Outlander Season 5 Keeps The Adventure Brewing

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Outlander is available to watch on Prime/Starz. The first five episodes of season 5 have forged their way into Series streaming history, like their predecessors.

Like all other seasons, the mastermind behind the streaming show, Ronald D. Moore, ensures it is rife with violence, shock, vile language, realistic but not over the top explicit and sensitive scenes, and more.
Do not let the kiddies watch Outlander!

Caitriona Balfe, like other women in the series, seems to have with-gone as many nude scenes, and such fully visual sex scenes since the “me too” movement took its wonderful stronghold on entertainment, two years ago.
Not to suggest that is the reason at all, or the driving force of less of those sometimes necessary, and perfectly filmed attributes of the show.
I just watched the entire 4.5 seasons in the past three weeks. It sucked me into its ridiculously phenomenal portrayal of an era, from the history of my own Scottish heritage, I’d never known.
Besides the fun of repeating every Scottish character’s line back with their voice and brogue, learning how to speak with the accent well I became mesmerized with the intricately beautiful and amazing dialogue.
Even more so, I am enchanted with the elite acting abilities that emote from every single person on camera. Give or take a few of those pesky extras that look uncomfortable in the background, rarely.
As has been custom, Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser’s chemistry is every romanticists’ dream. You would probably be happy if it were just them in the whole series. Alas, we need a story, and oh what an epic one it is.


I’d be punished, to be sure if I didn’t speak of Sam Heughan’s raw, uncanny, sexy and solid performances. He is just as deserved of the awards and acclamations he’s piled up in his young career, as Balfe has earned herself.
Seemingly, unlivable or unsurvivable situations are overcome over and over again, and although you’d expect to say, “that’s just too much”, or laugh at something amiss, it never happens.
Every moment of every scene is carefully and methodically directed by several directors, and adapted by many writers, from the books written by Diana Gabaldon, so that nothing stretches the possibilities, imagination or even poetic license, further than your mind can accept.
No. In fact, you will bawl, laugh, whimper, sob, smile, and feel incredible joy, as if you were on a very long and windy rollercoaster.
Most series, even movies have those snore moments, but not this one! I’d start watching at 8pm and the next thing I’d know, it’s 4:42am.
I am not one to tell the story or plot in my reviews.
If you are looking to get away, vacation in your mind, experience another time deep in your heart and soul, desire romance, English, French, Scottish, Irish and other ear-tickling accents, this might be your way to pass the time and clear your mind.
You will learn from Outlander many, many, very important lessons about life. You will be reminded of what really matters in life.
Take the adventure of a lifetime with Claire and Jamie, and see their smitten love for each other (former real-life mates), whether you’ve never seen the series or are in the middle of it.


Meet incredible characters like none you ever knew, and be ready to be shocked, no matter your level of life experiences.
I guarantee ye. Ye have never seen living like this.
I dinna ken if ye will love it as much as I, but if yer heart is as big as mine…I can only say…wow!
You will fall in love with these characters.
To think that Caitriona Balfe was once one of the top elite models in the world. Now, she is definitely one of the top, if not greatest actors I’ve ever been lucky enough to watch perform at a level of truth to herself and her character, that it is oddly baffling to see.
Outlander boldly deserves - 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
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