America. Stop The Hate, Please!

Look, folks. The government will always be the government. We’ve all seen it from BOTH sides for decades. They all try to stick their own pork barrel expenditures into bills all the time.

YES, as a Democrat currently, but mainly Independent, I admit that the Dems went overboard with all their additions to the Coronavirus Emergency package.

They were ridiculous for such a bill at this time.

However, what you need to realize is that when debating and trying to get something for every American in these UNITED STATES, they needed to fill the bill with these unnecessary expenditures in order to get what they actually wanted from the Republicans, which was to help citizens out too, with more money than they were going to give us. 

They knew those additions would never make the bill. But, you need to understand politics in order to get it, I guess. While Harvard courses are free online, it might be a good idea to take a few Government and Political Science classes before posting all these memes, odd news site stories, and standing up saying screw those Dems, screw those Repubs!

It’s disgusting really.

The Dems did what they had to do to get what they really wanted. Most of us should be thanking them all right now!!!

We can’t be the politicians, but we can certainly be human and thankful in this time of crisis that a package was finally agreed upon, in only 5 days time. 

That is incredible for a historical $2 trillion package. As for the corporate bailouts, lots of Dems are complaining about?

They are necessary to keep the economy from collapsing worse than the Great Depression, and causing a global depression of historical proportions across the Globe.

No, we don’t love it. What American likes to see tax dollars going to businesses. None of us do! Accept the business owners.

However, take an economics course, PLEASE, and then you’ll understand why businesses and corporations need money to stay afloat. It’s all much more technical than many realize, and getting these bills to work is intricate work.

5 DAYS!!!

We should all be kissing our Senators and sending them Christmas gifts this year after America is recovering quicker and more boldly than any other country in the world from this horrible fast-spreading virus.

So, can we all stop now and just post love and affection and care for each other. Wouldn’t that be the best thing we can do right now? Come on America!!

Buckle up and take a few hits for our Country, and be the leaders the world really needs to see right now. A nation of many people all loving on each other.

Guess what? If you get away from FB for a while, you will notice that that is actually happening already across the country.

We are going to beat this, and it will be because of the incredible dedication of many human beings in America. Stop the hate, please!

Citizen’s Freedom

Freedom, righteousness, justice, advocacy, and hope.

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America. Stop The Hate, Please!

Photo by  Avi Werde  on  Unsplash Look, folks. The government will always be the government. We’ve all seen it from BO...