Socialism will destroy America?

Really?? All socialism fails?? Or maybe you are generalizing or don't understand or know history??

See, communist socialism is what you are talking about. Democratic socialism is a whole different ballgame and sure seems to be fairing decently in Germnay, Canada, Sweden, Finland, and other such countries.

Yes, socialism in a dictatorship (much like the one taking over America now) is bad!! Very bad!!

But guess what? You already live in a Democratic Socialist Republic. Its called the United Staes of America.

Its called Social Services, FFs, EMTs, Police, and so on. How about the roads you drive on?

Or the farm produce you eat?

It's all supported by our tax dollars. It's democratic socialism in its greatest existence. In the wealthiest country in the world.

It was the social system FDR put in place that saved America from the depression.

So, do you live here or not?? Do you eat? Drive? Use emergency services?

I mean, maybe we SHOULD get rid of socialism in America and see where we all get on our own?

But, don't forget...only the 1% can survive such a fate. So, get saving before you push your generalized anti-socialism. Good luck!

By the way, our President is implying he will save farmers again with a multi-billion dollar package, right before the election.

But, sure...screw socialism...

Hypocricy is dangerous!


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Colin B M Wood

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