forever, in its unbreakable existence and expansion of love.

The day, humans or any other planet's intelligent and emotional beings, allow hate and false judgment to overtake the amount of love we must output daily, even hourly, will light the fuse of complete and utter destruction, and conscious existence will disappear forever, and there will be nothing left.


When people try to judge the power of your beautiful love, push their negative energy right back into their dark or non-existent souls, with the incredible duality of your love for each other doing its part, to maintain the higher ground of existence, and force hate, and the end days of all, to fade further into an inescapable vacuum, forever!

Live and love and love and live, for nothing is real without them!

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Colin B M Wood

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